9 Best Running Shoes For Men 2022 – Most Comfortable For Long Distance

running shoes for menShoes need to be always perfect and they are the only part of your outfit you cannot compromise with!

If your dress is not perfect you can make it perfect by adding some accessories or changing the fittings but “Shoes” need to absolutely perfect or you cannot even stand properly!

And if it is running shoes, you have to be very choosy and careful. You cannot just pick one from the store whichever you like or looks good to you!

In the case of running shoes, you need to pay attention to more the technical factors than the look or style. That does not mean you will have to buy a very non-fashionable shoe.

But the priority on the look will be lesser than the comfort factor. Because running shoes will be used roughly and every day which means you will be wearing it for a long time. That’s why one should check on few facts to buy the best running shoes like upper, ankle collar, heel counter and so on.

Due to the increased numbers of running shoes for men on the market, you may find it challenging to find the perfect pick. To make the selection simpler, we have sampled out the top-rated, best-selling, and affordable running shoes that all men will like.

We consider a number of factors like; comfort, durability, size, and cost among others when making the selection. Here are the best running shoes for men in reviews you never want to miss.

Our Top 9 Best Running Shoes

Running Shoes ColorsWeighPrice
ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6
(Best Seller)
130.7 lb Check Price
New Balance Men's Mx608v4
(Editor's Choice)
210.85 lb Check Price
NIKE Men's Tanjun Sneakers
(Best For Beginners)
740.75 lb Check Price
Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 2150.56 lb Check Price
PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM
40.68 lb Check Price
Adidas Men's Rockadia Trail m 70.75 lb Check Price
Salomon Men's Speedcross 4
50.68 lb Check Price
Merrell Men's Glove 4 Trail Runner150.5 lb Check Price
UnderArmour Micro G Assert 790.75 lb Check Price

In a hurry? Just check the quick editor’s choices:

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe  – Best for Overweight RunnersASICS Men's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

This is the best-selling running shoes for men that provide the best comfort and stability. The shoe features a removal sock liner, which you can easily remove in order to accommodate the medial orthotic.

Besides this, it also features the rearfoot GEL cushioning system. This aids in a smooth transition as it attenuates shock during the impact. Other than this, the elegant running shoe has a quality rubber sole, which keeps it steady even on slippery grounds.

If you are a trail runner, then a pair of the shoes can be a good choice. The upper has enough breathability to keep the foot cool and dry which ensures a comfortable running experience. The ankle collar is well padded which will omit any sort of irritation of your ankle.

Besides, the traction and grip a trail runner should have in his running shoes, the outsole of ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe provides enhanced grip on any surface, Because of the usage of Asics High Abrasion Ruber in the outsole, the maximum durability, and flexibility is ensured.
  • Provides the best comfort
  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Features in different colors
  • Attenuates shock
  • The shoe laces may not stay tight as expected
  • Weight Heavier

2. New Balance Men’s Running Shoe, Mx608v4New Balance Men's Running Shoe, Mx608v4

The durability of the running shoe is a vital factor to consider when making a purchase. This qualify running shoe has been designed using the best quality of leather. It also has a rubber sole that keeps you comfortable when running on all terrains.

Apart from this, the shoe has the lace-up closure you can easily adjust to keep the shoes comfortable. The imported shoes feature the dual-density collar and padded mesh tongue for additional comfort. This is one of the best-selling shoes to try out.

When you workout, this running shoe will provide you the perfect balance of support and comfort.

With upper synthetic leather, the upper is sewn finely and designed with the breathable space for foot and with the capable capacity to cope up with the roughly use. The durable rubber of the outsole lets you train or run on any type of surface giving full grip which makes them one of the best running shoes for men.

  • Made to last
  • Always comfortable
  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • An affordable shoe
  • Good grip and balance
  • Some may have cheaper materials
  • Lacked cushioning

3. NIKE men’s Tanjun Running Shoes – Best for BeginnersNIKE men's Tanjun Running Shoes

Are you a beginner looking for the perfect running shoes? This is the best shoes for beginners that you will find appropriate for years of service.

The quality shoe has been designed to provide the ultimate comfort to all users. It also comes in different sizes for easy selection. In addition to this, the shoe has mesh-upper for improved ventilation. The solid rubber outsole makes it durable and safe due to improved traction.

The Japanese word Tanjun means “Simplicity” and doing justice with the name, the shoes are simple and sleek in design. The diamond grid mesh upper helps the show to minimize the weight and makes the shoes breathable and flexible as well. This will be a very stylish choice as running shoes for men.

  • Enhanced traction
  • Better ventilation
  • Offers the best comfort
  • Ideas for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Toae box narrow
  • Less durability

4. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 21 Running ShoeMizuno Men's Wave Rider 21 Running Shoe

For the best ventilation system to keep the feet dry, this is the ideal pick that you need to give a try. This elegant running shoe has an upper mesh that increases the airflow to keep the feet dry. Secondly, the running shoes for men also feature the fit in motion upper.

This brings about flexible support needed when running. Other than this, it has a rubber sole and features in different colors.

The shoe also has a soft anatomical sock liner that offers additional support and cushioning. This is also the most affordable running shoe for all men.

The shoes are one of the top-rated running shoes for men. The dual mesh of the Upper makes it extremely comfortable and breathable. The outsole offers good grip and durability and the Ankle Coller has comfortable padding. The shoes are even good for hot weather as it offers enough breathable space to foot.

  • Offers the best support
  • Comfortable and durable shoes
  • Provides lightweight ride
  • Pocket-friendly shoes
  • The laces may be too short

5. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running ShoePUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

Irrespective of the level of running, this is the best running shoes for both experts and beginners. This is because the shoe offers a comfortable fit to all users; hence a perfect pick for all.

It features the breathable EcaOrthoLite and a sock liner for optimum comfort and fit. Second, to this, the shoe also has a cushioned midsole for added comfort. It has been designed using the best quality of synthetic leather for long-term service. The shoe also provides the best grip on all terrain since it has a quality rubber sole.

The sleek look of Synthetic Leathered Upper of Puma Tazon 6 makes it an amazing pair of running shoes for men! Besides the breathability and flexibility,  the rubber compound of the outsole also allows one to have a good grip and durability while running!

  • Safe and long-lasting
  • Provides increased stability
  • It is comfortable and elegant
  • Perfect for beginners and experts
  • Less breathability

6. Adidas Men’s Rockadia Running ShoeAdidas Men's Rockadia Running Shoe

This is another high quality and comfortable running shoe for men. The running shoe has been designed to offer a comfortable fit and last for years.

The combination of textile and synthetic material provides it with strategic support and long-term service. It also keeps the feet dry due to mesh upper for increased ventilation. Besides this, the shoe features a grippy rubber sole with special traction.

This is a standout line up of Adidas which is very affordable. The synthetic and Textile Upper, Stylish design, well-cushioned ankle collar and a strong outsole make the shoe incredible and help you to reach your fitness goal.

This keeps it ideal for use on different terrains. It is one of the best running shoes for men.

  • Offers maximum ventilation
  • Ideal for use on all terrains
  • Budget-friendly shoes
  • Offers strategic comfort
  • A bit Narrow

7. Salomon Men’s SpeedCross 4 Wide Trail RunnerSalomon Men's SpeedCross 4 Wide Trail Runner

When you need the most comfortable and long-lasting running shoes for men, then here is a perfect pick. The quality running shoe features the precise foothold, which provides the ultimate comfort.

Apart from this, it also lasts just as expected since it has been designed with textile and synthetic material. It also offers the best traction on the soft ground due to the aggressive grips. This is the best running shoe that will serve for the longest time possible.

This pair of shoes is one of the coolest running shoes for men that delivers more real fun than ever! The upper with mesh makes the shoes breathable and effective is to keep debris out. The shoes also consist of nylon material which makes the shoes feel softer and the Ortho-rite insole has the anti-odore feature to prevent the bad smell even after a long run.

  • Built to last
  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Features in various colors
  • An affordable shoe
  • The interior may not last longer

8. Merrell Men’s Glove 4 Trail RunnerMerrell Men's Glove 4 Trail Runner

Every athlete always likes a certain design and color when it comes to running shoe selection. This is a quality running shoe that has a unique design and features in all colors; hence all athletes will get their favorite colors.

The shoe is also durable due to its synthetic and textile construction. It has a breathable mesh lining for enhanced ventilation. In addition to this, it also has a trail protect pad to keep the underfoot safe.

This is one of the best running shoes for men that has an outstanding Outsole made up of Vibram Outsole TC1 offering supper grip. The outsole also protects runners from rocks that may appear along with a trail.
  • Multi-colors
  • Improved ventilation
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Less ankle support

9. UnderArmour Men’s Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker ShoesUnderArmour Men's Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker Shoes

In order to run safely on all terrains, you have to check out the type of sole. This is a perfect running shoe for men with a synthetic sole; hence perfect for all terrains due to improved traction. It has been built using a combination of synthetic and textile to offer long-term service.

These incredible running shoes for men are crafted to provide premium comfort while you are running with its mesh upper and rubber outsole offering lightweight, traction even under wet conditions.

Another amazing part of this shoe is the lacing system connected to the leather overlay that allows you to customize the tightness and fitness every time you put your feet in it. The breathability keeps your feet dry and saves you from having a blister.

In addition to this, it also features the EVA Sockline that offers a soft and step-in comfort. The lightweight mesh upper ensures that the feet are dry and comfortable. It is also the most affordable running shoe for men.

  • Durable construction
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Completely breathable
  • Multi-colors
  • The shoe may be too stiff to wear

Buying Guide: How to Choose

Best Running shoes

When it comes to athletics and all kinds of sports as well as extracurricular activities, physical status and endurance will always be a factor and that is what is usually found out when it comes to athletes and sportsmen all around the world.

However, what a lot of people do not realize is that having the right kind of equipment and accessories plays a large part in how an athlete performs.

Many of you have watched football matches and basketball games and even the World Olympics on television and those athletes and sportsmen have always performed extravagantly, especially during the World Olympics.

Now if there is one event that has always been interesting for most, it would have to be running. Indeed an athlete is well trained and ready to compete, but you always have to keep in mind that it is always about the shoes.

Shoes will be a true factor and the best type can also contribute to how a person trains, especially when it comes to men. Something that will always be on one’s mind will be knowing exactly what the best running shoes for men are.

Here is a guide that will help in purchasing the best running shoes for men and how to choose the best of them.

Though it may be hard to believe, there is indeed an extensive process when it comes to purchasing running shoes. Without question, when you walk into a shoe store and see a pair of running shoes as well as try them on, they will feel comfortable and in your mind, you will be certain that they are the pair of running shoes that you are looking for.

On the contrary, it all depends on the moment you finally are out during your morning run or on a treadmill at the gym when you can feel the true quality of your shoes. Another factor that should be considered is your overall running style as well as the shape of your foot that can determine the perfect running shoes.

There are three factors that can help in choosing the best running shoes easy:

#1. Properly understand the type of running you do as well as your running style.

#2. Knowing the kind of shoes you are looking for as well as its general features can help.

#3. Finally, trying on the shoes to make sure that they fit comfortably.

Those are factors to pay attention to when it comes to figuring out what would be the right running shoes for you, but those three factors are not the only things to notice when it comes to buying running shoes at any local running store.

Also, it is necessary that you have the proper details of the shoes that you are willing to purchase and how they will be beneficial to you. There are also some approaches that can help when it comes to making the right purchase and making sure that you leave the store with a satisfactory selection.

best running shoes for men

Here are five main strategies that can help when it comes to determining which shoes to choose as well as if they are indeed worth the purchase:


This is aimed at everything that is above the sole of the shoe. Finding a shoe with an upper section that compliments the shape of your foot and does not have a rough surface that prevents any type of resistance as your run is something to pay attention to.


This is the area of the shoe that is located at the top of the opening of the shoe. And its main function is making sure that the heel is stable during running. What needs to be given the most attention to while trying on a running shoe is whether or not your heel slides as well as knowing if the padding on the sides provides enough cushioning so as to not irritate or squeeze your ankles thus allowing for easier movement.


The outsole refers to the rubbery area of the shoe that is designed to help increase flexibility as well as helps in maintaining the length of time the shoe can be used. With this, you need to keep an eye on the type of material that the outsole is made of so as to get a handle on the shoe’s quality in terms of its durability as well as its traction on the road.

Also observing a footprint shape can help you know if the shoe can allow for a proper shape that is identical to yours which is beneficial in every way because it can give you the right kind of stability as you run.


These are found in many running shoes and it allows the shoe to bend and flex in the same matter of any runner. This is essentially perfect because it is all dependent on the location of where you are running as well as running speed and stride. So purchasing a shoe that is capable of flexing and turning according to how your foot does as you run is very helpful in terms of running speed whether it is a simple jog during the morning or full sprint while training.


This is the area of the shoe that allows for maximum comfort and cushioning because through various research it has been proven that the body in itself offers the most cushioning support for the joints, especially when running.

It has also been proven that as you run, you have a tendency to land harder in a shoe with a more cushioning sole. So while considering making a purchase, pay attention to how the shoe meets the ground as well as how the shoe gives you a feel of not only comfort but also stability.

Running Shoe FAQs

Can running shoes be too heavy?
Weight matters… Although this may not be felt immediately, lifting heavy shoes during a long run can make a runner’s legs feel dead. A softer midsole, which tends to be lighter, can also improve shock absorption.
How do you determine your running shoe size?
Running shoes are usually half the size of your standard size. So, after determining the length and width of your shoes and your actual size, try running shoes that are half your standard size.
Should running shoes be tight or loose?
A suitable running shoe should feel comfortable in the heel and midfoot, with room to swing around the toes. While standing, press your thumb around the soles of your feet and toes to check the length and width. A good fit should allow half to a full thumb width of space.


Taking these strategies into consideration as well as the factors that make purchasing shoes easier will be very beneficial when it comes to buying the best running shoes for men and overall it will help in the long run because it will make for better purchasing tactics when you go to the next shoe store.

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