11 Effective Bug Zappers for Outdoor and Indoor 2021 Reviews

Bug ZappersFlying Pests increasingly become annoying as the weather gets warmer during spring and summertime. Whether indoors or outdoors. Mosquitos and flies become more and more of a problem that essentially needs to be handled on the spot.

One of the most common ways to get rid of bugs is by using a Bug Zapper. But how would you know which zapper is the most suitable for you?

There are a lot of different zappers that fit many different purposes, Whether it’s for the indoors, to help protect your home from flying pests. Or, outdoors in your patio where you want to enjoy a peaceful summer night with your family and friends without any bugs constantly annoying you.

We have done our research and came up with the top 11 bug zappers that would be perfect for any kind of home. We based our research on many useful factors such as quality, ease of use, value for money, and above all, effectiveness in getting rid of the flying pests.

Best Bug Zappers 2021

Product SizeWeight
(Editor's Choice)
1-Acre4.75 Check Price
LiBaLarge3.95 Check Price
Mozart1/2 Acre1.06 Check Price
ZAP IT!Twin Large1.60 Check Price
Nozkito1/2 Acre2.20 Check Price
0.25 Check Price
1/2 Acre0.60 Check Price
Black Flag1-Acre5.0 Check Price
DOUHE3.66 Check Price
Hausbell0.95 Check Price
Stinger1/2 Acre3.05 Check Price

In a hurry? Just check the quick editor’s choices:

1. Flowtron Electronic Insect KillerFlowtron Electronic Insect Killer

With coverage of 1 acre, this is the ultimate device for getting rid of pesky bugs. The Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer utilizes a special electronic insect control mechanism. It also makes use of a non-clogging grid to kill the insects.

The Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer has a 9-meter cord. It also has a 40 Watt bulb which attracts flying bugs such as mosquitoes and kills them instantly. They fall to the ground and are absorbed into the ecosystem.

The Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer does not use any harmful chemicals. It is also durable and long-lasting. You can get it today for the best price and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • It has immense coverage of 1 Acre
  • It has a high power bulb
  • This insect killer does not use any harmful chemicals
  • It is covered by a 2-year warranty
  • It is not bright enough for use as a security light

2. Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect KillerBug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer

This is a powerful insect killer that can be used inside your house. The Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer is equipped with two 20W bulbs.

They emit a 365 nm wavelength that attracts flies, mosquitoes, moths and other insects. It then proceeds to zap them dead.

The Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer has a 2800 volt (V) grid. Hence, it is the most powerful bug zapper in the market. It does not use any chemicals and is perfect for use in any indoor location.

Upon purchase, the Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Insect Killer comes with a 1-year warranty. It also comes with 2 replacement bulbs.

  • It is very powerful
  • This bug zapper comes with a 1-year warranty
  • You get 2 replacement bulbs after purchase
  • It has an attractive design
  • It is not durable

3. Bug Zapper Indoor and Outdoor Insect KillerBug Zapper Indoor and Outdoor Insect Killer

With a lovely design and maximum versatility, the Bug Zapper Indoor and Outdoor Insect Killer is a great defense mechanism against bugs. It can be used inside your house or placed on the patio.

It contains a powerful bulb that produces UV light at 365 nm. The bulb attracts flies, moths, mosquitoes and other bugs. They are promptly killed by an 800V grid.

The Bug Zapper Indoor and Outdoor Insect Killer are safe to use around humans and pets. For best results, you should hang it 3 to 5 feet above the ground.

The Bug Zapper is made of high-density plastic. As such, it is resistant to falls or bumps. This maintains its internal structure and overall effectiveness.

  • It is very powerful
  • It is safe for humans and pets
  • This bug zapper can kill a variety of bugs
  • It has a powerful grid
  • It is not effective against green eyed flies

4. Bug Zapper Twin PackBug Zapper Twin Pack

You can kill mosquitoes and flies using this handy Bug Zapper. The Bug Zapper Twin Pack contains two insect-killing rackets. They are capable of producing 4,000 Volts each. They also contain an LED bulb to illuminate the room as you zap the bugs.

To keep the rackets effective, you can recharge them using a USB cable. The Bug Zapper Twin Pack is made of light, durable plastic. The rackets are also safe for you to touch.

That’s because they have a triple layer of mesh to keep you protected. After purchasing this Bug Zapper Twin Pack, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty on the units.

  • The bug zappers come in a pair
  • Each racket produces a very high amount of voltage to kill bugs
  • The rackets are rechargeable using a USB cable
  • The bug zappers have a protective mesh to keep you safe
  • It is tedious to use

5. Nozkito Bug ZapperNozkito Bug Zapper

This is a powerful bug zapper that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Nozkito Bug Zapper uses a 20-watt Ultraviolet ray lamp to attract the bugs.

It has a coverage of up to acre and attracts moths, wasps, flies, and mosquitoes. The bugs are then killed immediately by a 2,000 Volt grid.

This bug zapper is highly effective in areas such as hospitals, offices and your home. It does not use any chemicals to operate.

The Nozkito Bug Zapper can also be used throughout the day and night. Upon purchase, you can enjoy a 12-month warranty.

  • It is effective against many types of bugs
  • It has a powerful grid
  • This bug zapper has a coverage of up to acres
  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • It can malfunction and stop working abruptly

6. DOUHE The Executioner Bug ZapperDOUHE The Executioner Bug Zapper

This is a genuine bug zapper that can kill mosquitoes, wasps and flies on contact. DOUHE The Executioner Bug Zapper is built of APBS plastic. Thus, it is very durable and can last for a very long time.

This bug zapper relies on 2 AA batteries to operate effectively. It has a 1.2mm zinc steel mesh for killing the bugs.

You can tell the power level on this bug zapper through an LED bulb. When fitted with brand new batteries, DOUHE The Executioner Bug Zapper can deliver 100,000 zaps.

It is a versatile bug zapper that can be used in a variety of settings.

  • It uses 2 AA batteries to provide 100,000 zaps
  • This bug zapper is made of strong, durable plastic
  • There is an LED bulb to reveal the Bug Zapper’s power level
  • It is affordable
  • It does not have a warranty

7. Crioxen Indoor Plug-in Bug ZapperCrioxen Indoor Plug-in Bug Zapper

This is an easy plug-in device that works efficiently in getting rid of mosquitos in your bedroom or in a small living room.

It is compact in size, yet very powerful so you can easily plug it almost anywhere in the house, it will still deliver the same results and protect the space around you.

The Coxen bug zapper is very durable and well built with high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

  • Easy to operate
  • High quality
  • Durable and will be serving for many hours
  • Very efficient
  • No noise
  • Highly effective
  • Not good for the outdoor areas
  • Does not kill large flies
  • The plug is poorly placed

8. Black Flag BZ-40Black Flag BZ-40

Super powerful outdoor bug zapper. With 5500 volts of power, Black Flag BZ-40 will cover large outdoor areas, providing full insect control, as it includes scent lure for mosquitos to attract and execute them.

Compared to other outdoor zappers in the same category, Black Flag zapper is among the best in the same category.

One would think since it is so powerful, it must be consuming a lot of energy. But the fact of the matter is, the Black Flag Zapper uses 30% less energy than most bug zappers while providing 20% more bulb life with superior brightness.

  • Energy Saver
  • Perfect outdoor coverage for up to 1.5 Acre.
  • Built-in Octenol lure, to attract mosquitos and eliminate them.
  • Powerful and heavy duty
  • 5-year warranty
  • Needs to be constantly cleaned and maintained
  • The smell of Octenol could be irritating to many. So it is advised to be kept at a decent distance from you and your family
  • Weak plastic quality

9. DOUCHE Indoor Bug ZapperDOUCHE Indoor Bug Zapper

This bug zapper has got everything you need in an indoor flying pest zapper. It is not toxic, it has no radiation, it very easy to clean up, and it does not do any noise.

This zapper provides an amazing UV technology with a forceful electronic grid that is effective in alluring, trapping, and killing any flying insect in your home.

On top of that, it is the safest bug zapper device for your children or pets. There are no chemicals or radiations, making the device 100% safe and toxin-free, and very user-friendly in terms of setup and maintenance such as cleaning.

There is a separate tray that will collect all the insects, so you can separately throw them out. So cleaning is something that you should not be worried about.

In short, this zapper is the one you get, essentially, for your peace of mind when you’re in the house.

  • Heavy duty
  • Easy maintenance
  • Value for money
  • Energy Saving
  • Noiseless
  • Iconic UV technology
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Good value for money
  • Not great for the outdoors

10. Hausbell Mosquito Killer Bug ZapperHausbell Mosquito Killer Bug Zapper

This eco-friendly bug zapper is a mosquito trap killer that works as a flying insect attractant, then traps the fly and kills it.

The best thing about this bug zapper is that it is a 360 degrees all-around suction device, attracting any insect from any direction and trapping it in a removable cage, so it could be easily cleaned later.

This is a compact lightweight device that essentially more of an indoor bug zapper than an outdoor one, this doe not mean that it will not be working well outdoors, but it’s way more efficient when it’s indoors no matter how big or small the room is.

It could be in a small bedroom or a big restaurant, it will perform exactly the same. In fact, it is best used in dimmed lighting or in the dark.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and very portable
  • Great value for money
  • Primitive technology
  • Energy Saving
  • Insect attractant is sold separately
  • You may witness a little noise every now and then
  • Not good for the outdoors

11. Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect ZapperStinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper

As the name of the product implies, this is a rechargeable, cordless bug zapper that uses the same attracting and killing flies technique, but, it’s well-known for being a cordless zapper, hence, it’s very portable.

It comes handy to many of us, that we can finally use a wireless zapper that is very powerful and effective outdoors as the wired ones.

Stinger cordless zapper is a great device for outdoor use, covering more than 600 sq. ft. with a battery that lasts up to 3.5 hours. Which, to some, it might not be very little, especially if they’re going camping. But, to many others, 3.5 hours of battery time is more than enough.

Stinger cordless zapper is the perfect choice for patios, camping spaces, and outdoor family picnics and activities.

And also, it is beautifully designed that it could be used as a lantern that will compliment your decor outdoors in your patio.

  • Powerful
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Authentic design that will compliment your patio and can be used as just a lantern
  • Heavy duty
  • Decent battery life
  • Portable
  • Not easy to clean
  • A little noisy
  • You may require several recharges if you go camping

Bug Zappers FAQs

Do bug zappers really work?
Due to the irresistible lure of their light, insect repellents are very effective in killing insects
What bugs are attracted to bug zappers?
Consumers use vacuum sealing machines to save money and space. Vacuum sealing is also a feasible food preservation technology, which can reduce waste and prevent deterioration. Homeowners can benefit from it and enjoy clean, fresh and healthy food every time.
Should I leave my bug zapper on all night?
The most effective way to run bug zapper is to keep it 24 / 7. This will help to break the insect breeding cycle. Or, run your bug catcher from dusk to dawn.


Bugs such as flies, mosquitoes, wasps and moths can become a nuisance. By using the bug zappers described above, you can kill them on contact. They are powerful and guaranteed to deliver the desired results!

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