10 Best Skateboard Trucks Reviews 2021

One silly question for you!

“Do you know which part of a skateboard or longboard is most important to hold all other parts like the wheels, deck and your feet on the deck?”

If you are a skateboarder or longboarder, no need to give the answer because you’ve already known that.

And if you don’t have any idea about skateboarding, you can still give the answer because you have read the title already.

Yes, your answer is right, I’m telling you about the skateboard trucks.

skateboard trucks

Ok, no more fun. Guys, all of us know that sometimes it needs to modify our skateboards or longboards to fit them with our riding style, fitness, and fashions for getting the perfect, enjoyable and comfortable riding performance. On the other hand, it becomes necessary to replace any parts if it gets damaged.

Along with all other parts, better riding performance also relies on the trucks. So, if you want to replace your skateboard trucks with another pair, it is very important to choose the right trucks with better quality to get better durability and better performance.

You must wonder what are the best skateboard trucks in the market. Yes, it is not so easy to choose a perfect set of skateboard/longboard trucks with better quality and perfect settings. Even you can malfunction your skateboard if you don’t choose the perfect truck set.

So, how can you get the best solution? 

Well, you can discuss with expert riders around you to purchase the best trucks for skateboards in the market, or you can search over the internet to get the solution.

There are so many websites that are helping riders by giving suggestions. Plus, You can also read this article to get the most effective and relevant solution to purchase the good skateboard trucks on sale from Amazon or local market.

Top 10 Skateboard Trucks Comparison

Model MaterialPrice
Caliber TrucksSteel Check Price
Yocaher Skateboard TrucksAluminum Check Price
BESIY Skateboard TrucksSteel Check Price
Jizmo Skateboard TrucksMetal Check Price
[CCS] Skateboard TrucksSteel Check Price
Independent TrucksAluminum Check Price
Havoc Skateboard TrucksAluminum Alloy Check Price
Gullwing Skateboard TrucksSteel Check Price
INDEPENDENT Skateboard TrucksAluminum Check Price
Bear TrucksSteel Check Price

Are longboard trucks suitable for skateboards?

This question is asked by many people. And few are in hesitation about it because rumor said that longboard trucks are not suitable for skateboards. If you search the answer in google, you will find both positive and negative answers.

But, the truth is that longboard trucks are suitable for all standard size skateboards. And all the 3 skateboard/longboard trucks set in our this review is suitable for all kind of longboard and skateboard.

Let’s explain. Longboard trucks contain few special features like the kingpin, reverse kingpin, Chromoly axle etc. And most of the regular skateboard trucks don’t contain these features. But you can get an additional performance with these features if you use these trucks on your skateboard.

And, all of the 3 trucks in our best skateboard trucks review are compatible with all kinds of longboard and skateboard. You can realize it if you read our review part.

Top Rated Skateboard Trucks 2021

If you want to purchase the skateboard and longboard trucks set only, you can consider any one of the 10 products below according to your choice, requirement, and budget.

All of them are the best longboard and skateboard trucks for sale and perfectly fit with both longboard and skateboard.

1. Caliber Trucks RKP Longboard Cal II 50° TrucksCaliber Trucks RKP Longboard Cal II 50° Trucks

The skateboard truck which we are highlighting now comes in a set of 2. Not only that, it is available in various colors and size options. That is why buying the one which is suitable for your skateboard is easy.

Along with the truck, you also get a pack of 4 bearings. That is why installing it is undoubtedly going to be easy.

The reinforced base plate ensures that you will not have to worry about extensive wear and tear.

The thinner paint which comes along with it ensures that the tolerance level is on, the higher side.

When you look at the construction, it uses heat treatment. That is why; the strength on offer is excellent.

Every feature incorporated to provide strength to this truck makes it a great choice.

  • Excellent strength
  • Comes with bearings
  • Available in color and size options
  • Reinforced construction
  • Finishing can be better

2. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard TrucksYocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks

The truck, which we are highlighting now, comes with 2 trucks and various other accessories. Not only that, it is available in different color options as well.

In terms of accessories, you get a hanger, kingpin, bushing, and so on.

With the help of 4 wheels on offer, it is easy for you to get the entire assembly below the skateboard.

The 180 MM reverse kingpin truck is certainly quite sturdy. Not only that, the polyester design means that the aesthetics are excellent.

When looking at this assembly, you will realize that you can increase the distance between the wheels. Once you do so, the strain on the board will reduce as well. That is why these accessories are durable and increase the life span of the skateboard as well.

Thus, if you’re looking for the entire set, you can go with this one.

  • Comes with various accessories
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Reduces strain on the skateboard
  • Includes wheels
  • Packaging can be better

3. BESIY Skateboard TrucksBESIY Skateboard Trucks

The set that we are speaking about now comes with 2 Trucks. Along with that, it comes with bearings and wheels as well.

With the help of the entire set, setting up the skateboard is going to be easy. You get a practical wrench as well. That is why; it becomes easier for you to set everything up.

With the help of heavy-duty miniature ball bearings, you can be sure that once you install them, you will not have to worry about wear and tear.

Not only that the drugs are designed in such a way that they not only have high durability but excellent aesthetics as well.

With these features, you cannot go wrong with these skateboard Trucks.

  • Comes with bearings and wheels set
  • Includes a range
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Highly durable
  • Quality of wrench can be better

4. Jizmo Skateboard TrucksJizmo Skateboard Trucks

The heavy-duty aluminum construction of this skateboard truck makes it a good choice. It means that the Trucks can handle any weather.

With the help of a 7.6-inch axle, you get proper support as well.

Also, you get 52 MM wheels as well. That is why moving the skateboard is undoubtedly easy.

You get all the additional hardware as well. With the help of this additional hardware, it becomes easier to install the entire set.

The heavy-duty bearings do not suffer from much wear and tear either.

Also, the rebound wheels ensure that it becomes easier for you to reduce the impact of uneven terrain.

Whichever way you look at it, this skateboard Truck does not disappoint.

  • Comes with various accessories
  • Aluminum construction
  • Rebound wheels on offer
  • Weather-resistant
  • Limited instructions

5. [CCS] Skateboard Trucks[CCS] Skateboard Trucks

In case you’re looking only for the precision trucks, you can go with this one.

You get to choose between 2 color options. Not only that, you can choose between size options like 109 MM, 129 MM, 139 MM, or 149 MM.

With the help of mounting hardware, installing it is undoubtedly easy.

The steel base plate ensures that its durability is excellent.

With the help of rebound bushings, moving the skateboard is going to be easy for you.

Not only that, the no-slip kingpin ensures that you can have complete control over the skateboard once you install this truck.

When you’re looking for precision, this is the skateboard truck that you should go with.

Thus, when looking for the highly sturdy best skateboard trucks, you can go with this one.

  • Heavy-duty base plate
  • Excellent hardware
  • Rebound bushings on offer
  • Aids precision movement
  • A bit bulky

6. Independent TrucksIndependent Trucks

The advantage of this set of Trucks is that they come along with cruiser wheels. That is why; you get smooth wheels as well.

With three color options, you have some choice. You can choose between different size options as well.

While choosing the skateboard truck, it is essential to look at the material. This one consists of an aluminum base plate. The axle is of steel. The grade 8 kingpin ensures that it is exceptionally durable. Apart from that, the cylinder bottom ensures that it becomes easier to install and use it. Furthermore, the stability which it provides is excellent due to the same.

The cruiser wheels are entirely silent. Therefore, you can attain higher speeds as well.

The design of the truck and wheels is such that it does not result in a wheel bike. That is why; it becomes easier for you to reduce the strain on the skateboard as well.

Thus, when looking for the best skateboard trucks with heavy-duty construction, you can go with this one.

  • Silent wheels
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Excellent stability
  • Different color and size options
  • The quality of screws can be better

7. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard TrucksHavoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

The skateboard truck which we are highlighting now comes in a pair. You get to choose between 9 different color options as well.

The aluminum alloy construction is another reason why you should go for it. Aluminum material stands the test of time.

Not only that, the size of the skateboard truck is such that it can fix any skateboard. That is why; you will not have to worry about skateboard at all.

When looking for versatile skateboard trucks, this is the one which you should go with.

  • Available in 9 color options
  • Aluminum construction
  • Highly versatile
  • Does not come with accessories

8. Gullwing Sidewinder II Silver TruckGullwing Sidewinder II Silver Truck

The Gullwing Sidewinder II Silver Truck (10-inch, Set of 2) trucks are manufactured by the famous brand Gullwing. It is known as the best skateboard truck brand.

This brand is producing skateboard and longboard trucks, skate tools and other skateboard accessories since 1976.

Their skateboard trucks are popular since then for their high-quality and affordable price. And the Gullwing Sidewinder II Silver Truck (10-inch, Set of 2) is one of their best skateboard trucks.

Features and benefits:

The Gullwing Sidewinder II Silver Truck (10-inch, Set of 2) truck set is one of the good trucks for a skateboard because of its high-class feature and affordable price. You will get charmed if you see its features.

  • It doesn’t matter that you are using a longboard or skateboard. Because these trucks are suitable for both longboard and skateboard.
  • These aluminum trucks are lightweight and strong which allows perfect riding with better durability.
  • A sleeker design with a customized base plate provides a nice look.
  • Provide snowboard/surfboard style riding experience on the concrete surface.
  • Contain both old school and new school truck mount which allows these trucks to perfectly set with all types of deck.
  • If you use them as your longboard trucks, you can get up to 30 mph downhill speed with these trucks.

Special Feature

The most interesting feature of the Gullwing Sidewinder II Truck is that it’s a carved double kingpin truck that allows you to do smooth and perfect turns and tricks with the highest speed. This feature makes it the best truck for a skateboard.

  • Perfectly set with all kinds of decks.
  • Double kingpin provides better performance.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Suitable for both longboard and skateboard.
  • Suitable for speedy riding.
  • Don’t come with the nuts to put on wheels.

9. INDEPENDENT 129mm Silver Trucks, Raw STAGE 11 7.75 in PAIR (2 trucks)INDEPENDENT 129mm Silver Trucks,

These trucks are manufactured by Independent Truck Company who produces skateboard trucks and other skateboard accessories.

Independent skateboard trucks are popular for their high-quality and affordable price.

And, the INDEPENDENT 129mm Silver Trucks, Raw STAGE 11 7.75 in PAIR (2 trucks) is one of their best trucks for sale.

This model can be treat as longboard trucks because the size is suitable for all types of skateboard and longboard.

Features and benefits:

  • You can realize why it is one of the best trucks from the features bellow
  • These standard stage 11 trucks are durable and provide high performance which is perfectly set with all type of skateboard and longboard.
  • Include 356 T6 Aluminum hanger and baseplate which is lightweight but strong enough. You can get smooth and perfect riding performance with better longevity.
  • Solid Chromoly steel axle provides additional toughness and durability.
  • This is one of the best Independent trucks. It contains Grade 8 kingpin that provides no hang-up yoke for grind tricks.
  • You can use up to 56 mm wheels without any riser with this truck.

Special feature

The most interesting feature of the INDEPENDENT 129mm Silver Trucks, Raw STAGE 11 7.75 in PAIR (2 trucks)is that they contain Supercush urethane cushions with cylinder bottom which improves the break in time and overall performance which provide more stability and better riding experience.

  • Less expensive than its quality.
  • Suitable for quick turns and tricks.
  • Perfect stability with better longevity.
  • Less wheel bite.
  • Support up to 56 mm wheels without any riser.
  • The bushings are a little hard.
  • Not come with hardware.

10. Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard TrucksBear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks

Bear truck Co. is a popular skateboard/longboard truck manufacturing company since their beginning time for their high-quality and affordable skateboard/longboard trucks.

Like their all other truck models the Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks (Set Of 2) is one of their good quality skateboard trucks on sale. It is also one of the best street skateboard trucks.

All bear trucks are unique for their significant and rider-friendly features. So, if you want to know about the unique features of the Bear Grizzly 852 181mm Skateboard Trucks (Set Of 2) just skate your eyes through the feature part.

Features and benefits:

  • These significant trucks with 181 mm axles are suitable for all types of riding styles like downhill, cruising, carving, freeride.
  • The 8 hole mounting system perfectly set with any kind of longboard and skateboard from drop thru-top mount deck and old school-new school drill patterns.
  • Lightweight but 50 percent stronger than the regular trucks which ensure smooth riding and better durability.
  • Least expensive but the quality is better than the regular trucks.

Special features

The most significant feature of the Bear Grizzly Trucks (Set Of 2) is that its hanger can be flipped in 2 different angles for 2 different riding purposes.

And the set-up formula is very simple. If you are fond of doing tricks, cruising, carving and general longboarding just set the hanger at a 52-degree angle to get the accurate and most perfect riding experience. And, if you are a speedy rider and want to get the thrill of speed with better stability, set the hanger in 47-degree.

  • Least expensive but high in quality.
  • Rider-friendly interface with adjustable hangers.
  • Lightweight and strong.
  • Suitable for all types of board and riding types.
  • The mounting system is perfect for all types of deck.
  • There is a risk of getting wheel bite if you take extreme turns.
  • Bushings are not so good. May need to replace them if you want to get better performance.

Final Verdict

best skateboard truck

Finally, we can promise you that we’ve provided the most accurate information for helping you to choose the best skateboard truck sets.

Now, the decision is totally up to you.

Our aim is to help the skateboarders/longboarders to get the best quality products at an affordable price.

If you think the article is not enough informative for you, please tell us about the lack of information in the comment box. We are always here to help you.

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