Best Rifle Scopes Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Rifle ScopesAre you a professional hunter or you love to playing hunting or shooting games with family or friends? Whatever the mode of your play is, you need to get a perfect rifle scope to target the prey or other objects.

The rifle scope reviews will reveal the importance of the scopes in hunting and shooting. All you need to do is to buy the finest rifle scope that gives you maximum features but in a budget friendly way. The prominent things that you must notice in a rifle scope are its durability, prices, magnification power and nature of the reticles.

Here are few models of rifle scopes along with their features are discussed to enable the readers to take the right decision.

Rifle Scope Comparison Guide

Item Length
Objective Lens
Bushnell TRS-25
(Best Seller)
2.4250.25 Check Price
Nikon ProStaff 3
(Editor's Choice)
12.5500.8 Check Price
Vortex Optics13.6400.9 Check Price
12.39400.76 Check Price
TASCO17.5400.8 Check Price
Strikefire II
5.6400.45 Check Price
LUCID Optics8.9401.0 Check Price
Bushnell Optics
13.5241.05 Check Price

1. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot SightBushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

The Bushnell was made with amber-bright optics that help you quickly tell the difference between a brown tree and a brown game animal.

The TRS is a perfect scope to use on a turkey shotgun or any other gun used for hunting.

This scope comes with multi-coated optics for increased brightness in low-light conditions. A red dot system is designed for acquisition speed and getting shots on target quickly.

With this scope, you can acquire your target is very rapidly.


  • 3 MOA Red Dot
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Amber-Bright™ high contrast lens coating
  • 100% waterproof/fog-proof/shockproof construction
  • CR2032 battery


One of the great features on this riflescope is the tactical style knobs that are used for elevation and windage adjustments. The user can change 1/4 MOA by simply twisting the knob and waiting for the positive click. It also has a “return to zero” capability. r you are looking for a scope to use in target shooting or for hunting game animals, this riflescope will provide sharp and crisp images.

This UTG scope has a remarkable parallax setting that allows you to zero-in on your target as close as 3 yds away. No matter what distance you shoot, this scope’s got it covered.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Clear reticle at the right settings
  • Good optics
  • Dead accurate
  • Handles recoil very well
  • Easy/Holds Zero
  • Stiff Brightness Dial

2. Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 50 Black Matte RiflescopeNikon ProStaff 3-9 x 50 Black Matte Riflescope

If you really want to get a perfect rifle scope to target quickly then the Nikon riflescope is highly recommended. This rifle scope gives the best features including a multicoated optical system, higher magnification power, budget friendly and BDC reticle. All these make the rifle a worth buying product. It has the following main features:

Multi-coated lens

The fully multi-coated optical system of the rifle scope transmits 98 % of the light. So you can use it conveniently in darker conditions to get better results.


The O ring seal and do not allow the debris and other elements to get inside the rifle scope. The outer covering is also waterproof and it makes the nature of the rifle sturdy.

High magnification power

This best rifle scope has a powerful magnification with a 50mm objective lens. The 9x magnification of the riflescope allows you to clear the images of dense and dark places. Now you can perform better in any shooting or hunting games by using Nikon rifle scope.

  • Compact and Great build quality
  • Multicoated lens; 98% light transmission
  • BCD Reticle included
  • Zero-Reset Turret
  • A bit expensive
  • No warranty

3. Vortex Optics Diamondback RiflescopeVortex Optics Diamondback Riflescope

The Vortex rifle scope is ideal for any hunting or shooting tasks because of its aluminum alloy construction which makes the Vortex durable rifle scope.

The multi-coated optics of the scope makes its visibility power clear and also gives the eye relief. The waterproof nature of the rifle scope makes is performances better.

It has the following distinctive features:

Perfect multi coating

The multi coating surface of the rifle scope reflects the maximum light to give clear results. In this way, it is also effective in dark conditions or whenever the intensity of the light is low.

High grade construction

The quality of the rifle scope is sturdy. It is made up of high-grade aluminum which gives the strength to the entire structure of the rifle scope.

Water proof

The rifle scope has reliable performance because of its best features. One of the finest features of the riflescope is its waterproof nature. The O ring seals avoid the entrance of any foreign elements like debris or water and make the performance of the rifle scope better. The Argon gas exclusion of the rifle scope also prevents the creation of fog inside and makes it fog proof.

  • Good Price
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Precision glide erector system
  • Random quality control issues

4. Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm RiflescopeLeupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40mm Riflescope

There is almost no type of hunting in North America for which the Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9×40 waterproof rifle scope wouldn’t do well, and it is a perfect mate for nearly any deer-hunting rifle.

Leupold has a well-earned reputation as one of the best and to many the best rifle scope manufacturer, but most of its long range rifle scopes are very expensive and can cost thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, the VX-Freedom 3-9×40 waterproof rifle scope is relatively affordable with many retailers selling it for between $200 and $300. When mated to a good deer rifle of .223 caliber or greater, true tack-driving performance and one-shot, one-kill hunting can be done humanely and efficiently.

Outstanding Performance from an Affordable Scope

Each of the Leupold’s long range rifle scopes undergo rigorous testing and must perform to the same exacting standards to which the company holds its best rifle scope. Those who buy the VX-Freedom 3-9×40 waterproof rifle scope instantly will recognize the high quality for which Leupold is known.

The 40 mm objective lens is specially coated to capture the maximum amount of light, which is enhanced for the sharpest view after passing through the scope’s multi-coated lens system. The adjustable eyepiece also is lockable and offers a magnification of three to nine times to make even far-away targets seem close and well-lit.

The field of vision ranges from about 33 feet at triple magnification to about 13 feet at nine-time magnification. Eye relief is between 3.5 inches and 4.25 inches from the one-inch diameter tube that is 5.6 inches long and weighs about 12 ounces.

  • Has a matte black finish
  • Provides extra shooting light
  • Lenses are super durable
  • Eye relief is great
  • The scope is water and fog proof
  • Doesn’t come with a lens cap

5. TASCO World Class 3-9×40 RiflescopeTASCO World Class 3-9x40 Riflescope

If you are not already familiar with Tasco it is time you become familiar because they put out some of the best rifle scopes on the market and the Tasco World Class 3-9×40 Rifle Scope w/30/30 Reticle is one of the best.

You need to understand that if you want to get the best out of your hunting experiences you need to own the best equipment and you need to understand that your scope is an investment not a purchase.

This scope has been described as the “trophy-dropping” difference that every hunter needs.  This is not in reference to some starlet dropping her American Music Award.  NO, this is in reference to the big game you will be dropping when you decide to invest in the right scope for your rifle.

If you want the edge you deserve and need, then the decision should be a very easy one to make.

So, are you going to be the one telling the stories about the big game animal that got away this year because it either didn’t get close enough or you missed?  Maybe your story will include a scope that fogged up in bad weather when you have that perfect buck in front of you just begging you to turn it into a freezer full of venison and a wall mount.

  • Excellent field of view
  • Good optics
  • Distance estimator configured in the reticle
  • Short eye relief
  • Not fog proof

6. Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot SightVortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight

Vortex Optics is an American-owned, Wisconsin-based company that designs, engineers and distributes a complete line of premium binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes, tripods and related accessories.

With more than 20 years of experience in the optics industry, Vortex Optics is rapidly becoming a leader in the optics market while ranking as one of the top 10 rifle scope brands.

The Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot scope is designed to let you shoot quickly even with both eyes open. This riflescope is an ideal sighting solution for situations that demand split-second target acquisition, maximum field of view, and both-eyes-open shooting.

The Vortex StrikeFire riflescope offers an unlimited field of view and eye relief to supporting hitting your target as quickly as possible. In situations when rapid-fire shooting is needed, the Vortex StrikeFire provides excellent performance.

Vortex has designed this riflescope to be compatible with most AR-15 rifles. You can choose the lower S co-witness cantilever mount for AR-15 platform rifles or the 21 mm ring mount for firearms that require lower optic mounting. In addition, this gun scope is compatible with most night vision optics.

  • Very easily adjusted
  • Easy to use all-round
  • Zeroes easily and holds well
  • Dot is variable in color
  • Non-magnified
  • Not really waterproof

7. LUCID Optics HD7 Red Dot SightLUCID Optics HD7 Red Dot Sight

The Lucid Company is famous because of its optics and the rifle scope of the Lucid is also getting the attention of most of the users because of its user-friendly features.

The main benefit of this rifle scope is that it has new capped adjustment turrets and it comes with a lifetime warranty. This rifle scope has following main features that make it different from the other products:

Highly durable

The rifle scope has a cast aluminum manufacturing that makes it highly durable. The main body is fully strengthened with rubber. It is water, fog and shockproof.


It has four different types of reticles with capped MOA adjustments. The external turrets have positive adjustment settingswith audible click.

Two modes of operation

The manual and automatic brightness modes of the rifle scope allow you to adjust it manually. While on the other hand the automatic mode will adjust the light sensors in such a way that will keep the reticle at a level to maintain a perfect brightness whatever the lightening condition is there at the spot. In this way, it will make your tasks easy.

  • Perfectly co-witnessed at the lower third
  • Completely element-proof
  • Gives a solid fit on the rail
  • Very functional auto-brightness feature
  • Bizarre color-combination
  • The sight’s red dot has a slight fuzziness

8. Bushnell Optics Drop Zone Reticle RiflescopeBushnell Optics Drop Zone Reticle Riflescope

The Bushnell rifle scope is perfectly made for those people who love to keep the rifles because of their hobby or interest in hunting or sports. This best rifle scope is featured with many advanced technologies. That is quite easy to use and it has the following main features:

Most durable of all

The best thing about the rifle scope is that it is made up of durable material. It has matte finishing and also it is made up of aluminum alloy. The riflescope is rust-proof so you can use it for a long time. The surface of the rifle scope is also made scratch-proof to maintain the outer looks.

Illuminating reticle feature

The illuminating reticle feature of the rifle scope protects your eye and makes you able to precisely hit your target. It gives you a distance vision up to 500 yards.

Comparatively low price

The rifle scope is comparatively cheap than others. After buying this Bushnell rifle scope you will feel that you have invested the money at right place because of its quality and awesome features.

  • Accuracy
  • Reticle
  • Windage, Elevation
  • Turrets
  • Physical versatility
  • Eye-relief and Lenses
  • Limited only to 1-4x magnification
  • No included mount is a headache

How to Find the Best Scope That Fits Your Needs

how to choose best-rimfire-scope

In the interactive comparison guide that provides reviews of riflescopes above, you will find some of the most popular and highly rated scopes on the market today. However, before diving into the deep end of this comparison guide, let us explain what is included in the guide.

So, in the chart above you will find the Ultimate Riflescope Comparison Guide that will provide a summary of reviews in one convenient spot. This guide will help you pick the best rated scope for your needs.

We all have our own preferences as to what we think will make a good scope for shooting at a target. But to do your best at hitting your target each and every time, you want to buy the absolute best gun scope possible.  With this in mind, we are here to help navigate you through the buying process.

Understanding Rifle Scope Specs

The conventional wisdom used to be that you should buy a riflescope that was about half the cost of your rifle. Using this thought process, you should end up with a good quality scope. Well that recommendation is really not valid today because really you should buy the best scope that you can afford.

If you are interested in buying a riflescope, some of the terminology can be a bit confusing. The following article will cover many of the basic terms that you will come across when dealing with riflescopes.

1. The Numbers

A riflescope’s numbers are arranged in a pattern that is predictable. They are similar to numbers that you will find on other optics such as telescopes and binoculars. The first number will be the power of the magnification, the second number will be the size of the objective lens, listed in millimeters. The letter ‘x’ will divide both numbers.

a. Magnification

A riflescope’s magnification will let you know how powerful it is. More power is indicated by a larger number. A magnification of 2x means that the object being looked at will be doubled in size, 4x means it will be quadrupled, etc. There are many scopes that are able to be adjusted to different powers based on the need of the person using it. This type of variable power scope is indicated by two numbers before the x, indicating the lowest and highest possible powers. For example, a scope could be 3-9×40. This means it is able to be adjusted from 3x to 9x.

b. Objective Lens Diameter

This number indicates the size of the objective lens. Larger objective lenses provide more light for a person to see their target.

2. Light Transmission

Light transmission is the amount of usable light that passes through a riflescope or other type of optic device. It is a number that is represented by a percentage. This percentage is based on the total amount of original light that entered the scope. High end scopes have a light transmission of 94 percent or better. This means that 94 percent of the original light is preserved and able to be used. Three other factors can determine light transmission: Effective use of the lenses in the scope, the use of anti-reflective lens coating and the glass used in the lenses.

3. Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the lens at the rear of the scope. The eye relief distance will provide a complete field of view with no dark ring around the edges. The desired amount of eye relief for most hunters is 3.5″ or more.

4. Parallax

This is the point inside the reticle’s position that the target appears at various ranges. It is most easily noticed when a person removes their eye from the dead center of the scope. Being “parallax free” means that the crosshair stays on the same position on the target, even if you move your eye off center in any direction. However, if the movement of your eye causes the target to move within the crosshair, “parallax error” is being experienced. This usually happens in variable magnification scopes that contain a large range in their magnification. As a way of preventing parallax error, some scopes have an adjustable objective. This enables a person to adjust the parallax to a specific range and magnification.

5. Objective Lens

The lens that is on the front of the riflescope is the objective lens. The amount of light that enters the riflescope is affected by the size of this lens. The bigger the objective lens, the more light will enter the scope. During cloudy weather, dusk and dawn, this is especially important. A larger amount of light gives the user better visibility, allowing targets to be seen during dark conditions.

6. Tube Diameter

In optics, the diameter of a lens is often a way to measure the magnifying power of the lens, equal to the amount of times the linear dimensions of an object are increased. While the tube diameter plays a role in magnification, it does not affect the light transmission of a lens.

7. Lenses

A lens is a piece of curved glass found in an optics device, designed to increase the magnification of an object to make it appear closer than it actually is. The number of lenses used in a riflescope depends on the type and manufacturer of the scope you are using.

a. Fogproof and waterproof

Many of the better riflescopes available on the market today will be fogproof and waterproof. A fogproof riflescope means that the air inside of the scope has been purged and replaced with argon or nitrogen. Then the scope is sealed to prevent any condensation or fogging on the lens from occurring. Waterproof, as the name suggests, means that the lens has been sealed to prevent water from getting in.

b. Coated lenses

Glare and loss of light are reduced by the addition of microscopic coatings on the surface of a lens. These coated lenses help to minimize the amount of light that gets reflected and does not get transmitted through the lens. This provides an image that is higher in contrast, clearer and brighter. The more coatings that are put on a lens, the wider variety of wavelength light rays will be transmitted.

8. Field of View

Field of view (FOV) refers to the amount of area that is able to be seen through a riflescope from right to left at a distance of 100 yards. FOV decreases as magnification gets increased. For example, a 3x variable riflescope could contain a FOV of slightly over 30 feet at 100 yards. However, at 9x, it would now have an FOV of roughly 14 feet. These figures would not be changed by using a larger objective lens.

9. Turret Adjustments

The turret is one of the two knobs that are found on the outside center of the riflescope tube. These knobs have increments marked on them, usually in 1/4 MOA. In other words, a standard one click change will impact ¼” at 100 yards.

The turret adjustments are used to compensate for windage and elevation, two factors that can affect the distance and direction that a bullet travels. Elevation refers to vertical adjustment, windage refers to horizontal.

10. Minute of Angle

Minute of Angle (MOA) is the unit of measurement used for a circle. It is 1.0472 inches at 100 yards. However, it is generally referred to as one inch at 100 yards, two inches at 200 yards, etc. The elevation and windage turrets on riflescopes generally correlate with MOA. Most scopes are made to adjust MOA at 1/4 MOA for each click.

11. Reticle

The reticle can be simply crosshairs, mil dots or crosshairs with a set of smaller lines to compensate for bullet drop.

12. Bullet Drop Compensators

A system that is able to adjust a riflescope to compensate for the drop of a bullet caused by gravity at different ranges so the person does not need to hold-under or hold-over while he or she is aiming.