9 High Quality Yoga Pants for Women (Flatter Your Shape) in 2021

Best Yoga PantsNowadays more and more people are fond of yoga, whether it is because of the need to release stress, to strengthen the muscles of the body or simply to leave the mind blank for at least an hour, yoga has become the best ally of millions of people.

However, what will we always need in order to carry out our yoga training?

A good pair of yoga pants.

Everyone knows that to do any sport the first thing we should do is buy the right equipment, but when it comes to yoga, there are several doubts about what type of clothing is suitable for this discipline.

The main question that any yogi asks himself is: do I buy some leggings or do I wear wide cotton clothes?

Without a doubt the leggings.

While it is true that in most photographs and videos we can find about yoga always appears a woman dressed in wide clothes, and preferably cotton, which leads us to believe that the only way to do yoga is with that look, but the truth is that no.

If we want to practice yoga totally comfortably need a good pair of leggings, but remember: quality always before quantity.

Next, to make it easier for you to find your new leggings to start practicing yoga, we’re going to explain the three main factors you should take into account to make your choice.

Do you want to find the best yoga pants?

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Buying Guide for Yoga Pants

Yoga pants buying guide

#1 Adjustment

The adjustment of your yoga leggings is the main factor that you will have to take into account to make your purchase.

Yoga is a sport based on relaxation, where our body should be able to move smoothly and widely without any limitation, which could be quite complicated if we wear leggings that are too tight or too long.

Next we explain to you the three aspects that we will have to consider to value the adjustment of our leggings:

#2 Compression

You may find the concept of compression a bit complex, but it’s not: it’s the perfect balance between the comfort a mesh should provide and its ability to breathe.

While you are doing sport it is very important that the fabric we wear on our body transpires as much as possible, but at the same time has the capacity to adapt to our whole body and provide us with comfort. It is an opposite idea in itself, which makes it really difficult to achieve; but not impossible.

#3 The waist

The waist of our leggings also plays a very important role in our selection, since during our yoga sessions we must be able to move that area of our body with total comfort; otherwise we would not be enjoying the advantages of yoga and our clothing would become our main enemy.

Most yoga lovers prefer to buy leggings with a wide waist, but without being too loose; a middle ground that gives us freedom of movement while keeping it tight and provides us with comfort and breathability.

#4 The fabric

Finally, when it comes to finding the perfect fit for our next yoga leggings, we should also take into account their fabric. Normally the fabric is the aspect that gives us more clues without having to look even at the price of the product, although sometimes it can be misleading.

As for the type of fabric we should look for our leggings, we should pay attention to its softness and breathability. It is not so important that we feel like a princess with silk leggings, but that those leggings are really practical and fit perfectly with our body while keeping us safe.

Usually the lighter and softer they are, the better.

#5 Design

Once you have fulfilled the first search requirements, the next thing you should do is look at your leggings design. There are no dispositions about tastes, so to choose the design of your leggings you will only have to base on your own personal tastes and on what catches your attention.

However, remember that you are going to practice yoga and not to a party at night, so try to find designs that bring you harmony and do not tire you out too much. Basic colors and fine lines are usually the best options for this type of clothing.

#6 The price

And finally, although for many it will always come first, the price! It is clear that the price of a garment will always determine whether we take it home or not, no matter how beautiful and comfortable it may be.

However, since we are making an essential guide to buying leggings, it is important to remember that many times what is cheaper tends to have worse quality and will force us to invest more money in a short time.

The decision about the money we are going to invest in our wardrobe is very personal, but if we really want to enjoy yoga and be able to amortize our purchases in your wardrobe, try to avoid saving at all costs and invest in a little quality.

Here are the top 9 yoga pants for women, tried and tested!

1. 90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants

Combining fashion, function and performance into a single pair of fun and comfortable pants.

It is easy to see why the 90 Degrees Reflex Power Flex yoga pants are quite popular with many women who are passionate about yoga.

They come in a range of patterns and colors 35 to be exact so you could wear a different pair every day of the month without doubling up!

The fabric is of the highest quality, and contours perfectly to your body giving you a sleek, streamlined look.

Made from a combination of nylon, polyester and spandex, they allow your skin to breathe so are perfect for not only yoga, but other cardio based exercises such as running and Pilates.

2. 90 Degree By Reflex Yoga Hidden Pocket Capris90 Degree By Reflex Yoga Hidden Pocket Capris

Another hugely popular and highly rated yoga pant is also from the 90 Degree by Reflex range.

The Hidden Pocket Capri’s have – you guessed it – a hidden pocket, which makes them stand out from the others.

No longer do you have to worry about where to put your five dollar note you brought to buy your post-yoga coffee – simply hide it in the hidden pocket and allow your mind to think about more important things, like clouds in the shape of puppies.

Available in 25 different colors, the length is somewhere between full length and three quarter pants, so is perfect for both the shorter and longer limbed ladies.

3. GOGO TEAM Women’s Yoga Harem PantsGOGO TEAM Women’s Yoga Harem Pants

You can thank Aladdin for making the harem pant popular think elastic around the waist and ankles, and flowey material throughout the length of the legs.

They are not considered tights as such, simply because they are not tight. And they allow for maximum flexibility, because they are loose, there is no chance of the dreaded camel toe coming to say hi.

They are particularly flattering for women with larger thighs, and the flowey material allows for air circulation and will keep you cooler while working out.

Another benefit is that they can be worn with underwear for added comfort and control.

Available in 15 colors to really let your genie out!

4. Alki’i Yoga Capri with Fold over WaistbandAlki’i Yoga Capri with Fold over Waistband

Capris are basically pants that are longer than shorts, but shorter than trousers.

Made from a thicker fabric than standard tights, the Aikii Capri Yoga Pants can be described as being somewhere between tights and track pants.

They are suited for women who may not be entirely comfortable wearing skin-tight tights, but do not want to go as loose as harem pants.

Because they are such a casual style of pant, they can be easily worn straight from yoga to the supermarket, and are even great as lounge wear around the house.

Made from cotton and spandex, there is a fold over waist for added support and control.

5. 90 Degree By Reflex – High Waist Tummy Control Shapewear90 Degree By Reflex – High Waist Tummy Control Shapewear

If you have noticed a trend towards the most popular yoga pants being from Reflex, then you are onto a winner.

There is a reason why they are so popular, and it is simply because they are so effective and functional.

The High Waist Tummy Control pants are perfect for the average woman who may not be completely comfortable in a standard pair of tights.

They have extra fabric around the critical tummy area to hold in what should be held in.

Extremely flattering, they are high waisted which means that they stay up during the complicated yoga moves, and you wont be constantly needing to adjust. Comes in 7 flattering colors.

6. 90 Degree by Reflex – Performance Active wear Printed Yoga Capri90 Degree by Reflex – Performance Active wear Printed Yoga Capri

The sportiest of the Reflex yoga range, the Printed Yoga Capri are capri – length tights that come in a variety of vibrant hues and loud patterns to really stand out in yoga class.

They are made with the highest quality fabric with a 22-inch inseam so you can be confident that there will not be a rip or tear right at the worst moment.

They are form fitting, yet allow for maximum movement and flexibility, so can be used anywhere in the gym and the breathable fabric means they are great for running.

7. Unique Styles Fold-over Waistband – Stretchy Cotton-blend Yoga PantsUnique Styles Fold-over Waistband Stretchy Cotton-blend Yoga Pants

The longest and arguably the most comfortable of all the yoga pants on the market, the Unique Styles Stretchy Yoga Pant is looser than a standard pair of tights, yet tighter than track pants.

They are made from cotton and spandex, and the full length means that they are perfect for wearing in the winter, or for outside yoga.

No longer will the cold moths mean a compulsory yoga break!

They have a stretchy fabric with a fold over waist for tummy control so are very flattering for women of all sizes.

Because they are so stretchy, they are great for pregnant women and pre and post-natal yoga.

8. Ava Costume Women’s Modal Cotton – Soft Yoga Sports Dance Harem PantsAva Costume Women’s Modal Cotton Soft Yoga Sports Dance Harem Pants

Another popular harem-style yoga pant is the Ava Costume Sports Pants.

They are made from a unique blend of modal and cotton, and the inclusion of the modal fabric means that they are more absorbent, softer to the touch and will not shrink as much as standard cotton fabrics.

Made to be worn and washed over and over, one pair will last you months and will continue looking brand new.

The loose harem-style means they are perfect for a woman who wants to mix yoga with dancing as there is increased flexibility and control.

Available in 18 different bright and vibrant colors, you are able to really express your bold personality.

9. Clothes Effect Ladies Color Block Rolled Waist Black Yoga PantsClothes Effect Ladies Color Block Rolled Waist Black Yoga Pants

If you find yoga pants to be one of the most boring and bland pants in the fitness industry, then you need to check out the Clothes Effect Color Block Yoga Pants.

They have realized that most other yoga pants on the market are a single color or pattern, and decided to shake things up and introduce color block.

Simply put, the waist is a different color to the rest of the pants, and you will be surprised how impressive they look.

They also draw attention to the waist and away from the bum and thighs so unless you want everyone to look at your bum and thighs – these pants will be perfect for you.

The waist is the only flash of color the legs are all black, which is of course the most flattering and slimming color. They are stretchy and full length, available in 20 different colors to keep things interesting.


Best Yoga Pants

Whether you are a pro at yoga, a wannabe Gisele Bndchen, or even just like the look and feel of yoga pants without the actual desire for yoga, then any of these tried and tested pants will be for you. You may also like: Best yoga mat

Whether you prefer the sporty bright look or the somewhat hippie harem style, you can be sure that any of these pants will mix style with functionality.

Wearing the wrong type of pants to yoga is a fashion faux pas you simply can not afford to make, and the stares of the other yoga mums can have a negative effect on your mental state.

Not to mention that yoga is not exactly cheap (unless you are following the instructions on YouTube videos), so it is important to look the part!