8 Best Push Reel Mower Reviews 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Reel MowerA reel mower has an excellent cutting deck. Moreover, it is easy and safe to move around, as well. If you have a small-sized or medium-sized lawn, the reel mower is the perfect option for you. The only question is how to pick the right one?

Today, we will help you solve this problem. Not only will we share with you the top 8 best Reel mowers, which you can go with but also a buying guide to help you know and understand the parameters to consider while buying a Reel mower.

Best Reel Mower 2021

Reel mowers Cutting Height
Cutting Width
Fiskars 17 Inch
1.5-3.517 Check Price
Earthwise 16-Inch
0.5-2.516 Check Price
Remington 16-Inch0.75-2.516 Check Price
American Lawn Mower
0.5-1.7514 Check Price
Great States 14-Inch0.5-1.7514 Check Price
Greenworks 16-Inch1.125-2.2516 Check Price
Scotts 20-Inch1.0-3.020 Check Price
Fiskars 18 Inch
(Editor's Choice)
1-418 Check Price

1. Fiskars 17 Inch Staysharp Push Reel Lawn MowerFiskars 17 Inch Staysharp Push Reel Lawn Mower

The USP of this reel lawn mower is that it is easy to push. Compared to other Reel mowers, it requires 30% less effort to push. It means that it certainly minimizes your effort.

It has an eco-friendly and manual option, which means that you need not worry about gasoline or oil or the charge leftover on the battery. The cutting width is 17 inches, which helps you cover a significant area in a single go.

It allows you to change the cutting height between 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches.

The patent-pending design means that it is efficient than your ordinary reel mower. According to the company, it has 50% more cutting power as compared to other similar options. It is one of the main advantages of this mower.

The design of the blades is such that they retain their sharpness. It means that you need not worry about replacing them or sharpening them again and again. With so many advantages, you cannot go wrong with this mower.

  • Offers higher cutting power
  • Easy to move around
  • Minimizes your effort
  • Eco-friendly option
  • Efficient blade design
  • Height adjustment on offer
  • Packaging needs improvement

2. Earthwise 1715-16EW 16-Inch 7-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

One of the primary reasons why this Reel mower is on this list is because of its cutting width of 16 inches. It consists of 7 Blade ball bearing structure. It means that the cutting power is on the higher side as well.

Are you wondering about its wheel size?

It consists of 10-inch composite wheels. Also, it comes along with the unbreakable blade as well, which is another advantage.

The blades consist of alloy steel, which can retain their sharpness for a long time.

Do you prefer one which allows you to adjust the cutting head?

If yes, this one facilitates that as well. You can adjust the height between 0.5 inches to 2.5 inches.

The eco-friendly design is another advantage. With so many features, it is hard to ignore this reel mower.

  • Adequate cutting width
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Excellent cutting power
  • Height adjustment on offer
  • Heavy-duty blades
  • Handle design could be better

3. Remington RM3000 16-Inch Reel Push MowerRemington RM3000 16-Inch Reel Push Mower

The cutting width of this Reel push mower is 16 inches. It is suitable for small and medium lawns. Also, with the help of a 5-blade adjustable reel, you can customize the cutting operation.

The ergonomic design of the handle, along with the foam grip makes it easy to use.

It is height adjustable between 0.75 inches and 2.5 inches.

With the help of heavy-duty 10-inch wheels, moving it around on any terrain is quite easy. The 5-blade design certainly makes it stand out from others.

  • 5-blade design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Height adjustable
  • Large and heavy-duty wheels
  • Limited instructions

4. American Lawn Mower 1204-14 14-Inch Deluxe MowerAmerican Lawn Mower 1204-14 14-Inch Deluxe Mower

Get a clean and precise cut with the American Lawn Mower 14-inch Deluxe which is especially effective on most types of cool-season grasses (rye, fescue and bluegrass) provided that you don’t leave too long in between each mowing session – although this is a standard issued with reel mowers.

The combination of a 14-inch cutting path 0.5 to 1.5-inch cutting height, 3-spider 1-blade reel, adjustable 3-section roller, and 8.5-inch diameter polymer wheels creates a mower that maneuvers well, pushes easily, and cuts nicely.

A greater comforter in use comes from the zinc-plated handles which come with plastic grips. It’s built to do everything a noisy heavy mower does and it is also light enough to carry one-handed.

Up a hill, on the flat, around the bushes, this deluxe reel mower works fine. Yes, you do need to put in a little effort – reel mowers aren’t self-propelled. But it is certainly NOT a pollution-spewing, gas-guzzling, or a noise creating monstrosity. No checking the oil, no gas cans, no running to the gas station, no exhaust fumes, no pull rope to break, no spark plugs going bad … you get the picture.

  • Reliable alloy-steel construction
  • Simple to learn and to use
  • No confusing features
  • No fuel required and no emissions
  • High quality steel construction
  • Height adjustable roller system
  • Can’t cut tall grass over 4 inches

5. Great States 304-14 14-Inch Economy Push Reel MowerGreat States 304-14 14-Inch Economy Push Reel Mower

Lightweight and easy-to-maneuver, the Great States 304-14 14-Inch Economy Push Reel Lawn Mower give a precise, clean, scissor-like cut to the lawn.

You skip the noise, the cords, the fumes, and the gas – as everything is entirely man-powered. Perfect for someone intimidated by the prospect of maintaining an engine-based mower, as these reel mowers are maintenance free with no engine to clog up, no gas to top up and spark plugs to foul.

Easy height adjustments up to 1-3/4-inch, 10-inch wheels with rubber tires (gives great traction), smooth-spinning blades and cushion-grip handles offer all that’s needed to achieve a well-groomed yard.

Solidly built, a great push mower for the environment, the Great States 304-1414-inch cutting real mower is equipped with a heat-treated 5-blade smooth-spinning blade, easy-roll wheels and T-style handle for ease snipping the grass for a precise, clean cut. And to provide a long lifetime, the reel mower is hard enamel finished which is also perfect to prevent rust.

Manual push mowers are perfect for small lots. They’re well-quiet, able to burn some calories, and the grass clipping stays on the lawn to help with building the topsoil. This is a high-quality and very sturdy machine, which is American-made at an economical price. If searching for a lightweight and compact mower, you can’t really go wrong with this model.

  • Stay-sharp heat treaded blades
  • Comfortable plastic gripped handles
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Variable height adjustable from 1-inch to 1-3/4-inch
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Time consuming
  • Some full-grown grass was not removed on the lawn

6. GreenWorks 25052 16-inch Push Reel Lawn Mower

Well built, easy-to-assemble, and lightweight, the GreenWorks 25052 16-inch Push Reel Lawn Mower is able to do everything required in a man-powered mower yet comes without the problems often associated with an air-polluting and gas-guzzling mower.

The combination of the wide, 16-inch cutting path, 10-inch wheel size, and 3-position height adjuster cuts the grass with ease, just try to avoid letting the grass get too high (this is a problem with all types of push reel mowers).

Provided you are able to keep on top of cutting the lawn and don’t let the grass get too long, this reel mower isn’t really any more difficult to push than a gas-powered self-propelled mowing machine.

Advantages to this reel mower; no getting it set up for the season (except to oil the moving parts), no oil to dispose of, no gas to top up or smell, no cables to change, no spark plugs to change, and no end of season maintenance (again except to oil the moving parts).

Environment-friendly, the GreenWorks mowers are ZERO carbon footprint products, meaning that they will never release a single ounce of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, so perfect for gardening wishing to do away with their harmful gas-guzzling mowers. On top of that, GreenWorks also backs their yard equipment with a full 4-year warranty, which is double the industry standard.

  • Easy assembly
  • Grass-height adjustment
  • Ease of use
  • 4-year parts and labor warranty
  • Grass catcher

7. Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn MowerScotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

The Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower is a highly maneuverable, lightweight, and economical machine to cut even thick tuft with complete ease and offers a pollution-free and quiet alternative to some of the gas-guzzling alternative mowers on the market.

Its ultra-sharp, 5-steel blades and dual track wheels are perfect to help provide an efficient and accurate cutting action.

Powered by walking-power, the Scotts 2000-20 comes with a decent sized cutting path at 20-inch, which reduces the number of passes, and adjusts in height (1 to 3-inches), to give full control in your endeavors to control the grass height, meaning you are able to get mowing done in less time and more efficiently.

Getting complete control over the length of the grass is as simple as a quick-snap of the side-mounted height-adjusters, which switches position using your fingertips, with no need to use tools of any type.

And for precision cutting, the 5-heated treated blades give reliable and accurate cuts with each and every spin of the blades. And for ease in passing up and down the lawn, the mower is equipped with dual wheel-tracking technology to help with eliminating drag even across the most difficult of terrain.

Wide width of cutting power is key to this push mower. A great machine for those wishing to eliminate the ongoing cost of purchasing gasoline, but also perfect to limit your carbon footprint by avoiding the pollution that is emitted from a gas-operated mower.

Easy-to-assemble and control, the Scotts 2000-20 have no complicated machinery components to be concerned with, avoiding the time spent maintaining engines in fully operational condition.

  • Extremely affordable
  • Wide deck
  • Surprisingly maneuverable
  • Sharp, clean-cutting blades
  • Easy to assemble
  • Doesn’t edge very well
  • Struggles with larger twigs
  • Not ideal for large lawns

8. Fiskars 6201 18-Inch StaySharp Max Push Reel MowerFiskars 6201 18-Inch StaySharp Max Push Reel Mower

Fiskars 6201 18 StaySharp™ 5-Blade Reel Mower as the #1 choice in push lawn movers – definitely a quality product, and a joy to use, but only purchase if you like to PUSH.

Built to last, the Fiskars 6201 offers the latest in mower technology, such as the patent-pending InertiaDrive. StaySharp cutting system and variable cut height ranges – that well passes the abilities of other reel mowers.

With this, the StaySharp Max provides an earth-friendly, efficient, and best in its class reel mower.

The combination of these latest technologies within the reel mover market makes the StaySharp 6201 Mower at least 60% easier to push up and down the lawn than most other similar styled machines available, which helps you get a lot more done while using a lot less effort.

Best of all, mow a lawn without a need to top up with gasoline, charge, oil, the hassle of power cords or the constant noise. Gardeners elsewhere operating a large push or riding mower can often expect costs in the region of $150+ per season – maintaining blades, filters, belts, oil, plugs, etc can be an expensive endeavor – this is almost entirely avoided with the more efficient, and eco-friendly running of a push mover.


The height of the Fiskars lawn mower is also easily adjustable. You can simply adjust it from 1 inch to 4 inches with the turn of a knob. With this feature, users can clean cut any type of grass regardless of you haven’t mowed it for a week or so. It also has a closer edging capability that is unlike any other.

Comfort is another great feature to expect from Fiskars 6201 18-Inch 5-Blade Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower. Its handle grip is fully padded and three dimensional. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate the user’s height. This means, whether you’re tall or short, the mower can adapt to your specific needs.

Since safety is one of the most important factors to look for in a reel lawn mower, Fiskars reel mower features an innovative discharge chute that throws grass clippings away from the user. It keeps grass away from the face and clothes.

This way, users can use this reel lawn mower without any risk of grass getting into the eyes. Even allergy sufferers can use it without succumbing to allergies.

A couple of generations ago everyone used reel mowers, but these days most people seem to prefer a rotary gas powered mower.

But, reel mowers, much like wet shaving, are making a resurgence. Some people are realizing that the quickest way of doing things is not always the best for us, and the things around us.

  • No Noise
  • No fumes
  • Can cut higher than most gas mowers
  •  Adjustable handle to suit your height
  • Very difficult to cut overgrown grass
  • Difficult to cut wet grass

What Is a Reel Mower?

A reel mower, or push lawn mower is what was used to cut grass before gas powered mowers became popular. The mower consists of a cylinder made up of blades in a corkscrew type arrangement that spins whenever the mower’s wheels rotate. This means that when the mower is pushed across the grass the cylinder will rotate trapping the grass between the rotating blade and a fixed blade on the mower, cutting it like a pair of scissors rather than tearing the top of the grass using a high speed blade like you would with a gas lawn mower.

Comparison of grass cut with a reel mower and grass cut with a gas rotary mower.

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How to Choose Reel Mower?

Confused as to which reel mower should you choose?

Worry not! We will today share a few factors to keep in mind while comparing different Reel mowers.

#1 Cutting width

Whether you’re choosing a reel mower or any other lawnmower, it is essential to look at the cutting width. Generally speaking, the larger the cutting width, the better it is.

However, the larger the cutting width, the bulkier the mower would be. When it comes to Reel mowers, it is a good idea to go with ones having a cutting width of more than 15 inches. It means that the mower can handle a significant area in a single go.

#2 Blade design

Since you are specifically speaking about reel mowers, it is essential to look at the number of blades on offer. If it has five blades or more, it is undoubtedly a good option.

The more the number of blades, the more precisely the grass will get cut. Also, the efficient blade design helps you to cut the grass quickly and save you a lot of time. So, you do not have to move the lawnmower again and again over the same area. Due to this very reason, you cannot ignore the blade design.

#3 Handle design

Many consumers simply ignore the handle design. However, your point of contact with a reel mower will be the handle. It means that you simply cannot overlook the handle design. The handle design needs to be ergonomic. It needs to be comfortable to hold, as well. Only when both of these conditions are met, you can be sure that the Reel mower will be suitable for you.

#4 Height adjustment

Not everybody likes to mow the lawn in the same way. You might prefer tall grass as compared to a short one. Also, when you go for landscaping, you might need different grass heights at different parts of your lawn.

For the mower to facilitate these customizations, it should offer height adjustment. When that is the case, you can decide about the size of the grass in your lawn. It will allow you to customize the entire operation. You have to not only look at the height adjustment feature but the range within which it will enable you to adjust the height as well.

Once you ensure that it allows height adjustment within the range which you prefer, then only you can go with that one.

These four parameters will eliminate a lot of confusion for you. When you compare the different reel mowers based on these four parameters, shortlisting the right one will be easy for you. We will share the top 8 options available so that it becomes simple for you to buy the best reel mower right away.

 What are the Advantages of a Reel Mower?

  • It is better for the grass – As the grass is actually cut rather than torn the grass becomes healthier as there is a less damaged area to be attacked by insects and disease.
  • It is better for the environment – Although the engine on a gas powered mower may be small, it actually put out more pollution than the average family car.
  • Better for your health – Not only are you not having to breathe in the fumes from the gas mower, or have your hearing assaulted by the sound of that engine, you also get better exercise from pushing the mower around your yard.
  • It is better for your neighbors – They will not have to listen to the sound of the engine, and they will get to enjoy a much healthier lawn.
  • It is better for your pocket – A good reel mower costs about the same as an average gas powered mower, but will last longer, need fewer parts, and will not use any gas.


When you’re searching for the best reel mowers, these are the three options that you can consider. If you’re not able to make your decision between these 8 options, our buying guide above can certainly help you out. It is time to go with these Eco-friendly options rather than many other lawnmowers. These are not only easy to use but also provide you with complete control over the mowing process, which allows you to get a manicured lawn as per your preference.

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