Top 10 Best Portable Ice Maker Reviews 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

ice-maker-reviewsPortable Ice Makers are ideal for home bars, recreation rooms, parties, simply when high ice consumption is needed. If your refrigerator has no ice maker, these small models are the way to go. Even for boats, RV’s or camping, these models are ideal.

It really is that universal, especially during hot summer months when ice is such a high commodity.

These machines are compact enough to carry very easily on your counter or a standalone table. They are really unassuming, self-contained and easy to use. Their relatively small size makes them portable and a nice fit for your boat, RV or home bars so that you can move them around until you find a suitable place that is both convenient and out of the way.

How to Choose The Best Portable Ice Maker


As the summer is coming, a lot of people prefer to stay at home and savor frosty drinks. But it is really inconvenient if you want some ice cubes somewhere far from your refrigerator, especially when you have an outside party like a BBQ event or a camping trip. In that case, I recommend you purchase a portable ice maker.

However, choosing a portable ice maker is not easy at all, it is such a challenge since there are so many portable ice maker brands and designs available on the market today. All of you know that a wrong choice will waste your money and time, so before buying anything you should make sure that the portable ice maker you are going to buy is the best one for your needs.

To choose the best Portable ice maker you should carefully read the Portable ice maker reviews on the internet to obtain more information about the ice machine you want to buy. To help you choose the best one, we provide you reliable reviews on some of the best portable ice machines available on the market today.

Choosing The Best Ice Maker

When buying the best portable ice maker you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much money do you have?
  • How much ice do you need?
  • What size ice cubes that you want?
  • How much ice do you want to store?
  • How to maintain this portable ice cube maker?

By answering this question above you can decide what portable ice maker is the best for your needs. Then you can shop this Best Portable Ice Maker at your local store or online store like In my opinion, you should buy your portable ice machine at Amazon seen it’s cheaper and you can get free shipping to your home.

How much money do you have?

Before you start searching for the best portable ice maker to purchase, getting a price range is a great idea. How have to look for the average prices of portable ice makers then you will compare the price between the shop and find the best discount for your ice maker. All the things you have to do is open your computer and searching for the “best portable ice maker price” that will give you an accurate price range.

How much ice do you need?

Another key factor while choosing the best portable ice maker estimates the amount of ice you need. that will determine the size of the portable ice machine you need to purchase. In case you plan on entertaining then you have to buy a portable ice machine that can produce enough ice for a party.

Compact ice makers can produce a maximum of 35 pounds a day, while a small one can make a maximum of 28 pounds a day. In case you need an ice maker that can produce more than this, you must find a commercial ice maker.

What size ice cubes do I want?

Portable ice makers can produce shaped ice cubes, and some recent models can create ice cubes in three sizes – large, medium and small. These sizes depend on your drinks so you have to consider buying the portable ice maker that produces the best ice cube size for your need. Today, some best portable ice makers can let you control the size of ice cubes but it is more expensive.

How much ice do you want to store?

It is such a nice question while you want to buy the best portable ice machine. The almost portable ice maker can keep a quite small amount of ice. And you have to notice that they can keep this amount of ice for a long time so you should use ice at the time it was produced. In case you need to store a larger amount of ice you have to find a bigger portable ice maker with a large storage bin.

How do I maintain it?

Proper maintenance to make sure you can use your portable ice maker for a long time and prevents problems. The best portable ice maker is the one that can be easy to maintenance. It simply wipes down the outside of the unit and cleans the water reservoir regularly after use.

Compare list of Portable Ice Makers

In case you determine the features you want the next step is to compare portable ice makers that have similar features. Now you have to create a list of best portable ice makers you want to buy then use you compute and searching for some reviews or comparison of these portable ice makers

Best Portable Ice Makers

Ice Maker Production Capacity
Storage Capacity
(Editor's Choice)
281.5 Check Price
EdgeStar282.5 Check Price
Magic Chef271.5 Check Price
Luma Comfort
284.6 Check Price
261.5 Check Price
IKICH261.5 Check Price
Frigidaire262.5 Check Price
Vremi261.5 Check Price
FirstBuild Opal
243.0 Check Price
261.5 Check Price

1. NewAir Portable Ice Maker AI-100NewAir Portable Ice Maker AI-100

This powerful NewAir AI-100S portable ice maker is a compact unit that matches well on your countertop.

It is portable, making it an ideal choice for pool parties, BBQs or any other outdoor get-togethers. In terms of productivity, it claims to give you up to 28 pounds of ice per day.

In terms of setting, it doesn’t require any installation – all of what you need to do is to pour water into the tank then press the start button.

The light-up indicators will be on when more water is needed, or when the ice bucket is filled.

Convenience Features

NewAir Portable Ice Maker

This icemaker is so awesome like this is thanks to some of the highlighted features as follow:

  • It has a convenient, compact design, making it ideal for small kitchens & other compact spaces such as RVs, boats & more
  • It allows you to produce up to 28 pounds of ice a day, so never worried about having to rush to the store for a bag of ice again
  • An easy-to-use LED control panel which allows you to make choice one out of three available ice size settings
  • It is a great portable ice maker which requires no installation – simply plug in the unit, pour water & wait about 15 minutes, then fresh and clean ice will be ready for you to enjoy
  • And much more

In conclusion, NewAir AI-100R Icemaker Black is really a magical icemaker. It includes a lot of improved features that promise to serve you in the best way. So if you are looking for a way to make ice simply and effectively, I highly recommend you check it right now.

Details of NewAir Portable Ice Maker

  • Easy to clean
  • ​Durable
  • Three different ice cube size settings
  • Fast processing cycle
  • Ice making capacity per cycle is less
  • No reversible door

2. EdgeStar IP210 Portable Countertop Ice MakerEdgeStar IP210 Portable Countertop Ice Maker

The appearance of the Edgestar IP210 portable ice cube maker won’t make anyone swoon. It’s plain and utilitarian looking. But its reliable function and ease of use will ensure you won’t leave it behind on the next camping trip.

Overall Design and Function

The IP210 stainless steel model (IP210SS) looks much like any other portable ice cube maker. It’s a dull rectangle measuring 14 3/4″ high x 11 3/4″ wide x 14 1/2″ deep. It weighs a low 30 lbs.

That size is actually a nice middle ground, even if the case itself isn’t much to look at. It does function well, though, and that’s what counts most. The interior stores up to two pounds of ice at a time, made from a water reservoir of one gallon. For comparison, a regular bag of store-bought ice generally weighs around 7 lbs.

It’s rated to make up to 28 lbs per day but that figure could benefit from a little qualification. Most portable ice makers – this Edgestar included – make ice fast and insulate it well. But they are definitely not tiny refrigerators. Once the ice is produced it immediately begins to melt. Since this unit, like others, is so well insulated that will take several hours to complete, but don’t expect the ice cubes to last all day unchanged.

Fortunately, like some other models, the IP210 recycles any melted ice into the water reservoir. That water is then refrozen to make more. That feature has multiple benefits. It helps reduce the likelihood of leakage out the drain hole – a problem with some portable ice cube makers to one degree or another and the IP210 is no exception. It reduces the frequency of the need to add new water. Best of all, it helps keep the unit from mixing water with ice, which would lead to big clumps.

Initial Setup and Regular Use

Edgestar IP210SS1 Portable Countertop Ice Maker

It produces those cubes in short order, too. Depending on the size selected, and the initial water temperature and purity (which affects the rate of freezing), you can have your first batch within 10 minutes.

However, you probably won’t want to do that straight out of the box. Like most of these little units, the plastic interior tends to have an unpleasant odor that does make its way into the ice as a result of outgassing. The amount varies quite a lot not just from one manufacturer’s model to another but from one unit to the next. It depends on product quality and how (and how long) the unit has been boxed up. Units that are well wrapped that sit on the shelf for a long time naturally tend to have more odor.

That problem is easy to deal with. Just let your ice maker’s interior air out for a couple of days before use. If the odor persists use a mild vinegar-water solution to make ice and then run a few cycles of pure water through the machine afterward. Discard the cubes made during these runs. Although the manufacturer’s owner’s manual recommends cleaning with a liquid detergent note that soap is often harder to rinse completely than vinegar-laden water.

The ice cube maker is easy to operate. Pour in water, select cube size with a soft tap on the front panel’s button, and press start. Wait 10 minutes or so until you hear the ice cubes drop and, voila! they’re ready for use.

Controls and Panel Indicators

Three sizes-small, medium, and large – let you make ice cubes suited to cool anything from cocktails to large glasses of ice tea or cola. They also influence the rate of production since, not surprisingly, small cubes freeze faster than large ones.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have to cool a large glass of liquid, small ones might do for the first batch. A simple tap lets you change the size anytime you wish and the light on the panel shows you clearly which you’ve selected. The cubes are the now more or less standard ‘bullet’ style – around ‘cube’ with a hole in the middle.

The front panel also houses an “Add Water” warning light along with an “Ice Full” indicator light that illuminates in red. The ice cube maker stops producing new ice when the sensor turns on the Ice Full indicator. The two lights sit just above the ice size select and the power buttons.

Different Versions – IP210SS versus IP210Ti

There is, interestingly, a noticeable difference in style between the two different IP210 models. Most manufacturers offer a stainless steel exterior (as is the ‘default’ IP210 – also called IP210SS), but the Edgestar is the first brand I’ve seen that features a ‘titanium’ version – the IP210Ti.

The IP210Ti costs, currently, about the same as the IP210SS on the official Edgestar website. Apart from the titanium finish, the most noticeable difference is the very different front panel. The function is about the same but rather than the mundane but usable vertical rectangle the IP210Ti offers a stylish slanted oval. Let your personal taste be your guide.

Deatails of Edgestar IP210SS1 Portable Countertop Ice Maker

  • Fast Ice Production
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Use Controls
  • Holds small amounts of produced ice

3. Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker Silver MCIM22TS

Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker Silver MCIM22TS is designed for those who love ice!

With this ice machine, you do not have to hold on to the old ways of making ice which takes forever.

Furthermore, the Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker with its elegant and portable design fits to be placed in home, office, garage, even poolside, or just any place where you desperately need ice.

The sophisticated features allow you to make ice cubes instantly in three sizes.

What You Can Expect from This Ice Maker

Magic Chef Portable Countertop Ice Maker

#1. Elegant finish, instant and plenty of ice cubes

Designed in silver shade and portability in mind, Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker Silver MCIM22TS pretty matches any room design and occasion theme. The finish does not only perform outside benefits. The outer design represents how incredible the inside features are. Its sophisticated features are meant to make instant ices, in safety and easy way. It offers three ice cubes size: small, medium, and large.

All you have to do is just fill the unit with the required water level, press the “power” button, and let Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker Silver MCIM22TS do the rest. In approximately 7 minutes (depends on the chosen ice cubes size), 9 ice cubes are produced. Just like its first name “Magic”, this ice maker really works in a very sophisticated way.

#2. 24 hour operating, large capacity and Easy Cleaning

Magic Chef, as we all know trusted manufacturers when it comes to creating high-quality appliances. Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker Silver is no exception. This ice maker is designed to make instant ice with ease in a short amount of time. Thus, its features really do fulfill the expectation: short time and steady stock. With 1-gallon water and it can make 27 lbs of ice in 24 hours also store about 4 lbs of ice conveniently in its detachable basket.

Digital control is meant to warn you if the bin needs to be emptied. You don’t have to worry about running out of ice cubes as your experience with a stray in your refrigerator. Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker Silver MCIM22TS is also completed with a side drain which makes cleaning at the end of the day mess-free.

When you are making ice cubes with this machine, you can see how much water you need to fill inside this machine through the Water/Ice level indicator. The next step is to just simply turn it on, and let the Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker works by itself and serves the cold, well-shaped three different ice cubes.

Details of Magic Chef Portable Countertop Ice Maker

  • 3 Ice cube sizes
  • Approximately 7 minutes of the operating cycle
  • Basket full indicator
  • No assembly required
  • User-friendly
  • Noisy

4. Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice MakerLuma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker

Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker is another kind of tool you will really glad to have in your kitchen. This portable ice maker will never leave you with empty ice stocks. This ice maker is 26 pounds in weight, and 13.50 in height and available at markets in silver color.

It comes with a sleek model that will look nice together with your other appliances at your house, especially with its size that is quite space-saving to put anywhere. This first-class portable ice maker will consume 120 volts and or 209 watts as power usage. Made of special material of plastic, this machine looks sleek and durable.

Super-Quality Ice

This ice maker will give you the special quality of ice in a super easy and quick way. It will give you the amount of ice you need in just a matter of minutes. This ice maker will provide you up to 28 pounds of clear and fine quality ice every 24 hours using the kind of technology that you might also find in other commercial ice machines.

This ice maker gives you the best ice and makes the ice melt slower than other ordinary ice.

You will find ice produced by this machine will melt 5 times slower, so it’s fantastic to keep everything stay cool and chilled. This machine features a plug-and-play operation with push-button controls and an LED display with no plumbing required. All you have to do is just fill this special ice maker with water and then go turn it on and the next step is just wait for your ice ready in a few minutes.

Details of Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker

  • LED controls and easy display
  • Good output volume
  • Big storage capacity of 28 pounds
  • Slightly heavy to bring out
  • First cycle requires more time than advertised

5. Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice MakerKoldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker

The Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker is our 5th best ice maker – simple enough to operate, small enough to store on your countertop, and inexpensive enough to not put a dent into your bank account.


While I can consider the Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker as a suitable enough ice maker for household use, it’s a long way from a superhero-in-a-box, and I’d have reservations about its ability to serve enough ice for entertaining a large number of people without a back-up plan.

If you plan on using this commercially or having a large party, I would suggest that you make ice beforehand, put it in a Ziploc bag and store it in your freezer.

This will also solve the problem for those people who want ice frozen enough to break teeth and complain about the wet ice this machine produces. While the freezing time is not really that long, I doubt you will have enough time to wait for a fresh batch every time you need to refill an ice bucket for your guests (or, customers, in the case of a commercial user).

Things you might want to consider

The “flavor” may be affected by the type of water you use. Although this works with both tap and bottled water, if you’re particularly fussy about the “flavor” of the ice, you might want to consider using bottled water, or at the least, you can use a water filter if you’re not too keen on using your regular tap water.


Overall, I would say this machine is for those people who do not expect too much from their ice machine other than the fact that it makes ice. I’m not saying it’s perfect or that it’s the best in the market, but it should be suitable enough for your regular everyday use.

If you’re in the market for an inexpensive ice machine and you can accept the fact that this is only an ice maker and not a freezer, then this product is well worthy of consideration.

Deatails of Koldfront KIM202W Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker

  • Fast freezing technology
  • ​Innovative water use design
  • Compact
  • Well-insulated ice bin
  • Extremely quiet
  • Does not have a self-closing door
  • The warranty period is only 90 days

6. IKICH Portable Ice Maker MachineIKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine

Are you searching for an efficient and quick ice maker machine?

If yes, this one will not disappoint you. It can generate ice in just 6 minutes. It can generate up to 9 pieces of ice within that time. One of the advantages of this ice maker machine is that it generates bullet-shaped ice cubes that are unique and aesthetically pleasing.

In a total of 24 hours, it can produce 26 lbs of ice.

The water reservoir capacity is 2 L. The machine is energy efficient, which means that electricity consumption will not be a concern for you. At the same time, the noise is on the lower side and just 45 DB.

The dimensions of the machine are 8.7″ x 12.3″ x 12.6″. It means you can even place it on the countertop. The small size works to its advantage.

With the help of a simple control panel, it is easy to operate. The ice maker consists of indicator lights, which make it easy for you to monitor the working of the machine. The ABS shell makes it durable once again.

There is a drain plug to empty the remaining water and keep the machine in hygienic conditions. The foam insulation means that the efficiency of this ice maker is on the higher side. The copper condenser reduces maintenance, as well. With so many features, it does not come as a surprise that it is on top of our list.

  • Efficient construction
  • Generates bullet-shaped ice cubes
  • Quick ice generation
  • Sturdy construction
  • Simple control panel
  • Portable
  • Suitable for ice formation in bulk
  • Ice cubes are hollow at center due to design

7. Frigidaire EFIC206-SILVER Ice MakerFrigidaire EFIC206-SILVER Ice Maker

The ice-making capacity of this ice maker is 26 lbs per day. It means that it is perfect for personal use. It is available in 4 color options.

A distinguished feature of this ice maker is that it consists of a large see-through window. It means that monitoring the entire process is quite easy. It can generate ice within just 6 minutes.

With the help of heavy-duty compressor cooling, it is very efficient as well. The capacity of the ice basket is 1.2 kg. With the noise output of 38 dB, you cannot go wrong with this one.

You can choose between 2 different ice cube size options. It means that the size of ice cube customization is available as well.

When you want to clean it or maintain it, you need to pull the drain plug. Once you do so, the remaining water will drain away, keeping the machine free from water-borne bacteria. With the help of stainless steel housing, you can be sure that it can stand the test of time. These features make it a worthy contender.

Details of Frigidaire EFIC206-SILVER Ice Maker

  • Fast ice generation
  • Low noise output
  • Two different ice cube options
  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to monitor the entire process
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Packaging needs improvement

8. Vremi Countertop Ice MakerVremi Countertop Ice Maker

The USP of this ice maker is that it can form ice in just 9 minutes. It means that the waiting limit is short. Also, the stainless steel housing is another feature that works in its favor and provides it with high durability.

When you look at the capacity of ice, it can produce 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours. The weight of the ice cube is 8 grams. It means that it is perfect for drinks and smaller water bottles.

The dimensions of the machine are 9.5″ x 12″ x 13.5″. The ice maker comes with 1.5 lbs ice bucket, which is another advantage.

There are a few useful features on offer. It has warning lights for overflowing, an automatic shutdown feature, and positive safety features. It is very quiet, which means that it will not disturb anyone.

The 2.2 L water reservoir capacity allows you to enjoy the ice from the machine without frequent water refilling. The entire water refilling process is quite easy, which is why you should go for it. The control panel at the front is easy to operate. The larger reservoir capacity, along with high ice formation capacity, makes it stand out from others.

  • Can generate the bulk quantity of ice every 24 hours
  • Small dimensions
  • Consist of safety features
  • Easy to operate
  • Large water reservoir capacity
  • Noise output is a bit on the higher side

9. Opal Countertop Nugget Ice MakerOpal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

The dimensions of this ice maker are 15.5″ x 10.7″ x 70.2″. It can generate ice in just 20 minutes. Over 24 hours, it can produce 24 lbs of ice. The ice quality is up to the mark as well. At a time, it can produce up to 3 lbs of ice.

It is Bluetooth equipped, which means that controlling it with the help of an app is quite easy. Due to the dimensions are portable, which implies that it is convenient to carry with you.

A novel feature of this ice maker is that it detects the amount of ice in the bin and does not overfill it. These safety features certainly make it one of the best ice makers which you can find.

  • Ice generation in just 20 minutes
  • Highly portable
  • Bluetooth equipped
  • Overfill detection ability
  • Significant ice generation capacity
  • Limited after-sales support

10. Euhomy Ice Maker Machine CountertopEuhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop

With an ice generation capacity of 26 lbs in 24 hours, it is a great option when looking for the best ice makers. The aesthetic appeal of the ice maker adds to the beauty of your kitchen. The ice maker comes with accessories like a scoop and a basket as well, which is another advantage.

The noise level is lower, which makes it easy for you to use the ice maker.

On the front, you will find a panel that allows you to select the cube size, indicators for adding water, and the indicator when the bin is full. It means that it will alert you about its current condition, which makes it very easy for you to operate it.

It is easy to carry, as well. And it forms bullet-shaped ice cubes.

With the help of a removable basket, cleaning it in maintaining it isn’t a problem. The dimensions are 12.59” x 12.59” x 9.64”. It means that it is compact as well.

The water tank capacity is 2.2 L. The weight of the ice maker itself is 19.4 lbs. In a single instance, it can form 1.54 lbs of ice. With the dimensions like this and accessories like a scoop included, this one is highly versatile.

  • Low noise
  • Simple control panel
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Can generate ice in bulk
  • Packaging could be better

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Portable Ice Maker

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Portable Ice Maker

Want to know which is the best portable ice maker to buy? Allow us to help you with this decision. Go through the following factors that must be kept in mind while buying the best portable ice maker.

#1 Size of the ice maker

The size and weight of an ice maker are generally the variables that should be decided to depend upon the usage. If you need an ice maker for your recreations, where you need to travel a lot then you must look for some ice maker that doesn’t have much weight. It will be easier to move it from one place to another if it’s lightweight.

If your ice maker is destined to sit on some counter table of your kitchen or a shelf in your lounge then you must look for the size or the dimensions of the machine. You wouldn’t want to buy an ice maker that wouldn’t fit in its allocated place.

If weight and dimensions are not the variables then the only factor to look up to is the storage capacity. It goes without saying that one should buy an ice maker with the largest storage capacity in the given range of budget. Draw the relation between your budget and the storage needs and buy the best portable ice maker that best suits your needs.

#2 Production capacity

Ice making capacity of every ice maker is different. If you have a large family or you need an ice maker for your workplace that has so many employees then you must look for an ice maker that can produce large amounts of ice in a shorter time. Normally, the ice makers are designed to have a capacity of producing 20-25 pounds of ice per day. For more production, there are other ice makers that can produce up to 28-30 pounds of ice per day for regular usage.

The speed of this production must also be kept in mind. Normal ice makers start producing ice after 10-20 minutes of water filling. Some ice makers are designed to give nine ice bullets or cubes after 20 minutes while some are designed to produce 12 cubes after only 10 minutes. Keep the production capacity and the production speed in mind by taking into account the number of beneficiaries. Also, one must register that while some ice maker is rapid in its manufacturing, it will need water refilling in the same way i.e. after shorter intervals of time.

#3 Cost

Generally ice makers are not expensive. The general price range of typical ice makers is 100-250 dollars. Higher price range models offer higher capacity models whereas low price models provide handsome production rates but they might lack the storage area and some extra features. If the use of your ice maker is excessive then you might want to go for expensive models because they are more reliable in functionality as compared to the cheaper ones. The cheaper ones might cause a disturbance if used excessively. If your use is normal then you can go for middle range products. If not, go for the expensive ones.

#4 Warranty

The warranty of the best portable ice maker is an important thing to look for. Since cheaper models usually cause disturbance after one or two years, one must buy an ice maker with a warranty period of at least five years. That would help you save the trouble of going to a repairer and paying the repair cost. Staying on the safe side is always recommended.

Considering all these factors, you can decide which is the best portable ice maker to buy. Do your research according to the information given above and select the one most suitable for you.

Why You Need a Portable Ice Maker

best ice maker

A lot of people complain that their freezer ice machines have to take too long time to produce ice, it may cost 80 to 130 minutes to produce. This is such a big problem if you need an instant supply. To solve this trouble the portable ice maker was built, The portable ice maker can create ice in a short time (10-20 minutes) and the quality is excellent

Portable Ice Maker Benefits

Portable Ice Maker is very useful in case you need to produce ice on a trip like boating, camping or an outside party. The best Portable Ice Maker can create enough ice for any occasion.

Another benefit of Portable Ice Makers is the short time of producing ice, they can take only 5-15 minutes to create ice. setup for Portable Ice Makers is very easy, all things you have to do is pour water and plug it, then you only need to wait several minutes to take the ice. The best Portable Ice Makers can let you control the size of ice cubes. So that you can create any kind of ice suitable for you need!

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