Top 10 Best Kitchen Knives Reviews – What You Need to Look For

chef's knifeThere are so many kitchen knives available on the market, it can be easy to get confused and end up with an inferior product if you don’t know what criteria to look for.

For people dedicated to good food and cuisine, a small amount of extra time spent selecting the best kitchen knives can make all the difference in your enjoyment of your cooking experience.

Remember, that any best kitchen knife should meet the following criteria:


The best kitchen knife will have balance – its blade will be equal in weight to its handle. This is an important factor in the blade’s ease of use. You will want your best kitchen knives to look good, especially if you intend to invest in a proper set. Therefore, choose a knife with weight in balance, but has a similarly balanced look – the style, materials and finish should all tone in together.


You should be comfortable handling your best kitchen knife. This will make cooking simpler, reduce your tension and preserve your strength.


It is important not be afraid of cutting greasy meat in case your hands slip on the handle and you damage your fingers. The best kitchen knives will have secure grips and a handle designed with safety in mind that will give you the confidence to tackle even the greasiest jobs.


The best kitchen knife will be designed without any flaws such as unnecessary gaps. It should feel solid and well joined together. This will not only lead to a good-looking knife but also one that is reliable and durable.

Quality and Corrosion Resistance

It is essential to choose a knife made of good quality material. The best kitchen knives should have high-quality, anti-corrosive material, as this will make the knife both durable and aesthetically-pleasing to the eye.


The best kitchen knife should be strong enough to handle hard kitchen tasks such as cutting watermelons and pumpkins. You will want to feel confident using your knives in all situations. It is best to choose a knife that will fly through jobs like these.


A good blade should remain sharp for a decent amount of time, regardless of its initial sharpness. This quality is called edge retention.

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Best Kitchen Knives

Zelite Infinity
Japanese VG10 SteelLifetime Check Price
Aroma houseCarbon Stainless SteelLifetime Check Price
Mac KnifeJapanese Steeln/a Check Price
(Editor’s Choice)
carbon German Steeln/a Check Price
GlobalCarbon SteelLifetime Check Price
ShunVG-MAX SteelLifetime Check Price
VictorinoxStainless steelLifetime Check Price
WüsthofCarbon Stainless SteelLifetime Check Price
Twin SignatureCarbon Stainless SteelLifetime Check Price
CangshanGerman SteelLifetime Check Price

1. Zelite Infinity Paring KnifeZelite Infinity Paring Knife

The knife on top of our list is a 4-inch multipurpose knife. It has a plain edge, which means that you can use it for peeling as well as other intricate tasks as well. It does not matter whether you’re dealing with shrimp or whether you’re dealing with jalapenos; this knife can help you out.

In terms of construction quality, it consists of high carbon stainless steel. Also, it is nonstick in design and highly durable as well. The dust resistant and stain-resistant design is another advantage.

The nonskid design means that you can use it with any ingredients with ease without the fear of slipping through hands or injuring your fingers.

The ergonomic handle means that you can use it for cutting or any other purpose for a long time quite. With proper finishing, it is aesthetically pleasing.

The curvature of the blade is at 15-18, ensuring that you get the right cutting angle and the right sharpness as well. It is a knife that can help you improve your culinary skills. Thus, when looking for the best kitchen knives reviews, this one takes the cake.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Highly versatile
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Rust resistant
  • Nonstick design
  • Corrosion and stain resistant
  • Bit bulky

2. Aroma house Chef Knife Professional 8″ Kitchen KnifeAroma house Chef Knife Professional 8" Kitchen Knife

The USP of this knife is its 8-inch form factor and the fact that it is a Chef knife. That is why you can be sure that it is one of the most versatile and efficient knives that you will find.

The multipurpose design means that you can use it for slicing, chopping, mincing, dicing any ingredient.

The double-edged blade means is that it is suitable for left-handed as well as right-handed people. At the same point in time, the 15 blade edge on each side ensures that you can use it for precise cutting.

The stainless steel construction means that it is highly durable as well. Also, the handle is equally elegant and provides you with the proper grip, which is one of the main advantages.

The dust-resistant nature of the knife certainly puts it at an advantage. With the help of full-tang design, it is effortless to use it at the speed you prefer. It comes with a blade sharpener, which means that you can do so right at your home without having to take it anywhere.

It comes with a carrying case which helps you house the entire assembly. When looking for a whole package rather than just the knife, this one is an excellent choice.

  • 8″ Chef knife
  • Comes with the blade sharpener
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for left-handed and right-handed use
  • Highly versatile
  • Box design could be better

3. Mac Knife MTH-80 Hollow Edge Chef’s Professional KnifeMac Knife MTH-80 Hollow Edge Chef's Professional Knife

The blade of this knife is 8 inches. In addition to that, the thickness of the blade is 2.5 MM. It means that whether you’re dealing with potatoes, apples, or any other sticky foods, you can cut them as per your preference. It can glide through those ingredients as well.

With a lightweight design, you need not put in a lot of effort when using this knife. Also, the entire knife length is 12.63 inches, which provides you with plenty of space as well.

The pakka wood handle means that it is once again pretty durable. Also, with the help of a handwashing design, maintaining it in the proper condition is quite easy.

When you observe the blade of this knife, you will realize that it consists of dimples. The advantage of these dimples is that it can handle sticky foods easily. The knife is such that you can use it not only for personal use but also for commercial use as well.

When you look at these features, it is easy to understand why this knife is sure to grab your attention.

  • Lightweight design
  • Blade length is 8 inches
  • Can tackle any ingredients
  • The wooden handle on offer
  • Suitable for personal and commercial applications
  • Packaging could be better


The chef knife, which we are speaking about now, has a blade length of 6 inches. It is available in bigger sizes. It means that you can choose the one which you prefer the most.

In addition to that, the edge has a slope of 14-16. It means that you can cut through any ingredient easily.

In case you’re wondering about the material of the blade, it consists of German steel with high carbon content. Due to this reason, the knife is heavy-duty. Also, it includes a full-tang blade, which ensures that you can use it quite easily.

The materials make it stain resistant and accurately tempered. Due to this reason, gaining proper performance from the chef knife is easy.

The pakka wood handle means that getting a proper grip is not a problem when you’re using this knife. The polished look makes it aesthetically pleasing.

When you look at the performance of this knife, you will realize that it is precise tapering and proper flexibility and hardness at the same time. The slicing resistance is on the lower side when you’re going with this kitchen knife. These features, along with the holster, make it one of the best kitchen knives which you will find.

  • Durable construction
  • Comes with a wooden handle
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Precise construction
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Blade quality could be better

5. Global 8″ Chef’s KnifeGlobal 8" Chef's Knife

The knife that we are speaking about now is an 8-inch Chef’s knife. When you look at the material of the blade, it consists of molybdenum stainless steel material. This material is highly durable, and therefore, you will not face any blade related problems.

The design of the edge is such that it will retain its sharpness even after consistent use. You need not worry about re-sharpening it again and again.

A unique feature of this Chef’s knife is that it consists of stainless steel molded handle as well. The stainless steel molded handle is dimpled. The advantage of these dimples is that the grip which you will get is almost unparalleled. It means that the knife slipping out of your hand or any problem during slicing will not occur.

Also, the design of the knife is such that you can use it for personal use as well as professional use. The versatility of this knife, as well as the excellent grip which it has on offer, will not disappoint you. That is why; it is a worthy choice.

  • Highly durable construction
  • Excellent grip
  • Highly versatile
  • Blade retains sharpness
  • Handle size could be longer

6. Shun DM0706 Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Born of the ancient samurai-sword-making tradition and hand-finished for precision and beauty, Shun Classic is an ideal choice for anyone buying their first Japanese knife or 50th.

The high-quality line of cutlery makes a worthwhile addition to any chef’s arsenal of tools–it’s used by professional chefs and home cooks alike. Produced in the widest variety of specialized styles, the Classic line features both traditional European blade shapes and innovative cutting-edge designs.

Shun Classic’s amazingly sharp blade is famous for both edge retention and ease of sharpening. Each blade has a core of VG-10 “Super Steel” with a Pattern Damascus cladding of 32 layers of high-carbon stainless steel-16 layers on either side.

While the wood grain pattern enhances the knife’s beauty, it also adds durability and stain resistance, and reduces friction when cutting.

The large 8-inch blade of this Shun chef’s knife makes it ideal for versatile slicing, chopping, dicing, and more. Like many Asian-style knives, the knife’s handle is especially suited to smaller users.

In contrast to the traditional round profile, however, Shun’s are D-shaped to prevent the knife from twisting in the hand, providing extra stability and a firm grip.

The handle is made from ebony-colored PakkaWood, a fused blend of hardwood veneers imbued with waterproof resin that combines the warmth and traditional look and feel of wood with the strength and durability of plastic. The offset stainless steel bolster is designed for ergonomic comfort and maximum safety, while a stainless-steel end cap provides the finishing touch.

As sturdy as it is lovely, the chef’s knife is officially safe to put in the dishwasher – although it’s so good looking you might find yourself hard-pressed to do so.

  • Extremely hard, sharp and highly anti-corrosive.
  • So easy for slicing ingredients.
  • Super edge retention quality.
  • Comfortable grip with the D-shaped resin coated handle.
  • Lifetime warranty with the free sharpening service.
  • It costs a bit more than the other comparable knives.
  • Only for right-handed people.
  • 60-61 HRC rated edge is pretty hard.

7. 8-Piece Victorinox Knife Set8-Piece Victorinox Knife Set

This is a block set of 8 kitchen knives manufactured by Victorinox, one of the top names in the world for cutlery and its iconic Swiss Army Knife.

With well over one hundred years of experience in producing top quality wares, the eight featured here form part of a current lineup of over 300 knives. You’ll regularly see the Victorinox 8-Piece Knife Block Set and other Victorinox products favorably reviewed in style, lifestyle, and specialist food magazines.

If you’re a keen cook or have aspirations to be a home chef this is a wonderful set of kitchen cutlery in a convenient block set. Whether it is size, style, function, or performance – all factors are important, but what really matters is that it works for you. In this regard quality and thought are crucial in making a classic product.

There are black Fibrox handles on all the utensils which are molded in an ergonomic fashion designed to decrease wrist strain caused by extended knife usage.

There are 5 knives in this Victorinox Knife set: a 4-inch paring, 6-inch boning, 8-inch chef’s, 8-inch bread, and 10-inch slicing. In addition, there is 10-inch steel for sharpening, and also a pair of kitchen shears. All the utensils can be slotted into the solid hardwood block. The slots are angled for quick access.

The cutlery in the Victorinox Knife set is dishwasher friendly, and covered by a lifetime warranty. While they are safe to use in a dishwasher, it is recommended by the manufacturer that they are hand washed.

  • Each knife has a finger guard for safety reasons
  • It is a low maintenance knife as it has fewer crevices that tend to trap food particles
  • The knives are dishwasher safe
  • Well shaped and comfortable handles that provide a secure grip
  • The kitchen shears have a cheap construction

8. 8-Piece Wusthof Classic Knife Set8-Piece Wusthof Classic Knife Set

For many years Wusthof has been the top choice by many professional chefs. The Wustof Classic Knife Set has a traditional style which makes it one of their most popular lines. All the blades are formed from a balanced mix of a stain-resistant alloy and high carbon steel. This helps them to retain their edges for longer, and makes it easier to resharpen them.

The blades are ground and polished by the computer, which ensures excellent tapering from the bolster to the tip. On top of this, the edges are hand-hones to offer precise slicing.

The knives are very sturdy, and this is because of a weighted bolster – Wustof’s signature feature. The tanks run through the synthetic handles and are secured with 3 rivets.

Included in this 8-piece Wusthof Classic Kitchen Knife set is an 8″ chef’s knife, a 6″ sandwich knife, an 8″ serrated bread knife, a 4-1/2-inch utility knife, and a 3-1/2-inch paring knife. There are also some kitchen shears and sharpening steel. All the components fit into a rubber footed oak block. The block contains 6 more spaces for inserting steak knives and 2 extra prep knives.

  • Its blades are non-corrosive.
  • It has ergonomically designed handles.
  • The versatile come-apart kitchen shears have various useful functions.
  • Both knives and shears are easy to clean.
  • It is made in Germany.
  • It has a lifetime manufacturer warranty.
  • The blades are very thin and can be flimsy.
  • It is very light and may seem weak to hold and use.

9. Twin Signature Knife Block SetTwin Signature Knife Block Set

This Twin Signature Henckels Kitchen knives set carries an assortment of useful kitchen knives for any kitchen. Included in the set is a 2-1/2-inch peeling knife, a 4″ paring knife, a 5″ serrated utility knife, a 6″utility knife, and an 8″ chef’s knife, as well as a 7″ hollow-edge santoku, an 8″ bread knife, and a 4-1/2-inch steak knife.

There is also 9-inch steel for sharpening the edges. On top of that, there is also a pair of kitchen shears for snipping flowers, herbs and/or string. All of the knives can be neatly stored in an attractive looking natural hardwood block.

The Twin Signature Henckels kitchens knives have stainless steel, high carbon blades that have been stamped from a single piece of metal. In addition, the edges are laser-cut to give them a more consistent angle on the blade. On top of this, they are hand-held to increase sharpness.

The blades on these knives have also had Henckel’s Friodur ice-hardening treatment. This gives them even more strength and also protects them from becoming discolored. The knives are designed ergonomically with conventional polymer handles which are fastened securely to balanced full tangs with 3 rivets. The tangs are encased seamlessly by the handles which prevent any food from getting trapped in gaps.

Twin Signature Henckels kitchen knives are dishwasher safe, but it is advised that they be hand-washed. A lifetime warranty is issued.

  • Surgically sharp
  • Sturdy, well-balanced
  • Durable
  • Full set of knives for all purposes
  • Extra slots for other knives
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hard to see which one is which on wood block

10. Cangshan Y2 Series 59212 6-Piece Knife Block SetCangshan Y2 Series 59212 6-Piece Knife Block Set

If you are confused about the right brand to choose from, you can go for the Cangshan Y2 Series 59212 6-Piece. This is a quality set of knives from a trusted brand that helps you cut anything with ease in your kitchen. These knives feature durable construction and they remain sharp to offer the best cutting experience. This knife set can be a great gift for a person starting their new kitchen and they are also ideal for any other type of kitchen too.

Ergonomic Handle

A good knife should provide you with a comfortable handle so that you can cut perfectly well without any problems. This set of knives features an outstanding patent-pending design that makes it the best knives on the market today.

6-Piece Set

When you are cutting different things such as meat, vegetables and bread in your kitchen, you will probably need to use different types of knives.

This 6-piece knife set provides you with 8-inch chefs, 7inch Santoku, 8-inch bread, 5-inch serrated utility and 3.5-inch paring and blocks knives. Each of the knives is designed to perform a different function to deliver the best results.

Quality Construction

When you are purchasing any knife set, it is important to consider the construction. This will ensure that you get the best product with quality construction for durability.

Fortunately, this set is designed with a durable material that makes them long-lasting. You will use the knives for a long period of time without them breaking or corroding.

Patented Pending Cutting Edge

This provides knives with a very good design. The edges of the knives are built from solid acacia wood blocks that works with the knives perfectly well. Once you purchase this set of knives, you equip your kitchen with very essential cutting equipment that will deliver perfect cutting all the time.

  • They have a comfortable handle
  • The knives are durable
  • They are affordable
  • Easy to work with
  • Come in six pieces for different types of cutting
  • They are a little heavy for a secure hold

Set Or Individual

Kitchen knives are normally more cost-effective if you purchase them in a set. In case you select a set, take into consideration what kinds of knives are included. Due to the simple fact that countless times sets will contain a number of cutlery that you will never use frequently. Knife sets should certainly consist of all the basic tools and often will include some sort of stand or container to store them neatly.

In cases where you decide to buy an individual kitchen knife as an alternative to selecting a set, You would be glad to find out that a majority of top knife manufacturers sell knives individually. This helps you to add new knives to your collection at any time you wish. You’re far better off buying fewer knives and selecting those of much better quality.

It is also beneficial if you need to replace a lost knife or have a duplicate on hand for those who have more than one cook in the kitchen. Finally, If you would like the top of the line kitchen knives, but unfortunately cannot find the money for a whole set at once.

What are the different types of kitchen knives?


While most manufacturers follow the same basic guidelines when making their knives, different manufacturers have different designs which can mean you’ll find slight variations from the list below.

There is a huge range of knives available to choose from so I have narrowed the list down to the top 6 types of knives I think you should have in your kitchen.

Sharpening Steel

No matter how much you spend or how good the reviews are whatever knife you end up buying will require maintenance. The sharpening steel is a tool designed to help keep your knife at its best. The edge of the knife will become dull after prolonged use. Running the knife across the steel will straighten the blade and it will be sharp again. There are variations of this tool that are made from glass, ceramic and diamond-infused steel.

Serrated Knife

This knife is one of the longer styles and has as the name implies it has a serrated edge much like a saw. These knives are used to slice through food that is harder on the outside while soft on the inside. The serrated edge allows the blade to grip the hard surface making a clean slice that much easier. Longer blades are intended to slice foods like bread while shorter blades are intended to slice fruit and vegetables.


The cleaver features a wide rigid blade usually measuring around 6 inches in length. It tapers to a sharp cutting edge. This knife can be used to chop and shred food with ease. Cleavers are usually heavier than other knives because of the thick blade but are usually well balanced and easy to use safely. The sharp blade is ideal for chopping through hard materials like bones but is also perfectly adept at slicing through fruit and vegetables. Chefs often use the opposite, flat side of the blade to pound or crush food making this a very versatile knife to have in the kitchen.

How do we pick the right knife?

how to pick the best kitchen knife

Choosing a kitchen knife is not hard but with so much choice available from the very cheap to the very expensive you need to start with setting yourself a budget. The question you should be asking initially is “What are the best kitchen knives for the money and the type of cooking that I do?”

If like most people you are a keen home cook you are going to want a knife requiring little maintenance that stays sharp for as long as possible, be easy to sharpen when needed and also resist rusting. (Yes some knives on sale will rust as not all are made from stainless steel.)

Maintenance tends to be higher on the better performing knives and the trick is to find the right balance between performance, cost and maintenance.

Once you are settled on a budget there are a few more things you’ll want to be wary of.

#1 Make sure that you know exactly what type of knives you want before you go out and buy a set.

Certain blades and handles will allow you to hold them differently and use them in different ways, so don’t rush into a purchase because they’re shiny and new, think about exactly what you expect from the knife and plan your purchase accordingly.

#2 Before you buy the knife, hold each one of them in your hand individually.

It may seem like common sense but the urge to just buy a set of knives can be great if you aren’t looking to spend a whole lump of time looking at different sets, but consider the fact that you’ll be using these knives on a regular basis. You want to make sure that they’re comfortable to use and you’ll be able to cut your meats, vegetables or whatever else you’ll be using the knives for effectively to make your purchase worthwhile and a solid investment.

#3 Stamped blades are made in the same way samurai swords are made.

Instead of the lump of metal simply being sharpened and then sold, several (hundred) incredibly thin sheets of metal are pressed together to form the blade itself. This creates an amazingly sharp blade that will require a very small amount of maintenance to keep it up, meaning that your kitchen knives will be as sharp as they were when you bought them new and continue to be great for cooking. Remember that with price usually comes quality, so don’t be afraid of spending a little bit more to get stamped blades, they’re definitely worth it!

#4 Generally speaking the higher the carbon content of the knife the better quality it is.

The downside to this is that if the knife has a carbon content that is too high without the element being diluted with other elements, the blade can quickly become brittle and completely useless. Be sure to scope out the carbon content for the knives you’re looking to buy to make sure that they won’t be splitting off into your salad as you chop the lettuce; nobody wants to keep a first aid kit handy when eating their 5 a day!

Learn knife skills

The following video by Jamie Oliver demonstrates Cross-chopping, tap-chopping and rock-chopping: Jamie Oliver shows you how to cut almost anything with three knife techniques, plus other kitchen skills.