Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Memory Foam MattressIt is important to understand that sleep is essential in order to be able to face daily worries. A good night rest can help you wake up easily and more relaxed.

Traditional mattresses do not assure the needed comfort, and it is hard to find the right position, especially when you are very tired and stressed.

Each best memory foam mattress is specially designed to provide an optimum back position. It also assures relief from painful pressure points by allowing the spine to rest in a natural position.

Moreover, it represents a valid solution against allergies thanks to the aerated material.

Benefits Of Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses can actually help you rest better. It is an option worth to consider, especially if you are in one of the following situations:

  • You sit or stand a lot during the day;
  • You experience back problems;
  • You do not manage to rest well during the night;
  • You frequently wake up various times;
  • Your partner moves a lot during sleep.

Back painAs it can be seen, these are frequently situations that many of us face. It is hard to be productive during the day if you do not manage to sleep well at night.

Most regular mattresses lose their shape in a short time and become uncomfortable.

Once this happens, it is hard to find an adequate position for a resting sleep. Have you ever wondered why you wake up with severe back pain?

The answer is simple. You sleep in a position that puts pressure on your spine, restricting it to relax.

The first benefit of memory foam mattresses is the fact that they support the back.

This means that it relieves the body of stress, helping you enjoy a great night sleep. The material provides comfort to the body and keeps the spine in a natural position and not in a linear shape, as traditional ones do.

The best memory foam mattress is the one that provides pressure relief.

This means that it distributes the weight across the whole surface, allowing the muscles to relax. The great benefits can be felt overnight as you will move less during sleep, but also through the day when you feel more energetic.

Another great benefit is the fact that it assures no motion transfer.

This is highly appreciated by couples with a partner who moves a lot during sleep. Moreover, if one of them has to wake up earlier, he/she will not disturb the other one.

Memory foam mattresses are very durable. Unlike traditional ones that lose their shape after a short period of time, these can last for 5 to 15 years.

Depending on the manufacturer and construction, the majority come with 10 years of full coverage included in the warranty. It is practically a long-time investment with great benefits.

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Model Top LayerBottom LayerHeight
Sleep Innovations 4-Inch
2" of Quilted Fiber Fill2" of Cooling Gel Memory Foam422.2
LUCID 10-Inch
(Best Seller)
2.5" Gel Memory Foam7.5" High Density Support Foam1055.0
Best Price Mattress 8-Inch
2" Memory Foam2" Pressure Relief Foam+4" Supportive Layer832.4
LUCID 12-Inch
(Editor's Choice)
3" Gel Memory Foam1" Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam+8" High Density Support Foam1273.2
Memory Foam Solutions0.5" Gel Memory Foam4.5" High Resilence Base83.99
Sleep Innovations 12-inch2.5" SureTemp Memory Foam9.5" Support-Plus Foam1280.0
Zinus 8-Inch2" Memory Foam2" Pressure Relieving Foam+4" Base Support Foam846.6
Signature Sleep 8-Inch1.6" high-density Foam868.2
LUCID 6-Inch2" Gel Memory Foam4" High Density Support Foam626.5
Signature Sleep 12-Inch4" Memoir Foam 8" High-density Foam1268.2

1. Sleep Innovations Dual Layer 4-inch Mattress TopperSleep Innovations Dual Layer 4-inch Mattress Topper

If you are sick of sleeping on a lumpy mattress or you know it is time for a better mattress, but you cannot afford a good one, then you may want to consider getting the Sleep Innovations Dual Layer 4-inch Mattress Topper instead.

This will cost you much less than a new mattress, especially if you want a good one that will support you properly.

When you choose a mattress topper that is made with memory foam you are going to get the benefit of sleeping in a bed that is made for luxury with a cool feel and a softness that will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

The Sleep Innovations Dual Layer Mattress Topper is made with two full inches of memory foam and two inches of a pillow like a microfiber.

This gives you the best of both worlds as you will feel like you are sleeping on a memory foam topped mattress with a soft pillow top as well.

The density is the typical 3 pounds, which is what most mattress toppers made of memory foam are made with.

Sleep Innovations Gel Memory FoamThis is the perfect density to help the mattress topper contour to your entire body and give you the support that you have never had before while you rest your head for the night.

Plus when you wake up you will feel less pain in your back and throughout your body because of the proper support this memory foam topper provides.

The most important thing about this foam mattress topper has to be that it will minimize motion transfer making it perfect for couples that sleep in the same bed.

This not only helps to relieve pain from different pressure points in your body, but it also helps your partner sleep better when you are struggling to sleep and moving around quite a bit.

They will not feel as much of your movement allowing them to rest peacefully while you struggle to fall asleep. This works the other way, as well, when you need your rest and your partner is having a restless night.

When you choose the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress Topper, you know you are getting quality because they use patented open-cell technology to make sure your new mattress topper stays cool to the touch and keeps you comfortable throughout the night.

It is also made with an antimicrobial finish to help deflect molds and mildew. This helps to provide comfort to those that have allergies and need to have hypoallergenic sleep products to help provide the restful sleep they deserve.

  • Hybrid, dual layer topper
  • Can use both layers together or individually
  • Smell not an issue
  • Soft to medium firmness
  • Fiber-fill layer captures heat
  • Not 100% memory foam product

Our Opinion

The Sleep Innovations Dual Layer 4-inch memory foam mattress topper is a great alternative to purchasing a new mattress and it can also be used to top a memory foam mattress as well.

If you desire a better night’s sleep and you know that your sleepless nights have to do with your mattress, then before you rush out and spend a pile of cash on a new mattress, you should consider a top of the line memory foam mattress topper like the Sleep Innovations Topper.

2. LUCID Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic MattressLUCID Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress

LUCID Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress is a luxurious one but sold with a very reasonable price.

This 10 inches thick mattress has 2.5 inches of 3.0 pounds luxurious memory foam together with a 7.5 inches polyurethane supportive fluff base.

Unlock cell technology permits the air to flow to keep you feeling cool and relaxed as you sleep.

The construction of open cell yields long-lasting and more elastic foam that would never leave enduring body impressions. A soft and doughy consistency instantly conforms on the weight and force.

This mattress would help you in getting rid of the neck, back or shoulder pain by means of lowering the pressure points.

In return, this would help your spine to gain correct alignment as it supports the usual curve of your head, neck to shoulders.

Memory foam is made to be naturally antimicrobial and resistant against the allergens, dust mites, bacteria and mold.

The comfy velour zip-off covering has antimicrobial properties and dust mite resistance.

You can easily remove and wash the cover when you need to. LUCID Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty.

  • 2.5-inch gel memory foam layer
  • Classy and elegant looking
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Affordable
  • Medium feel
  • TENCEL blend cover 
  • Some owners claim that this mattress can be firmer than expected

Our Opinion

LUCID Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress is an elegant kind of mattress yet it is sold with a very affordable price. The unlock cell technology allows the air to flow to make you feel comfortable and relaxed as you sleep. It can also relieve the pressure points to help you sleep peacefully at night.

3. Best Price Mattress Memory Foam 8 Inch MattressBest Price Mattress Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress

If you want to sleep more comfortably, the 8inch Memory Foam Mattress by Best Price Mattress is the ideal “accessory” you need.

This mattress is primarily designed to do two things: look stunning on your bed, and provide remarkable comfort. You could not wish for more from a bed mattress.

The improvement in the quality of your sleep will offer you some significant benefits, and will make you enjoy your daily activities to a higher extent.

The manufacturers have designed this lovely foam mattress thinking about the people who are tired, lack energy, suffer from pain in certain areas of their body, or are often moody.

It was also designed for people that have fine taste and appreciate qualitative materials.

The mattress will get to your heart from the first minute, because the soft, cozy surface is just perfect. The size of the 8inch Memory Foam Mattress by Best Price Mattress is 60 x 80 x 8 inches, so it will fit your Queen bed wonderfully.

If you do not know yet whether to replace your traditional mattress with a foam mattress, here are some attributes of this product that may convince you.

Best Price Mattress Memory Foam

This is a remarkably intelligent foam matters.

While it stays firm at the temperature of your room, when you lie down on it, and it senses your body heat, it turns into a soft, gentle surface, which molds to your curves, and makes you feel extraordinary.

You will feel like floating on a cloud. The manufacturers have channeled all their efforts into delivering the best quality memory foam, so that you will feel excellent in your bed. Their comforting memory foam offers breathtaking sensations for your body.

In addition to molding to your curves and keeping you floating on a cloud, the 8inch Memory Foam Mattress by Best Price Mattress also has the ability to properly distribute your weight along its surface, which eliminates the pressure points that normally caused you pain.

Moreover, it will also provide you with a quiet, uninterrupted sleep, without the usual tossing and turning.

  • No motion disturbance
  • Affordable
  • Knitted cover with satin piping border and non-slip bottom
  • Gel infused memory foam and ventilated comfort foam layers
  • Some users find it too soft

Our Opinion

If you are looking for a cheap, but at the same time qualitative product, this mattress is the perfect recommendation. The outstanding qualities and the excellent reviews it has got make this memory foam mattress suitable for anyone.

Even if you suffer from allergies, back pain, joint pain, o insomnia, the 8inch Memory Foam Mattress by Best Price Mattress will help you get over your problems and will offer you a delightful sleep.

4. LUCID 12″ Gel Memory Foam MattressLUCID 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress brings a new level of benefits to the traditional memory foam.

It completely eliminates the sensation of heating during summer nights thanks to the gel layer. You will enjoy a cooler sleep, as this mattress is well ventilated.

Furthermore, this mechanism softens the memory foam included. This means that it will take the contour of your body and regulate the temperature faster.

It provides a medium feel, making it not very firm and not too plush. You will enjoy the right mattress night after night.

 A Closer Look

Lucid – Lucid is focused on providing advanced sleeping technology at affordable prices. Their products can comfort even the pickiest user.

The company sells three types of mattresses: memory foam, latex technology and lucid gel. They all include the same high-quality standards.

The memory foam includes bamboo charcoal that assures a relaxing sleep and reveals back and neck pains. Furthermore, Lucid mattresses are designed to provide quality sleep and revived awakenings.

Features – LUCID 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made of 94% polyester, 1% silver fiber and 5% spandex.

The lucid-gel formula is designed to capture and distribute body heat. The cover is silver-infused, making it hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. It can be taken off, thus it is washable. The airflow is assured by the pine-core technology that also has the role to regulate the sleeping temperature.

ucid-12-gel-memory-foam-mattressLayers – LUCID 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made of three different layers that assure a relaxing sleep through a medium firm sensation.

The base is 8 inches thick, and it is made of density foam. The next layer is made of 2 inches of support foam. The top layer is represented by the comfortable gel-memory foam. It is 2 inches thick in order to ensure a correct position during sleep.

Specifications – This great mattress is CertiPUR-US approved, and it does not contain any prohibited substances that can turn out to be harmful.

Furthermore, it comes with a warranty of 10 years, assuring its high quality. The open-cell construction prevents long-lasting body impressions, thus it provides the same smooth sensation each night. If you purchase this mattress during the cold season, it is recommended to lay it in a warm room and allow it extra time for full expansion.

  • The gel formula distributes heat
  • The silver infused cover is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • It comes with a great warranty (10 years) that certifies its  value
  • The mattress cover looks great
  • The airflow technology prevents it from overheating
  • Smelled for about one day after unwrapping
  • Takes about one day to expand after unwrapping it
  • The package may be a bit large, thus heavy for a single person to carry upstairs

Our Opinion

Overall, LUCID 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a great product as it assures the same quality of sleep during hot and cold seasons. The three layers assure a firm, yet soft feeling.

It is a perfect purchase for people with back problems as it assures an optimum distribution of weight. The price and the incredible discount defiantly make it an option worthy to consider.

5. Memory Foam Solutions Memory Foam MattressMemory Foam Solutions Memory Foam Mattress

Looking for a mattress that has numerous benefits, the Memory Foam Solutions Memory Foam Mattress is the one that you can have. This is one of the best mattresses to have to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Apart from it, this foam mattress increases the hours of your good sleep due to the comfort it provides.

A four-pound foam is specifically designed to offer a more enhance gel. It also offers extra support that is better as compared to the traditional innerspring mattress that creates painful pressure.

More so, Memory Foam Solutions Memory Foam Mattress brings extra comfort to your body to enjoy a night’s sleep after a tiring day. This foam mattress is both economical and environment-friendly.

What’s even more surprising is that Memory Foam Solutions Memory Foam Mattress has met the CSPC and EPA standards for being free and safe from harmful substances of chemicals. It earned the certification from PURGreen, which means that it is packaged, manufactured and fabricated in the U.S.A.

Apart from it, Memory Foam Solutions Memory Foam Mattress does not use ozone-depleting substances like Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether substance, Formaldehyde, Chlorofluorocarbons, Prohibited Phalates and Harmful Metals.

Thus, the best choice for a foam mattress is none other than the Memory Foam Solutions Memory Foam Mattress that does not have a toxic odor. It has an outstanding reputation, as it passed through all the standards set by the CSPC, EPA and PURGreen.

  • This is an outstanding foam mattress because of its price
  • This product can arrive directly at your home in just seven days
  • Waking up free from pain is possible; sleeping in any position is allowed
  • It is backed by a warranty that is worthy of your money
  • It takes you to sleep for more hours than you should because of the comfort it brings while you sleep.

Our Opinion

Memory Foam Solutions Mattress is the best choice for a foam mattress to buy on the Amazon website. This makes an ideal mattress to have at home because of the comfort it brings and. Thus, sleeping is more enjoyable and better with Memory Foam Solutions Memory Foam Mattress.

6. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress gives the finest comfort of the memory foam together with greater therapeutic benefits at a great price.

Rest and feel comfortable using this deep, classic and responsive 12 inches memory foam type of mattress.

A 2.5 inches top layer of this mattress molds to provide comfort to you aside from the benefits of the usual memory foam. It also provides the further advantages of a comfy sleeping temperature.

This original, patented formulation as well as the manufacturing process provides an improved flow of air to make you feel cool while you sleep at night.

The 9.5 inches base layer of this elegant foam offers a beneficial sleep surface that disperses your body weight evenly to completely alleviate the pressure points. The dimension of Sleep Innovations Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress is 80 x 60 x 12.

  • SureTemp layer to provide sleepers comfort
  • 20 years of limited warranty
  • Great for heavy body types as well
  • Mid-price range (some people may find it costly)

Our Opinion

Sleep Innovations Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress is a very comfortable mattress that gives a lot of benefits. Anyone can buy this mattress since it was sold with a very reasonable price. The features of the mattress are designed to help the user fall asleep easier.

7.  Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch MattressZinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are essential because they offer vital comfort during your sleep.

But, most mattresses available are not good enough to aid people to rest securely and comfortably which will result in many negative effects.

Luckily, the issue can be solved by replacing them with good models and Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best choices.

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8 Inch Mattress puts your body exceptionally at ease to have a good night’s sleep.

The memory foam support aids to retain hips and shoulders in proper alignment and provide luxury which helps get rid of pressure points in order to obtain the sleep you needed for good health.

  • More affordable than other similar mattresses
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Nice, soft and cool cover
  • Slight off-gassing

Our Opinion

In real life, you will get what you pay for. This  Memory Foam Mattress might be a bit expensive foam mattress, but in various reviews, this product is the best one. The Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam remains the best buy mattress on the marketplace today.

8. Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch MattressSignature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress

Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress is specially designed to reveal backaches.

The revolutionary design supports the vertebrae while sleeping. Moreover, the 480 tempered steel curves according to your body assuring equal weight distribution.

The great design reveals the pressure points from the neck, shoulders, back and hips. You will also enjoy sleeping with your partner night after night thanks to the independently encased coils that eliminate motion disturbance.

This mattress is designed to last.

For this reason, the coils are protected by two cushioning layers. The non-woven insulation pad, together with the thick foam layer provides high quality and great comfort. This mattress fits any type of standard twin bed frame.

In most cases, the mattress can be used as soon as it is unpacked. Still, the mattress can require 48 hours to expand due to the temperature and length of time it has been packed. In both cases, you will enjoy many years of comfortable and relaxing sleep.

  • Unbeatable price
  • Very good motion isolation for its kind
  • Above-average lifespan
  • Very short warranty
  • Slight off-gassing when unpacked
  • Must use a foundation

Our Opinion

The Signature Sleep Contour 8 provides great value for its very low price. Although inferior in quality to the more expensive alternatives, it’s a great entry point into the category of new generation mattresses.

9. LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam MattressLUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Enjoying a relaxing sleep is extremely important in order to be able to face daily challenges. Nothing can be more annoying than waking up with back pains. You can barely get out of bed and get dressed.

It is hard to bend or reach for clothes.

Fortunately, you can forget about harsh mornings thanks to the new technology based on memory foam. These types of mattresses allow the body to relax by eliminating pressure points.

The weight will be equally distributed so this means no more hip and shoulder aches. LUCID 6″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress is an optimum solution for all families.

When Lucid’s professionals designed this mattress, they had in mind comfort and durability. It is the thinnest of its kind, but with the maximum response to intense moves and usage. LUCID 6″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress is highly recommended for kids.

The firmness of the matters is softened by the memory foam, allowing your child to grow and develop harmoniously. The benefits provided are incredible, and perfect for your little one’s health: it assures excellent blood circulation; it supports the back correctly and aligns the spine in a proper posture.

A Closer Look

Lucid – Lucid is a company that provides advanced sleeping technology at affordable prices. Regardless of the type of sleeper you are, you will definitely find the right mattress.

In order to enjoy an excellent sleep, you can choose from one of the three available options: memory foam, latex technology or lucid gel. They are all based on the same high standards of quality.

Furthermore, memory foam includes bamboo charcoal for a relaxing experience. The mattresses designed by Lucid aim to provide all the benefits of the new sleeping technology and to reveal disturbing backaches.

LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Features – LUCID 6″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress provides great support for the entire body.

It is perfect for the whole family and an excellent option for growing children. The memory foam layer assures optimal firmness and a soft feeling.

Moreover, it takes the shape of the body and quickly conforms to the position and weight for proper distribution. It is quite light so it can be easily carried from one place to another. The high standards of quality are assured by the CertiPUR-US certificate.

Dimensions – LUCID 6″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress is made of two different layers.

The base has 4”, and it is made of high-density foam. The top layer is made of 2” of premium memory foam, assuring a comfortable night’s sleep. According to your needs and sleeping habits, you can choose from the following sizes: Twin, Full, Queen and Twin XL.

 Unpacking – As much as you or your child would like to sleep on it as soon as you unpack it, it is important to know that you must leave it 48 hours in order to fully expand. It is true that it has a funny smell when it comes out of the box, but if the 48 hours limit is respected, it goes away without any problem.

  • Though it is firm, it provides a soft feeling
  • It is extremely comfortable
  • Customer service is excellent
  • It quickly adapts to your body
  • The cover has a non-slip surface at the bottom part to prevent it from moving
  • It does not bounce
  • Some customers complained that the edges lose their firmness in time

Our Opinion

Overall, LUCID 6″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress is a perfect choice for all family members. Just remember that it is a firm mattress, but the memory foam provides a soft feeling.

It is perfect for children as it supports the spine correctly.  You can forget about disturbing pressure points, and you will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep and feel revived in the morning.

10. Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam MattressSignature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is a great solution for everybody that wants to enjoy a comfortable sleep. It is specially designed to reveal back pain and to help you wake up more energetic each morning.

This memory mattress is available in 4, 6 and 8 inches. It also includes 9 ILD memory foam.

This represents the 4-pound memory foam that assures the ideal firmness, not too soft and not too hard. The thickness can also differ. It is available in 6, 8 and 12-inches.

Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is specially designed to relieve pressure points from critical parts of your body.

This means that you can forget about morning hips and shoulder pains. The whole body will rest in its natural form, helping you to face a new day of work.

Each mattress needs 48 hours for the memory to expand to its proper size and shape. It is extremely safe to use, as it meets the standard 16 CFR 1633 of federal flammability. In order to be able to keep it clean and in a good shape for a long time, each product comes with a soft, knit fabric cover.

  • Comfortable and Cool
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Breathable and washable zip-off fabric cover
  • A few users find it too firm

Our Opinion

All in all, Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is a wise choice for those on a budget and not only. Buying the most expensive memory foam mattress on the market without having actually tried a cheaper one before only gets you so far, thus we believe that opting for Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress could be the life-changing decision you ought to have made a long time ago.

How Can You Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress?

Read on and you’ll discover the features that make a memory foam mattress worth buying!

Note: Don’t try to choose your mattress by simply sitting or lying on it. Memory foam reacts to body temperature, so the first impression it leaves is one of hardness. Also, keep in mind that mattresses are made of several layers, out of which only the top layer is memory foam. The rest of the layers are usually made of regular foam, meant to allow the mattress to preserve its shape.

The Following 8 Aspects Should Be Considered

Best Memory Foam Mattress

#1. IDF

IDF, or Indentation Force Deflection, is the measuring unit for the memory foam “giving” capacity. Its values usually vary between 10 and 16, where 10 equals soft and 16 equals rigid. Unless your physician or chiropractor recommends otherwise, you should usually go for a 12.

#2. Density

Although different types of foam have different densities, the figures usually vary from 1 to 7 pounds per cubic foot.

And even though most producers offer mattresses between 3.5 and 4.5 pounds per cubic foot, the highest quality is usually associated with densities above 5 pounds, level above which mattresses are known to perform better and last longer.

#3. Memory foam layer thickness

As mentioned above, these mattresses are made of at least two layers, sometimes three, out of which only one consists of memory foam.

Therefore, the thickness of the memory foam layer is very important. It is usually influenced by density, but figures vary between 2 and 6 inches. A four or five inch memory foam layer should do.

#4. Warranty

Since memory foam mattresses are a bit more expensive than conventional mattresses, the warranty should also be an important factor of choice.

It is not the same thing having 10 years of warranty on your mattress as having 20 years, so study your options carefully and choose whatever seems more reliable.

#5. Producer

Memory foam mattresses are highly popular, so there are quite a few companies out there selling regular foam under memory foam label.

Besides, 10 or 20 years of warranty are useless if the producer is not going to be around to fix the problems or reward you in case anything goes wrong. It is, therefore, very important to choose a producer with a solid reputation and good perspectives.

#6. Price

It is said to reflect quality, but don’t look just after the price tag to choose your mattress. It does not matter how much you wish to spend or what the vendor says.

Get the information you need, compare prices and make a decision when you are ready. Besides, keep in mind that this is an investment you are making for the rest of your life. Quality and benefits should be your main concern.

#7. Delivery

Most companies deliver their products to your doorstep, but before you go ahead and pay for anything, make sure you know what the terms are, who is going to pay for the delivery, how long will it take for the mattress to be delivered etc.

It would be a shame to pay for the mattress and discover that it will only be delivered after a month, or that the delivery is going to cost you a fortune.

#8. Special offers

They are not mandatory, but it doesn’t hurt to keep your eyes open. You may get a significant discount on your memory foam pillows, or even on a memory foam topper, so that you can use your old mattress for your country home or the lake cabin.

Tips to Remember When Shopping for a Memory Foam Mattress

Tips to Remember When Shopping for a Memory Foam Mattress

1. Memory foam mattresses are by far heavier than regular mattresses, so it is very important to make sure that your bed structure can support such weight. Put it to test and call a carpenter if necessary. It would be a pity to have your mattress and not be able to use it.

2. New mattresses usually have a specific smell that not everyone finds likable. Unpack your mattress and leave it in an inhabited room or on the terrace to air-up for a couple of days and eliminate the smell.

3. Never use your electric blanket on a memory foam mattress. The heat will cause the memory foam to soften and lose its capacity. Your mattress may seem a bit colder the first couple of minutes, but it will soon adjust to your body temperature and you’ll forget you ever felt chilly.

The above being said, choosing the best memory foam mattress should not be that hard. The final decision will be yours, of course, but thinking about your comfort and peace of mind, there is one piece of advice you might find useful: Buy your mattress online.

You may still have your doubts, but think about it this way: while there are just a couple of retailers in your area, the internet abounds with offers one better than the other.

More than that, showrooms and stores involve paying rent and employees’ salaries (added to the price of the products), while the internet is completely free.

But, as mentioned above, the decision is yours, so have fun shopping and enjoy your new Memory Foam Mattress!