Best Sun Hats For Men 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Sun Hats For MenSun hats are a timeless piece for every man’s wardrobe and definitely a must-have for any season.

They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials all designed to serve a particular purpose. Sun hats are ever-evolving with new designs coming up every year.

Sun hats are a good way to protect your face and neck from the sun at all times regardless of the season. Exposure to the sun is a contributing factor to skin cancers and premature aging.

Apart from the two, sun exposure may result in heat exhaustion, eye damage, heat rash, and sunburns.


While outdoors, you will want to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays. There is a variety of sun hats for men in the market you can choose from. However, the search for the best sun hat may be impeded by the wide variety in the market. The choice for a sun hat depends on a number of factors. Here is a guide to buying the best sun hat for men:

  • Material

Sun hats are made from a variety of materials both natural and synthetic including straw, cotton, hemp, nylon, polyester, and raffia. For optimum protection from the sun, select a material with UV protection properties above 50 to provide about 98% protection. The UV protection properties of a hat are contained within the label of the hat. Where not provided, hooked the hat against the sun or light.

A good material should not let legit through. Your choice of the material lies also with the activities you will handle when wearing the hat. Heat generating activities require lighter absorbent materials that dry quickly thus leave you cool. The material should also be breathable for air circulation.

  • Color

color of sun hats for men

Sun hats are available in a wide variety of colors ranging from lighter ones to dark ones. The color you select will be influenced by the occasion for which you are wearing the hat, your outfit and your taste.

Darker colors tend to absorb heat and retain it longer. Cooler colors on the hand lose heat quickly thus keep your head cool. When working in dirty environments darker colors are better at hiding dirt as compared to lighter colors.

Darker colors also fade easily. The color on the outside of the hat is as important as that on the inside. You will want to select a hat that does not reflect back the sun rays to your face.

Darker shades are better if you will be working in an environment with snow and water. Snow and water are highly reflective thus will reflect UV rays back to your face.

  • Purpose

The activity for which the hat is meant for is one of the prime considerations when selecting a sun hat. Is the hat meant for traveling, sports, hiking, and gardening? What is the weather?

Hats for gardening or wearing on windy days require a chinstrap to hold them in place. A traveling hat needs to be crushable for easy packing as well as easy to clean by hand. Felt hats are suitable for traveling.

  • Size

The size of the hat is an important consideration when selecting the best sun hat. The brim and hat size matters and determines how well your face and neck and protected from sun rays.

Ideally, the brim size should be at least three inches wide all-round the hat. A three-inch wide brim will protect your face from most of the ras especially around midday.

However, wider brims are preferable. Wider brims are more suited for relaxation and activities in which there is reduced movement. Smaller brims are good for activities with more movements but provide less protection.

The hat should be a good fit, not tight and not too loose. A tight hat will cause you discomforts, even a headache, therefore, choose a hat that fits well. To know the size of your head, pass a tape around your head just above the ears. The measure you get is your head size.

  • Style

Sun hats come in many styles and designs. The style you choose for your hat should match the shape of your face. For a large rounded face, a wider brim is appropriate.

Style elements such as your clothing also determine the choice of the hat to buy. For example, bucket hats and baseball caps go well with casual wear. Fedora hats, on the other hand, are suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Now that you know what to look for in a hat, here are some suggestions for the best sun hats for men in the market:

Wearing a hat should not substitute for the use of sunscreen. Whether in winter or summer, sunscreen is important for added protection to your skin.

And We know finding the best sun hats for men is not as easy as you may think it might be. The market concerning such products has a lot to offer when it comes to such and it can get a bit confusing at times.

Here in below is a list of the top sun hats for men. If you intend a taking part in any outdoor activity then you might want to consider one of these options.

Our Top 10 Sun Hats For Men

Product MaterialSizesPirce
Tough HeadwearNylonOne Size Check Price
O'NeillSea strawOne Size Check Price
Sunday Afternoons Havana90% Paper
10% Polyester
S/M/L Check Price
Comfy PolyesterOne Size Check Price
QuiksilverRaffia Straw FiberLarge/X-Large Check Price
NylonOne Size Check Price
Home Prefer
PolyesterOne Size Check Price
Tilley Endurables
(Editor’s Choice)
Supplex Nylon S/M/L Check Price
Sunday Afternoons Adventure50% Nylon
50% Polyester
S/M/L Check Price
(Best Seller)
Textured NylonOne Size Check Price

In a hurry? Just check the quick editor’s choices:

1. Tough Headwear Boonie Sun Hat

When you’re outdoors for long periods of time, you need the right protection to keep the blazing sun, rain, or even bugs, out of the way. We give Tough Headwear’s Boonie Safari Sun Hat high marks for Sun protection and its quality build.

This Boonie Sun Hat has been recommended for the Skin Cancer Foundation because it offers unparalleled protection with a 50+ UPF rating. The wide brim keeps the sun out of your eyes and neck. Now you can protect your face without having to constantly reapply sunscreen.

Made from 100% nylon, this Boonie Hat absorbs and wicks sweat quicker than cotton-based hats. The vents on either side keep your head cool by letting air in. The adjustable drawstring ensures it stays on your noggin.

Plus, it’s completely flexible, so you can crush it down and fit it in your backpack or tackle kit.

  • Very lightweight
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Inexpensive
  • Men with large heads might find the hat tight


This sea straw sun hat holds up much better compared to what you’ll find with your regular thin strawed hat.

Sea straw makes it much stranger which in turn increases durability.

There is a layer of black cotton glued to the underside which helps stop rays of sunlight from shining through the hat’s sunspots.

It has a stylish look to it and the thin elastic band found on the inside makes it quite comfortable.

The bad thing about this hat is that at first glance and touch it seems of very low quality.

The materials used to make it don’t look or feel like they’re of the highest quality. This inevitably leads to a short lifespan because the hat doesn’t last too long.

  • 100% Sea straw
  • Lightweight
  • One size does not fit all


This is another considerably stylish sun hat that has a fedora-style finish to it. Perfect for the beach.

This sun hat comes in tan and cream colors accompanied by a black grosgrain ribbon.

The best thing about this hat is that it comes in extra large, large, medium and small sizes. Basically, anyone can get a size that fits them perfectly.

The only major downside to this sun hat is that it lacks a security cord to ensure the hat stays firmly on your head, especially during windy conditions.

It also doesn’t have a loop or clip within the inside of the hat which could’ve possibly helped the situation.

You’ll also have to avoid rain because this hat is made up of ten percent polyester and ninety percent paper. It cannot withstand major rain showers.

  • Good sun protection
  • Very cooling and crushable
  • Not the best at redistributing sweat


This sleekly styled fishing sun Boonie hat is designed and manufactured for both men and women alike.

This is a high-quality product that is very reasonably priced and the high-quality materials used to create this hat make it quite durable.

It also has a wide enough brim that sufficiently protects the whole of your neck when you wear it. It contains an adjustable wind cord that ensures the hat is held in place at all times.

Some negative things about this hat are that, for starters, the hat’s rivets rust very quickly which in turn will inevitably reduce the hat’s lifespan. It is also not very packable, foldable nor crushable.

When one of these things is done to the hat, the creases it gets reduces the hat’s aesthetic value a lot.

  • Designed with quality materials
  • The hat is foldable and crushable
  • Affordable price
  • The hat is not machine washable


This sun hat is pretty light and very comfortable as well.

It does a very good job at protecting the wearer’s upper neck regions and it has a neck strap that helps secure the hat in place, which is especially helpful during windy conditions.

It contains a cotton band inside it which helps keep sweat away from your eyes whilst still allowing for a cap-like fit.

The downside to this sun hat is that it doesn’t look stylish and has a lower aesthetic value compared to the other hats we’ve so far mentioned on this list.

It’s also too fragile and delicate as well. After a few months of wearing it, you’ll begin to notice little pieces of the straw breaking off.

  • Great for huge heads
  • Provides full face sun protection as desired
  • Great look but poor quality


This new sun hat with flaps that happen to be removable offers the wearer complete sun protection.

It’s ideal for camping, fishing, gardening, boating, and hiking.

It has side panels that consist of two big meshed brass eyelets that help in ventilation. It’s also very portable and easy to carry.

The major negative to this hat is that the quality provided doesn’t really match the price.

It’s relatively expensive yet it doesn’t seem of very high quality. It certainly doesn’t deserve that price tag. It’s also a one size fits all product which helps make it less attractive.

  • The material is very lightweight
  • It covers and protects the neck from sunburn
  • The mask and back provides excellent coverage
  • Stitchings are not so much of high quality
  • The size of the hat is too small compared to others


This sun hat is manufactured using premium polyester which helps make it quite breathable as well as quick drying (which means it can hold its own during major rains).

It’s also very comfortable to wear and lightweight as well. It has a removable or adjustable chin strap that helps provide versatility.

It’s perfect for most outdoor activities and doesn’t really have anything wrong with it.

  • Very comfortable and great price
  • The material is lightweight and breathable
  • Maybe it’s huge for someone


This hat is manufactured using one hundred percent mildew and water resistant Supplex nylon known as Tilley Nylamtium which means it’s perfect for both wet and dry occasions.

It offers maximum sun protection with a medium brim that contains polyester meshes that measure about 3/4 inches plus a dark under-brim that protects the wearer from glare.

  • 11 sizes can fit most people
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Guaranteed by the manufacturer for life
  • Can be hot in very humid conditions


Manufactured using fifty percent nylon and fifty percent polyester makes this hat good for dry weather conditions as well as wet weather conditions.

It might look a bit feminine at first glance, but it’s actually one of the best sun hats for men.

Its strategic mesh placement help increases ventilation levels and makes it relatively breathable.

  • Great protection all around
  • Brim is angled for longer protection
  • Good ventilation, comfortable
  • Not stylish
  • Brim is not crushable
  • Shows stains easily


This sun hat is generic and all-purpose. It’s basically a master of none.

It’s relatively comfortable and provides extremely good ventilation.

In fact, it gets very high marks when ventilation is concerned. It offers sufficient protection from the sun and it’s quite comfortable as well.

This sun hat brand only produces one size, which measures about 24.5 inches in circumference. The large mesh panels found in its crown also make it quite breathable.

A few downsides to this hat is that it’s not particularly stylish (low aesthetic value) and doesn’t protect you as much as you’d want it to.

However, the worst thing about it is by far the fact that it only has one size available. It also stretches easily and is very floppy.

  • Inexpensive
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Good ventilation for the head
  • Floppy brim, fits very large, not stylish


And with that, you now knew some of the best sun hats for men. You have no excuse to continue suffering from hats that are just not effective enough. Anyone of these sun hats for men mentioned above should work for you in almost any outdoor activity you intend to take part in.

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