The 10 Best Luggage Sets 2021 (Full Reviews & Guide)

Luggage SetsTraveling is exciting, but without the best luggage set, you may find that preparing for your travel is frustrating and a little daunting.

The right type of luggage can make all the difference to your preparations for air travel. How large the luggage is, how durable and of course how secure it is are all aspects you need to consider.

When you are taking short trips, having only carry-on luggage is ideal. Knowing how to pack your bags is as important as selecting the right air travel set and travel accessories.

We review the top luggage sets around, taking into consideration the combination of bags included, how lightweight they are, and the type of material used in their construction and of course their size and weight.

These are all aspects you need to consider and after reading a number of reviews, watching YouTube videos and doing research on manufacturers’ websites, we have come up with the top ten luggage sets that will make your journey a lot more enjoyable.

Having the right luggage can make all the difference to your journey. Price, functionality, style, size and of course security are all things to consider. Let’s have a look at our top ten luggage sets for the casual and business traveler.

View the Best Luggage Set for the Money, Below.

( Inch)
Coolife Luggage
680D Oxford Cloth20, 24, 28 Check Price
(Editor’s Choice)
Polycarbonate20, 24, 28 Check Price
American Tourister
(Editor’s Choice)
Polyurethane15, 23, 21, 25 Check Price
Steve Madden
Nylon12, 20, 24, 28 Check Price
Merax TravelhouseDurable ABS20, 24, 28 Check Price

Polyester15, 18, 21, 25, 29 Check Price
RocklandABS20, 24, 28 Check Price
Beverly Hills Country ClubABS21, 24, 28 Check Price
Traveler's ChoicePolycarbonate21, 25, 29 Check Price
American TouristerPolyester21, 25, 29 Check Price

1. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Spinner SetCoolife Luggage 3 Piece Spinner Set

A luggage set that provides you with three fantastic pieces of luggage that cater to your overnight trip, weekend trip or long summer holiday.

Coolife provides a great looking, sturdy and durable luggage set to cater to all of your traveling needs.

Material & Construction

Coolife is constructed from1680D oxford cloth, with a 210D nylon lining. This is an extremely strong fabric that will keep your belongings safe and secure. An extremely lightweight luggage set, perfect for the frequent traveler.

Easy to move around with four spinner wheels and a telescopic aluminum handle. The interior is fully lined with a few organizational pockets to help you secure your smaller items.

Size & Weight

This 3 piece luggage set features a 20″ case along with 24 and 28-inch cases. The 20″ case is designed with the IATA standards in mind and is one of the best travel suitcases that can be carried onto the plane.

Storage is easy with the different sizes can stand upright and can be packed into one another for storage.

No matter how much you need to pack, or how little, Coolife has you covered. The 20″ weighs in at around 7.8 pounds with a 38-liter capacity. The 24″ and 28″ case weighs in at 9.2 and 11 pounds, with a 60 and 93-liter capacity respectively.


No matter if you are going on an overnight business trip and need convenient carry-on luggage, or if you are heading off on a long summer holiday, Coolife provides the luggage set that caters for all your needs. Four spinner wheels make them easy to maneuver around, with very durable aluminum. Strong, durable, lightweight and flexible, this is a popular luggage set catering for all types of travelers.

Why We Like It

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Telescopic handle

2. Samsonite Winfield 2 3PC HardsideSamsonite Winfield 2 3PC Hardside

Samsonite is a well-known and respected brand in luggage. The Winfield from Samsonite is one of the best spinner luggage sets on the market.

This strong, durable and extremely good-looking luggage set will cater to all of your traveling needs, from the overnight trip to the long road trip.

Material & Construction

A lightweight set that is constructed from 100 percent polycarbonate, making it extremely strong and durable. The material is designed to absorb impacts and will flex under any stress, reverting back to its original shape after an impact.

Designed with a beautiful pattern that hides small scratches and dents. The interior is fully lined and features cross-straps which help you to secure your clothes.

There are pockets that offer zipped closures to secure your smaller valuables. Offering four spinner wheels offers great maneuverability with an adjustable, durable aluminum telescopic handle.

Security is always important, the TSA-approved lock on the side of the case along with the size 10 heavy duty zippers ensure that your luggage remains secure and un-tampered with.

Size & Weight

A three-piece luggage set that offers a 20″ carry-on bag, as well as 24 and 28-inch bags for those larger loads. These are easy to store as they will pack one into another and also stand upright. The material is sturdy yet lightweight and easy to carry.


High-quality luggage set for the frequent traveler, this is a 3 piece luggage set that offers the perfect size case whether you need an overnight back to carry on to the plane, or larger pieces for those longer trips. A TSA-approved lock provides peace of mind when it comes to keeping your valuables secure and prevent any tampering that might occur.

Four spinner wheels and retractable handles make them easy to move around. One of the best spinner luggage sets on the market.

Why We Like It

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • TSA-approved lock

3. American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook IIAmerican Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II

Looking for a luggage set that will not cost you the earth, but offers all of the great qualities an expensive set does.

The American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II is what you need. One of the best cheap luggage sets on the market with features that ensure your valuables remain safe and secure while you travel. A 4 piece luggage set that caters to all of your traveling needs.

Material & Construction

This affordable luggage set offers an extremely lightweight construction. Designed with pockets, both interior, and exterior, for great organizational abilities.

The corners of all of the bags are reinforced to ensure that your luggage does not get damaged in transit. Inline polyurethane skate wheels make it easy to move your luggage around.

A mono-tube retractable handle extends out from its EVA housing on the case. The handle is lockable both in the extended and retracted positions.

Size & Weight

Offering four individually sized luggage pieces including boarding bag, which is perfect for carry-on luggage, a wheeled duffel bag for those weekend trips to the country, as well as a 21 and 25 inch upright cases for your longer trips and holiday travel. The material is ultra-lightweight, yet extremely durable.


One of the best deals on luggage, the American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II is designed for the person on the go. Featuring four distinct bags including a 15 x 10 x 8-inch carry-on, a 23 x 11.5 x 12-inch duffel and two upright cases to cater to all your needs. Reinforced corners prevent damage while in transit.

Durable wheels with locking handles make for easy maneuverability. Internal and external pockets for great organizational ability. A great looking luggage set that is lightweight and perfect for the frequent traveler who does not want to spend a fortune on their luggage requirements.

Why We Like It

  • Very affordable
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Reinforced corners

4. Steve Madden Luggage 4 pieceSteve Madden Luggage 4 piece

A stylishly designed 4 piece luggage set perfect for the frequent traveler. No matter if you are looking to pack just for an overnight trip, or go on a long summer boat cruise, Steve Madden has you covered. Durable, lightweight and with superb looks and construction, this is the ultimate travel set for those who love to travel.

Material & Construction

A signature luggage set features four beautifully designed cases that are constructed from nylon. Nylon is an extremely durable and lightweight material perfect for luggage.

Featuring spinner wheels and a telescopic handle allows you to move around any airport with ease. The lightweight construction of the case helps to prevent additional airline fees for overweight luggage.

The inside of the luggage is lined for your valuables protected and it offers a number of pockets for the best organizational options. Ergonomic handles are designed to make it easy for you to carry your luggage without hurting your hand.

Size & Weight

Four stunning pieces including a satchel, carry-on bag, and two larger suitcases make up this superb set. The carry-on bag is designed to fit airline requirements being 20 inches in size.

If you are traveling for a longer period you need a larger bag and in the Steven Madden Luggage set you to get a 24 and 28-inch bag to meet your every requirement.

The largest of the cases has a 100-liter capacity, while the carry-on offers a 35-liter capacity. The bag’s weights range from 7.8 pounds for the carry-on bag to 3.5 pounds for the satchel. The medium and large cases weight 8.9 and 10.1 pounds respectively.


A fantastic, lightweight and durable luggage set that will have you traveling in style. A designer luggage set that features four individual bags from a satchel for your smaller valuables, to a large 28 inches 100-liter capacity bag caters to the needs of all travelers. Organizational pockets help you to keep your case neat and tidy.

The 360-degree wheel system makes it easy to maneuver through even the most crowded airports.

Why We Like It

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Includes satchel for smaller valuables
  • Easy maneuverability

5. Merax Travelhouse Mixed Color 3-Piece SetMerax Travelhouse Mixed Color 3-Piece Set

Merax is a good luggage brand on the market that offers you this baggage deal you cannot miss. A practical, well priced and well-designed luggage set that will cater to every traveler’s needs.

Lightweight, durable and easy to move around, this is a quality luggage set that will not cost you an arm and a leg to purchase.

Material & Construction

One of the best hard shell luggage sets constructed from a lightweight and durable PC + ABS material. The luggage set is designed to absorb the impact of protecting it from damage during transit.

The material is flexible and will revert to its original shape after taking any knocks. The spinner wheel system allows you to move easily through the airport and the telescopic handle adjusts to make maneuvering the cases easily.

The cases feature a four-corner riveted shell which makes it highly durable. The TSA locking system allows you to ensure your luggage is not tampered with in any way. Fully lined interior with internal pockets allow for easy organization. Each case will fit inside the other for easy storage.

Size & Weight

Offering you three different sized suitcases. One designed specifically as carry-on luggage, the 20-inch offering will conform to almost all airline specifications and overhead bins.

The 24-inch medium-sized suitcase is perfect for those long weekend trips and the 28 inch casters for those traveling for longer periods. Combine the three and you have a perfect combination for that long summer holiday.


A lightweight hard-shell luggage set that is well designed and well-constructed. Offering a carry-on case that is designed to fit most overhead bins as well as two other larger cases for longer journeys. This hardshell luggage set is flexible and will revert back to its original shape and absorb impact when put under stress in transit.

Every corner is reinforced making each case very durable. Safety and security are paramount when traveling and to ensure that your bag is never tampered with, you get a TSA secure lock. A high-quality, nice luggage set that is perfect for all travelers.

Why We Like It

  • Reasonably priced
  • TSA lock for security
  • Durable and lightweight

6. Merax Flieks 5 Piece Rolling Suitcase SetMerax Flieks 5 Piece Rolling Suitcase Set

A very well priced 5 piece luggage set providing for all of your travel needs. A great looking set that is designed to cater to those that need a little more for those longer trips. This is one of the best deals on luggage you can get for those that are frequent travelers.

Material & Construction

Constructed from 100 percent polyester, this is a highly durable, tear-resistant luggage set that will last you many years. Featuring a retractable handle and inline skate wheels for ease of movement.

This unique luggage set features an expandable feature that offers you a whopping 25 percent more space for packing.

The front pockets that are there for your smaller valuables are zippered for protection. Along with the retractable handles, you also get top and side handles as well as a bottom grip to make it easy to lift the suitcases.

Size & Weight

This 5 piece travel set features a 21-inch carry-on bag, 25 and 29-inch bags for those going on longer trips than an overnight business trip, as well as a flight bag that is perfect for all of your travel documents and other small valuables.

Each of the separate cases fit inside one another for easy storage. Designed to be as lightweight and durable as possible to make your traveling experience enjoyable.

The carry-on bag is designed to fit most overhead cabins and is the approved size for carry-on luggage for most airlines.


A cheap luggage set on sale you can be sure that all your travel needs will be satisfied. Convenient with a retractable handle and inline skate wheels, this is a very lightweight and durable luggage set. Whether you are looking for the best luggage set for business travel or are looking for a travel set that will cater to your family on holiday, the Flieks is sure to give you what you need in luggage needs.

Why We Like It

  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent price

7. Rockland Melbourne 3 Piece Luggage SetRockland Melbourne 3 Piece Luggage Set

Travelling can be stressful, but you need not worry about your luggage when using the Rockland Melbourne 3 Piece Luggage Set.

This fantastic set offers an affordable option with great features to ensure you are prepared for any journey. Rockland Melbourne is one of the best luggage brands and its products are not only affordable but also durable to offer great value for money.

Material & Construction

Constructed from ABS material. ABS is very lightweight and highly durable. Maneuverability with this great 3 piece luggage set is a breeze. The eight spinner wheels allow you to turn easily and even make a full 360 degree turn without any problems.

Getting through that busy airport is no problem, glide your case along on the multi-directional wheels using the telescopic handle which operates at the push of a button. Featuring interior mesh pockets that have zip closures for safety, you can organize your bags as you wish.

Size & Weight

Offering three different sizes, perfect for the business traveler who simply requires a roomy overnight carry-on bag to the avid traveler who likes to take long vacations and everything in between. The 20″ bag is perfect for carry-on and will fit in most overhead cabins and conforms to most airline requirements for carry-on luggage.

The 24 and 28-inch bags are larger and can cope with a lot more baggage, weekend trips or summer holidays are no problem with this great Rockland luggage set.


A very reasonably priced luggage set that will suit the entire family. These hard-sided suitcases offer great protection for your belongings. They feature mesh interior pockets to allow you to organize your life as you wish. Spinner wheels and a telescopic retractable handle allow you to move smoothly through even the busiest of airports.

This suitcase set offers both a carry-on bag and a large 28-inch bag. Each of the separate bags fits into one another for easy storage when not in use. The Rockland luggage set comes with a 5-year warranty.

Why We Like It

  • Hard-side for extra protection
  • Telescopic handle and wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Very well priced

8. Beverly Hills Country Club Newport 3-PieceBeverly Hills Country Club Newport 3-Piece

When talking style Beverly Hills always comes to mind. With the Beverly Hills Country Club Newport 3-Piece luggage set that is what you get.

Style and grace, designer luggage set for women. Elegant, strong, durable and easy to maneuver you cannot as for more when looking for the perfect luggage set for you and your family when traveling.

Material & Construction

Made from strong, flexible and durable ABS composite materials that are able to absorb any impacts from bumps as you move around busy airports or transfer your belongings from house to car.

The material will naturally absorb the impact and then revert back to its original shape as it flexes to accommodate the stress. The telescopic handle is self-locking and features a single-hand use design to make your life even easier.

The spinner luggage set features four wheels to provide a smooth ride and allow you to turn in any direction quickly.

A fully lined interior that also features a number of pockets to help you organize your life. Shoe pockets are always handy for the lady traveler and with the Beverly Hills you need not worry about those expensive heels.

The unique feature of this luggage set is its looks and style, along with reinforced riveted corners which give it a great overall look and enhance its durability at the same time.

Size & Weight

You get a selection of four different sizes in this luggage set. A carry-on bag that is designed to be accommodated in almost all overhead compartments as well as adhering to most airlines carry-on baggage requirements. This is the perfect bag for businesswomen on an overnight trip.

The two larger bags, 24 and 28 inches respectively offer ample parking space to accommodate all of your clothes and shoes no matter how long you will be traveling.


A hard-case luggage sets go, this girl luggage set is perfect for the lady who likes to travel. It includes three good sized bags that are designed to look good and offer great protection for your belongings. The bags are expandable to accommodate that scarf you just can’t leave behind and offer shoe pockets to protect your precious heels.

A cute luggage set that will have you turning heads in any airport.

Why We Like It

  • Strong and durable
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Easy to push around

9. Traveler’s Choice Tasmania 3-Piece Luggage SetTraveler’s Choice Tasmania 3-Piece Luggage Set

Traveler’s Choice luggage brand brings you another great, hard-shell 3 piece luggage set that looks great and is one of the best luggage deals on the market.

A good looking travel set and one of the best luggage for international travel as it is extremely secure and robust in design and construction.

Material & Construction

Constructed from a hundred percent polycarbonate material. This material flexes when placed under stress, allowing the suitcase to absorb impacts and then revert back to its original shape.

Tasmania has a double lid. The interior lid offers a “U” hasped mesh cover that zips closed and also contains tie-straps that help you to secure your clothing. Not only the best luggage for travel but also one of the best spinner luggage with dual spinner wheels.

These wheels provide you with a very smooth ride, they are quiet and allow for 360-degree mobility. Navigating your way around busy airports is no hassle with this 3 piece of luggage set.

It also offers various carry methods having a telescopic handle if you are going to be wheeling it around, or use the side and top handles to carry your suitcase if required.

Featuring an add-a-bag carry strap for when you need more than your standard bags for those long summer holiday trips. Importantly this luggage set features a TSA recognized combination lock to enable you to secure your luggage and prevent any kind of tampering.

The added value of this luggage set is the expansion gusset. This feature enables you to get at least 25% more space when you need it.

Size & Weight

There are three different sizes included in this luggage set. A carry-on bag which is 21 inches in height and designed to fit into most overhead compartments, a 25-inch case that can expand from 10 to 12 inches in depth and then also a 29-inch large bag for those long trips. This bag can also expand from 11 inches deep to 13 inches deep.


One of the best-rated luggage set for convenient travel. A hard shell luggage set that is designed to look great and be strong and durable. One of the best luggage sets for the money, you may find it a bit pricey, but well worth every cent. Security in today’s travel environment is paramount and this luggage set offers you a TSA combination lock that will secure your belonging and prevent tampering.

When you compare luggage sets, you will find that the Traveler’s Choice Tasmania will be right there at the top of the list of top quality luggage sets.

Why We Like It

  • Strong and durable
  • TSA recognized combination lock
  • Lightweight and easy to move around

10. American Tourister Pop Plus 3 Piece SetAmerican Tourister Pop Plus 3 Piece Set

Another American Tourister offering is one of the top luggage sets that are designed to make your journey hassle-free when it comes to your luggage.

A cool luggage set that is designed to be easy to move and carry as well as being lightweight and durable.

Material & Construction

The polyester construction of the luggage set is durable and strong. It is also great looking. The handles on the top and the side of the luggage set is padded for comfortable carrying.

Organize your life with a number of pockets that are provided at the front of the bag, especially great for those items you need to take with at the last minute. Spinner wheels offer easy movability. A telescopic handle which is highly adjustable makes pulling your bag along effortless.

Size & Weight

Offering three perfectly sized bags that cater for the overnight traveler as well as the long distance, summer holiday traveler. All of the different sizes feature the spinner wheels making them easy to move around, even in crowded airports.

The 21” carry-on bag fits in most overhead compartments and conforms to most airline requirements for carry-on luggage. You also get a 25” and 29” bag for when you need to pack a little more than just an overnight bag.


When looking at the luggage set reviews ratings you will find that American Tourister provides a well-priced, well-constructed, lightweight and durable luggage set for all of your baggage needs. Three different sized bags cater to both the overnight traveler and those that are taking long trips.

Also great for families who are traveling.

All bags have wheels for easy movement and padded handles for when you need to carry your bags. One of the top ten luggage sets on the market, and a top US traveler luggage set.

Why We Like It

  • Strong and durable
  • Easy maneuverability with four spinner wheels
  • Lightweight

Luggage Sets Buyer’s Guide

Luggage Sets Buyer’s Guide

What to look for when Buying Luggage Sets

Suitcases and luggage sets come in all kinds of styles and designs. Some are hard sided some soft, some focus on style and fashion, while other functional and practical. Whichever one you choose, there are some vital statistics you need to consider. We have a look at these important aspects.

01 Maneuverability

Having a luggage set that comes with wheels will make your life a lot easier. Moving through crowded airports is simple when you have the convenience of four or two wheels attached to your bags. Spinner wheels allow for 360-degree maneuverability, allowing you to push or pull your luggage with ease.

Two-wheeled luggage sets go forwards or backward and are generally not as ergonomically designed as the four-wheeled spinner suitcases. However, two-wheeled cases are easy to pull along on uneven surfaces such as streets and sidewalks.

02 Durability

Here it is not only important to consider the type of material used in the construction of the luggage set. You need to consider the type of closure you have on your garment bags. A zipper closure is great unless it breaks while traveling. Chain zippers are a lot more durable than your coil zippers. YKK zippers are respected and largely regarded as the best on the market.

03 Type

There are a number of different types of luggage. Carry-on, duffel, large and medium-size suitcases are common. The business traveler usually will invest in a great carry-on bag as they do short trips that require minimum clothing requirements (don’t forget your swimsuit!).

Going on a family holiday for the summer, however, may require a number of bags including the carry-on, large and medium-sized bags and this is where having a great luggage set comes into its own. For alternatives, try a rolling backpack.

The top luggage sets combine your different requirements to give you an affordable option to be able to cater to each trip you might be taking. Often they are easy to store with each bag fitting into each other and they give you the option of taking a larger bag for longer trips or smaller carry-on bags for overnight or weekend trips.

04 Size, Weight and Look

So there are some of us that value style and look more than anything else. Pierre Cardin luggage sets are perfect for these kinds of people. Then there are those that value functionality above all and these people prefer then businesslike Samsonite or TravelPro luggage sets. Size matters, especially when wanting to take carry-on luggage. Make sure you understand what your airline allows in this area.

The weight of the garment bag will also make a difference. When you are packing for a long journey that requires you to take along a lot of belonging, you need a suitcase that will not add to the weight of your goods and allow you to pack more without worrying about going over the weight restrictions per bag and avoiding extra costs.

Having a colorful or patterned luggage set will make it easier to distinguish when you need to collect it from the baggage claim carousel. However, business travelers usually prefer dark, basic colors that do not stand out. Most luggage sets will offer a number of different colors and styles and this will depend on your own preferences.

05 Security

In today’s world, it is very important to be able to protect your belongings, not only from theft but also from tampering. Having a luggage set that allows for locks, either combination or key, is always a great option.

If your luggage set is a soft side suitcase that does not offer a high level of security, make sure you take all the precautions you can by packing your garment bag personally and ensuring that the bag does not leave your sight until it’s placed into checked luggage with the airline.


No matter what type of luggage set you select, ensure that you have the right size, the right look, and great maneuverability. All of these aspects along with your own personal preferences in terms of styling and construction. Security is also something to consider when deciding what luggage set will suit your own personal needs. Do your research, not only on the types of luggage sets around but also the airlines you travel on and the countries you tend to visit.

Make sure you understand the requirements and hazards when traveling to specific countries and the restrictions on luggage each airline has. Making sure you are well prepared with just the right luggage will make your journey a lot more enjoyable.

Which luggage Brand is Best?

So there is a large variety of luggage brands on the market all offering similar yet different luggage sets. Different brands cater to different types of travelers.

Rockland caters to those that look for a bargain when shopping for luggage sets. Rockland also caters to the teen luggage buyer and casual traveler with patterned luggage and bright colors. Samsonite is one of the best moderately priced bags around.

They are great for both business and casual travel and are particularly durable. Delsey luggage sets are also reasonably priced and offer both hard and soft-top luggage sets. When looking at style without paying premium prices Pierre Cardin is a great option. They are durable and also stylish with patterns to give them a touch of flair. American Tourister ranges from cheap to reasonably priced offerings.

Which luggage Brand is Best?

Mostly constructed from the material they come if a number of different colors to match your own style. American Tourister is one of the brands that use in-line wheels as opposed to the spinner suitcases.

US Traveler luggage sets also provide a wide range of colors that appeal to the traveler looking for a touch of style.

If you want something different from standard sets of luggage, Athalon provides a number of different kinds of duffels for the casual traveler.

Extremely durable and very popular with the younger traveler. Then there is Briggs & Riley. They are stylish and elegant and a favorite amongst business travelers. With a slightly higher price point than some other brands.

No matter what brand you prefer, remember to select the air travel set that caters to your needs. Size, durability, price, and security are some of the more important aspects to consider no matter what brand you choose. Knowing what brand you like though can make narrowing down the right luggage set for you easier to select.

Is Hard or Soft Luggage Better?

One of the most distinctive differences in luggage sets is their construction. There are two options, soft or hard side construction and each has its own pros and cons.


These are sets of luggage usually constructed from canvas or nylon or other hardy materials. They are not firm on the outside and are extremely flexible. Softside luggage also usually will offer the option of expansion so you can pack more into your bags.

You should also be aware that some of the soft side luggage has internal harder shells making them a lot less flexible than soft shells, however, the soft outside protects the hard inside from dents and scratches giving them a longer lifespan of looking great.


Here you get two different types. Hardsided luggage sets and simple hard cases. These types of luggage are a lot less flexible than your soft side luggage.

They are however as a whole a lot more rugged and durable than your material cases, however, they may show dents and scratches easily. Another great aspect of your hard side cases is that they often come with security such as combination locks or key locks.

No matter which one you decide on, whether you are looking for style, functionality or security, both the hard side and soft side luggage will serve your purposes, and it will all depend on your own preference and your own traveling requirements.

What’s the Largest size carry-on Luggage?

Each airline has different requirements for carry-on luggage. The most common is a maximum of 22 inches in height and this should include all side pockets, wheels, and handles.

Most airlines will not limit the type of bag you use as a carry-on as long as they conform to the size restrictions, which are determined by the overhead compartment sizes in the airplane.

Hardside carry-ons do protect your belonging better, however, the soft side is more flexible and fit easier into the overhead compartments.

What’s the Largest size carry-on Luggage?

Selecting a carry-on bag with maximum interior space is ideal. Remember that there are some items that you may not take onto the plane as carry-on luggage and ensure that you research what your specific airline allows and what not to avoid any unpleasantness when boarding.


When you are going on a trip, even if it is simply an overnight business trip, you need the perfect bag to take along with you. Having an air travel set that provides different size bags depending on your needs is a great investment.

The top luggage sets are not only lightweight but also durable. Luggage with wheels makes your life a lot easier when moving around busy airports with heavy bags.

We have reviewed some of the most inexpensive luggage sets to the expensive designer luggage sets on the market for you, from some of the best luggage brands around.

Choosing the correct luggage set for your needs will make your journey a lot more pleasant and enjoyable. Keeping your belongings safe and secure will take a weight off your shoulders and allow you to enjoy your trip to the max.

Expert Tip

Less is more when packing for a trip. Ten items of clothing can turn into fourteen outfits if you plan properly. Mix and match is the spice of a traveler’s life, a neutral jeans and various tops can make a great traveling wardrobe. For more tips on packing luggage, check out this study!

Did you Know

All of our lost or unclaimed luggage in the US gets sent to Scottsboro in Alabama. This is where the contents of all lost bags are sold at auction to the public.