Best Meat Slicers Reviews 2021 – Buying Guide for Saving Your Money

Best Meat SlicersMeat is a very important source of protein. It may be boiled, fried, smoked, dried, or roasted/grilled.

During its preparation, it must be cut into desired sizes and shapes to attain the very best results. An appliance that is capable of slicing the meat into the requisite shapes and sizes is therefore by all means vital.d

The market is awash with innumerable such appliances so much so that the potential user may often be at crossroads as to which one precisely suits their liking.

The object of the ensuing Best meat slicer reviews aims to solve this impasse by shedding more light on the top 10 meat slicers of the year.

1. EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food SlicerEdgeCraft 610 Chef's Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

This is one of the best meat slicers out there. A perfect meat slicer for slicing and dicing your way to delicious meals! The image on the left features the EdgeCraft 610 Premium Electric Food Slicer.

It is a premium food slicer that is great for cutting meat with its gear is driven power.

As one of the top-rated meat slicer, it is a highly adaptable, sturdy meat slicer made out of cast aluminum and stainless steel. Equipped with a large food carriage, this meat slicer is also able to be adjusted in order to allow extra-large size foods to be slice.

Like most meat slicers, this top machine has the feature of thickness control. What makes this different from other meat slicers is precision. The thickness is able to be controlled to great precision which allows the EdgeCraft 610 meat slicer to be able to cut thin slices and up to around one-inch slices.

Another feature is the tilted feature which allows farther precision and faster slicing. The efficiency of the meat slicer is increased due to this. The fact that this meat slicer is easy to clean gives people peace of mind. It is because the parts of the meat slicer are easily removable which allows for easy cleanup.

For extra safety, the carriage is designed to lock into position which limits access to the slicing blade when the meat slicer is not in use. It comes with a convenient cord storage for unwanted tangling, and it also comes with its own serving tray.

Compared to many meat slicers, the EdgeCraft 610 Premium is deemed to be on a class of its own. There are countless reviews and ratings regarding this meat slicer. It has made the EdgeCraft 610 Premium one of the top meat slicers.

2. Chef’sChoice 6150000 Food SlicerChef'sChoice 6150000 Food Slicer

The components of its structure are made of cast aluminum and stainless steel. This resourceful, sturdy slicer features some of the most powerful high-torque spinnings from its electric motor.

The highly reliable smooth gears allow the cool-running blade to give define and efficient slices with ease and control.

Its cantilever design, along with the tilted food carriage feature, enhances the slicing ability of the meat slicer to be faster and more efficient in doing its job.

With the already large food carriage being able to retract and be extended by pulling it out, the meat slicer is able to handle bigger size meat items. This increases the potential of the 7-inch stainless-steel blade as it is able to slice through a greater variety of meats which makes it more useful. Besides power, it has good precision in cutting to different thickness sizes from deli-thin to around one (1) inch.

The different parts of this meat slicer such as the food carriage, pusher, deflector, and blade are easy to dissemble which provides an easy way for people to clean the meat slicer after usage.

Also, like most equipment, safety is important. The food carriage locks into a position to limit access to the blade when the meat slicer is off to avoid any unwanted hazards.

Some features to look at are the useful cord storage to prevent tangling and the serving tray that is included.

There is the meat slicer’s on/off switch and one thing to take into consideration if the size dimension of the meat slicer. It is a 15 by 11 by 11-inch meat slicer weighing about ten pounds. It does have a one year limited warranty.

3. Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food SlicerChef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

From the Chef’s Choice series, here is the 609 Premium Electric that works great as a meat slicer. It is a great household appliance that comes at an affordable value. This meat slicer will meet your needs at slicing meat and useful in preparing the meals that await you.

The component parts of the meat slicer are made of aluminum and stainless steel. What does this really mean? Well, the adjustment plate for the thickness control is made of aluminum. Although the food carriage is plastic, it has a stainless steel top.

The shell is cast aluminum with the blade made of stainless steel and very sharp for easy slicing.

It has many similar features as the other meat slicers in the Chef’s Choice series. The meat slicer disassembles easily. Major parts of the meat slicer come off in a few seconds. Cleaning is an easy task with this meat slicer except for the blade.

The simple reason is that it is sharp! Like most meat slicers, you have to be careful when dealing with the blade. You should take your time in cleaning the blade to safely handle it.

Some of these features are the precise slicing, thickness control, the handy large food tray, and the overall design of the meat slicer. The dimensions for this meat slicer measures to be 15 by 10-1/2 by 10-4/5 inches and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

4. Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch SlicerWeston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch Slicer

The Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch Slicer is a great meat cutting product with a number of efficient features which facilitate its effectiveness.

The 9-inch slicer is powered by a quiet running motor which enables it to cut through vegetables and meat easily and quickly.

Its design is compact to allow for portability and storage. It also has a large food tray on it which has a smooth gliding operation and easily tilts out to make the cutting of big slices very simple.

The slicer also features a steel coating that is corrosion-resistant, which makes the Meat Slicer very durable.

The unit’s entire set up is placed in an aluminum housing which is ideally designed for safety. The strong base facilitates a stable operation while the suction cup feet feature adds to its safety.

The Weston 9″ Meat Slicer lets the user maintain precision when cutting and slicing with the adjustable thickness control feature and a dedicated food pusher meant for regulating shaving.


The heavy-duty 9” Slicer has several great features that facilitate its performance. The features are discussed below with details about their benefits.

Quiet 150-watt motor (120 volts, 60 Hz)

The motor is adequately powerful to enable the 9-inch slicer to cut through meat and vegetables easily and quickly

Stainless steel blade

The steel blade removable for cleaning and is also corrosion resistant which makes it very durable and convenient for precision slicing

Adjustable thickness control

It allows the user to adjust the slicing thickness from deli thin to 0.5 inches thick.

Removable blade and tilt-out food tray

The tray has a large capacity and allows for smooth gliding. It also tilts out to allow for easy cleaning.

Compact design

The Slicer has a compact design that facilitates its easy transportation and storage.

Aluminum housing

The housing is steel coated which makes the 9-inch slicer durable and safe.

Suction cup feet and Sturdy base

This makes the operation of the Weston 9” Meat Slicer very stable and safe by avoiding the back and forth movements while using.

Food pusher

The food pusher has teeth which help in controlling the slicing. The unit also features an On and Off Switch for safety.

Despite a couple of limitations about the product, the Weston 9-inch Meat slicer is generally a great product that gives the user the same convenience and precision as a good food cutting product in homes. It has great features such as being a quiet runner with a compact design for high portability and easy storage.

It is also made of steel coated and corrosion-resistant aluminum housing which makes the unit very durable. The Slicer cuts meats easily and quickly with the smooth gliding stainless steel tray of large capacity which tilts out to allow easy cleaning as well.

The Weston 9 inch Meat Slicer also comes with a suction cup feet that is used for controlling the slicing. It conveniently slices turkey into cutlets, roasted meat into steaks, Venison into slices, pork into chops which makes it very beneficial.

It is entirely the best meat slicer available and definitely worth trying out.

5. Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food SlicerMeat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer

The advantage of this Electric meat slicer is that you can adjust the cut thickness. You can make the cut thickness extremely thin or up to 0.75 inches. It means that you can use it for meat and a variety of ingredients as well. Moreover, it comes with the 150 W motor.

With the help of easy to clean construction, maintaining it will not be a problem. You can remove various parts of the meat slicer to make it easy for you to clean it.

Also, it consists of a power button and a safety lock. It means that using it is quite easy and safe.

With the help of non-slip suction feet, you can keep it stable while using it. Moreover, with the help of a stainless steel serrated blade, the cut which it provides is quite precise.

The 7.5-inch blade means that you can handle heavy-duty ingredients ll. The high yield is slicing power means that the amount of time which it would take to slice through the ingredients is on the lower side. These features help this meat slicer stand out.

  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable cut thickness
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel blade
  • Serrated blade design
  • High stability
  • Safety features on offer
  • Bit noisy

6. Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli/Food SlicerChefman Die-Cast Electric Deli/Food Slicer

The advantage of this meat slicer is that it has compact and design. Despite a 7.5-inch blade, it does not occupy a lot of space on the countertop. It means that it is easy to store as well.

With the help of 180 W AC motor, you can be sure that it offers plenty of power. It means that whether you’re dealing with meat or vegetables or fruits, it can handle all of them quite easily.

The stainless steel blade will not disappoint you either. Moreover, it is removable and retractable, as well. The die-cast aluminum housing means that the durability of the meat slicer is not going to be a problem.

In case you’re worried about the stability, it has non-slip feet. It comes along with safety features like a blade safety guard and food pusher as well. It means that whether you’re new to using meat slicers or if you have used plenty of them before, you will be entirely safe. With the help of readily accessible controls, using it is not going to be a problem. You can easily customize the cut according to your requirements as well.

The sturdy housing makes it one of the best meat slicers which you can find.

  • Powerful motor
  • Adjustable cut
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Highly versatile
  • Compact design
  • Limited instructions

7. Gourmia GFS700 Electric Power Food & Meat SlicerGourmia GFS700 Professional Electric Power Food & Meat Slicer

The next option on my list is a blade of diameter 7.5 inches. Coupled with 180 W motor, it provides fast slicing speed as well.

Moreover, when you look at the construction, it consists of prime coated steel material along with die-cast aluminum housing. It means that the construction quality of this meat slicer will not pose any problem.

You can vary the thickness of the cut between super-thin up to 0.75 inches. Due to this very reason, you can use it not just for meat but a variety of other ingredients as well.

With the help of a removable blade, cleaning the meat slicer is not going to be a problem. The suction grip bottom means that it will stay in its place even if you’re using it for heavy-duty operations.

It consists of a hand shield as well, which means that while using it, you do not have to worry about any accidents. The heavy-duty construction, along with the suction grip feet, means that it is one of the best options you can go with.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable cut thickness
  • Incorporates safety features
  • Highly versatile
  • Stable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Packaging could be better

8. BESWOOD 10″ Premium Food SlicerBESWOOD 10" Premium Food Slicer

Are you looking for a Food slicer with a large blade?

If yes, this one will not disappoint you. This slicer comes with a 10-inch diameter blade. It means that it is suitable for commercial applications as well. The motor power rating of 240 W will not disappoint you either.

When you look at the quality of the blade, it consists of a chromium-plated carbon steel blade. It means that you won’t have to worry about corrosion or rust. The life span of the blade is high.

Also, the blades retain their sharpness as well. It means that you will not have to go for re-sharpening again and again.

With the help of double illuminated on/off switch, operating it is quite easy.

You can use it for the various slicing kind of ingredients, including meat.

With the help of stable feet design, you can be sure that it will remain in its place when you’re using it. You can adjust the cut thickness according to your requirements. There is a knob for the same.

The V-belt design means that the noise and vibrations are considerably reduced. It means that you will not be disturbing anyone else when you’re using this meat slicer. In addition to that, it comes along with a cleaning brush and machine oil. It means that when you’re using it, maintaining it and cleaning it is not going to be a problem. Due to these features, it stands out as compared to other meat slicers that you can find.

  • Suitable for commercial operation
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Highly stable
  • Low noise
  • Adjustable cut thickness
  • Durable construction
  •  The finishing could be better

9. CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food SlicerCUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food Slicer

The slicer which I am going to highlight now consists of a 7.5-inch diameter blade. The removable blade design means that cleaning the blade is not a problem. You can put the blade in the dishwasher for cleaning. It means that maintenance is quite easy.

In addition to that, the stainless steel construction of the blade will not pose any problem. Also, it consists of a 200 W motor, which makes it even easier for you to deal with any meat as well as other ingredients.

You can adjust the cut thickness between 0.04 inches up to 0.6 inches. It means that cutting the ingredients according to your requirements is quite easy. The construction of the machine is such that you can use it for personal as well as commercial applications.

The antiskid feet ensure that you will not have to worry at all when you’re using this meat slicer. These features help it stand out.

  • Powerful motor
  • Durable construction
  • Dishwasher safe blade
  • Customizable cuts on offer
  • Highly stable
  • Packaging could be better

Types of Meat Slicers

Types of Meat Slicers

Light Duty/Entry Level Meat Slicers

These are the everyday home meat slicers. Their blade sizes are around 7 inches and their motor’s power consumption is around 5 watts only. They are mostly suited for those meat slicing operations that would ordinarily last an hour or two per day.

They generally lack many safety and convenient features of the higher-end models. The most popular light-duty meat slicers in vogue today are: Maverick, Chef’s Choice, Hobert Meat Slicers, and Maverick.

Medium Duty/Mid Tier Meat Slicers

They are meat slicers that are mainly used in food joints, restaurants, and other eateries. Their blade sizes range from 8 to 14 inches; their motors are powered by 100 to 130 watts of electrical energy, and are able to withstand more regular usage as compared to the light-duty varieties.

They come along with more safety features and may operate for extended durations. Some of the leading medium duty brands today include: Avantro SL512, Berkel 827A, Hobart EDGE12, GlobeG10, and GlobeG12.

Commercial-Grade/Premium Meat Slicers

Larger enterprises such as schools and hospitals inevitably require larger and more powerful meat slicers. These extra-large, heavy-duty and powerful meat slicers are called the commercial-grade meat slicers. Their motors are powered by 1/4 horsepower of electrical energy, are generally more durable than ordinary meat slicers and can handle the tougher and more diverse workload.

Some of the most outstanding commercial-grade meat slicers in the market today are Globe Commercial Meat Slicer, Hobart Deli Meat Slicer, Chicago Food Machinery CFM Meat Slicer, and KWS Premium Meat Slicer.

Why Purchase a Meat Slicer?

When you’ve got a large family or a big party to plan, visiting the store to get meats, cheeses and other foods chopped can look like just another time-consuming item on your own to do list. Getting your own beef slicer in your home saves you time by letting you slice food if you need to.

A slicer is a bigger upfront purchase compared to getting a small bit of food chopped at any given moment at a deli. However, if you plan on using the slicer usually, it will pay for itself fairly fast.

Slicing your meat is merely one way to process it. You can even make use of a meatgrinder, which lets you finely or coarsely grind vegetables, meats, grains and nuts, or add an attachment to make sausages. In addition, food slicers and grinders are able to make your collection of appliances for the kitchen eventually become much better-rounded.

We analyzed how each slicer surely could take care of creating thick and thin pieces of ham, pepperoni, cucumbers, bell peppers, mozzarella cheese along with artisan bread. We looked for a straight cut across the part of the food.

Additionally, we scored each slicer on how easy it was to use and how safe it really felt to use. The following are a few of the critical things to note when considering that slicer will continue to work best for your needs.

Performance: More Power is Consistently Greater

In looking for a high-quality food slicer for the home kitchen, you’ll want to be sure you find one having enough power. In general, any slicer with at least 130 watts is well equipped to assist most food types.

Some slicer motors are somewhat gear-driven, others are somewhat belt-driven, and some are both. Typically, gear-driven engines are marginally more powerful, which makes them more effective in processing non-lean fish and fibrous meals.

However, they can be more rapid and more costly to displace. Belt-driven motors are somewhat better for lean meats and run more quietly.

Consider what you’ll be using the slicer to cut and make certain you get on with the ideal blade type for the needs. Slicers typically arrive with either a serrated blade or a with smooth borders, though each has its benefits.

Serrated blades are excellent for slicing bread and meat that is tough, however, they can potentially leave vegetables with jagged edges in the place of a blank slit. Smooth-edged blades, also known as non-serrated blades, work the best cutting through lean meats and veggies, however, they are able to fight to cut rough meats or crusty bread without obliterating them.

In the event that you will end up slicing all types of foods, then consider one of those greatest slicers or buying an extra blade that you can turn outside as needed.

All slicers have a numerical depth control knob or knob which gives you control on the depth of each slit, based behind the carriage location. Whilst the number ranges aren’t standardized across all slicers, typically a lower number indicates a thinner slice and a bigger number means a milder one.

The majority of the slicers we tested offered slicing thickness well beyond what you would desire for a party tray or something comparable, however, it was nice to find that alternative. You may easily have the ability to judge depth by your eye, so you likely will not need to trust the numerical setting.

Safety: Built-in, Mindful and Easy to Use

The blades in food slicers are very sharp. While that is good news about the food which needs cutting edge, additionally, it introduces an increased safety risk. But, slicer manufacturers have taken this into account, and you’ll see that a lot of units comprise at least a few integrated safety features.

Many slicers possess a recessed power button, and that makes it not as apt to be accidentally fired up if you’re moving it around in your countertop while it’s plugged in. They also have handguard systems set up, which sets a barrier between your fingers and the blade since you slice each unit of food.

Even a blade-lock function prevents the blade from moving, which is handy during storage or between slicing sessions. The slicers have either rubberized feet or suction cups, and can mount straight to a countertop for equilibrium.

A few slicers have a dual safety button, which offers extra safety but maybe a small hassle to use. This feature takes you to activate an excess switch in order for this to work, plus some, like the squeeze-activated ones, may be difficult to use if you’ve got arthritis or fight with that kind of motions.

Ease of Use: Slice and Clean in Minutes

A good food slicer is simple to use not just when you cut off food, but while you clean it as well. Many slicers have the food bin — the place in which you sit the food because you slice it – permanently attached to a sliding rack pub.

This usually means you cannot eliminate it to wash; however, most of these do swing outward, therefore once you unplug the unit, after that you can lean the carriage on the sink and run a sponge on it. The blades take only a couple minutes to eliminate, but you will need to use caution as you do so, since the blades are sharp.

The motors for all these slicers create a decent amount of noise, though all over a range of roughly 60 to 70 decibels (dB). That really is standardly quantified as the gap between a conversation held at a restaurant or in the work (60 dB) and busy traffic (70 dB).

A few of the slicers we tested started off closer to 60 dB but reached closer to 70 dB later running for five to ten seconds, and many others got louder even as we chopped meals, as the engine was working harder. A few of them seemed really worked regardless of what we sliced.

All the meat slicers have quite similar measurements, however, you will wish to measure any cabinet or any area you may store the unit in, since they do not fall or condense at all. In addition, a few meat slicers arrive with a food tray, which can help you collect food because it leaves the slicer. But, few slicers make it effortless to match a plate or tray supporting the blade.

Warranty & Support: Easy and Reliable Wins

Because of the sort of product that really is, having its own safety concerns and compact components, it is important to start looking to get a slicer that comes with a fantastic manufacturer warranty. If you ever have concerns or questions about the item, the company should be easy to get a hold of and should offer you a handful of alternatives for how exactly to do so. Additionally, it’s helpful when a business delivers an FAQ section on its website or a product manual, for extra convenience.

We seek, whenever feasible, to evaluate each of the products and services from hands-on evaluations that mimic as closely as possible the adventures of a standard consumer. We now obtained the units within our comparison through retail order.

The manufacturers had no input or influence over our test methodology, nor had been the methodology provided to any of them in more detail than is available throughout reading our reviews. The results of our tests weren’t provided to the companies ahead of the book.

How to Choose the Best Meat Slicers

How to Choose the Best Meat Slicers

Intended Nature and Frequency of Use

Different users are confronted with different workloads. Some users such as those in ordinary homes have far less work compared to those in schools, restaurants and hospitals. The setting in which the meat slicer is to be used, the amount of workload as well as the frequency with which the appliance is to be used should all be considered while making a purchase.

Power Consumption

In order to minimize power wastage and to prevent excessively high utility bills, the prospective user should see to it that the power consumption rate of the meat slicer of choice is well within his means.

Maintenance Requirements

To greatly minimize frequent breakdowns and constant repairs and maintenance, the best meat slicer must be made of very tough and durable materials such as stainless steel and cast aluminum that can effectively withstand the elements of wear and tear such as scratches, dents, corrosion, and breakages.

Construction and Design

The safety and wellbeing of the users must be treated as a matter of priority by the meat slicer. Consequently, the best meat slicer must have top-notch safety features such as child safety locks and automatic on/off switches.


This refers to the possible range of uses to which the appliance may be put. These appliances are primarily intended for cutting meat. However, the ideal meat slicer should also be in a position to handle other common types of food such as fruits, vegetables, cakes, bread, cheese, and ham to guarantee maximum returns of money invested to the users.


A good meat slicer has to have very sharp blades, larger cutting capacity, smooth and efficient gears to ensure that the task of cutting the various types of foods is carried out with as maximum efficiency as possible.


The ultimate decision as to whether or not a meat slicer is to be acquired largely depends on the cost of the respective appliance. The best meat slicer must be very affordable and must ideally be accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty and hot discounts.


The field of meat slicers as doing just about every other electronics appliance is rapidly changing so much so that, a fairly sophisticated and advanced appliance today may be rendered obsolete within a very short duration of time.

The long-term authenticity of the top 9 best meat slicer reviewed in the foregoing best meat slicer reviews cannot therefore be guaranteed in the long run. It is therefore incumbent upon the prospective user to conduct through due diligence before settling on a product of his choice.