Choosing the Best Hunting Knife 2021 – Complete Buying Guide

A hunter without a knife is not a real hunter. Few people decide to chase an animal without good arming.

Very often during a halt people demonstrate good hunting knives. They discuss the length of the blade, the ergonomics of the handle, the type of steel and the price. They tell about the trophies, which were got with its help. Everyone praises his knife.

Often it can’t do without demonstrations. People prove the advantages of their knives in a very strange way. They try to break up stones, cut thick trunks of trees or strike someone else’s knives. Thus, there are broken things and a bad mood.

Usually, it is not possible to replace broken parts of knives or repair them immediately. The hunt ends before the scheduled date.

Hot debates don’t stop. Trying to identify the best hunting knife in the world, the disputants will continue to make their own points. Where does the truth lie? Is it real to reveal the best one?

Nowadays hunting is not only a masculine occupation. Women successfully compete with sterner sex. And the producers of hunting weapons noted this point. There have appeared knife lines for small ladies’ hands. The choice of a super knife became even more interesting and difficult task.

Constantly appear new materials and improve old ones. Producers of weapons are in progress. Novelties are being introduced. The consumer is invited to try the products.  It is impossible to find the right item.

Designers and technologists develop new models. Ergonomics increases. The consumer is always one step behind. The thing is already here, and its characterization is not yet. People would like to buy new things and try them again and again.

How to buy with money convenience, beauty and mastery at the same time?

Is an individually manufactured accessory better or worse than a factory-supplied analog? Is it possible to get interesting and high-quality weapons in a small workshop?

Do Damascus steel and damask really have unique properties or it is another legend? Do I have to overpay for history?

A familiar hunter demonstrates the knife of a well-known firm and talks big about a high price. Does it guarantee convenience and reliability?

Questions in selecting an important attribute of the hunter are more than the answers to them.

Let’s try to get outside of it together. This article:

  • presents an overview of the technical characteristics of steel;
  • teaches to puzzle out in the marks of knives;
  • helps to buy a worthy thing;
  • describes the details of customization.

It’s important! You buy not just an attribute of the equipment. A good knife is the key to successful hunting and human security. It’s not without reason that hunters who live in remote places pay great attention to it.

Where to Start and How to Choose?

Manufacturers offer a wide range of products. It is impossible to avoid the agony of choosing. How not to make a mistake and make the right decision?

Hunting knives according to the pattern of use are divided into two classes:

  1. Multi-purpose. With them hunters finish the animal, make a rough cutting of the carcass. If necessary, they are used for cutting small branches for making a fire.
  2. Single-purpose. These knives are used for specific operations like disemboweling, dissection.

It’s important! High-quality hunting knives are quite expensive. Before buying it is necessary to study the topic well. Do not leave money on the table. And you should not cut corners on buying!

The ideal knife is one that suits a specific person. There should be considered a lot of factors:

  • An ergonomic handle;
  • Heaviness of the blade;
  • A sharpness and a character of blade sharpening;
  • A Bend of a blade;
  • А hardness of the cutting edge;
  • A convenience while walking.

Attention! You can’t combine all the advantages in one knife. It is worth to consider the buying of several different specialized knives.

What kind of steel is used to make the perfect hunting knife?

Knife blades are made of steel. The properties of the blade depend on the characteristics of steel. The most famous types of steel are:

  • carbon steel;
  • alloy steel;
  • Damascus steel;
  • damask steel;
  • powder metallurgical compacted steel.

The optimum ratio of hardness and elasticity determines reliability. What is the best steel of the hunting knife and how to decipher the letters of the marking? First things first.
Carbon steel is the most common metal for the manufacture of blades. The C grade of concentration ranges from 0.7% to 1.3%. The closer the index to 0.7%, the higher the hardness. The increase in C makes the material more fragile.

It’s important! With the aid of special processing, elasticity and the ability to retain sharpening for a long time are improved.

The second type of steel has better characteristics. At the stage of smelting the metal, compound components are added:

  • Molybdenum;
  • Wolframite;
  • Manganese;
  • Chrome;
  • Nickel;
  • Silicon.

The third is high-carbon-steel. In composition, damascus steel is similar to cast iron, but it is plastic, not fragile. Because of processing, a pattern is created on the surface. The material is high-strength and flexible. Blades of it are rarely made.

It’s interesting! Some hunters buy Damascus steel knives to show their prosperity. The ability to pay a high price demonstrates the quality of a person’s life.

Stainless steel is a steel with a chromium alloying element. Its grade of concentration ranges from 12% to 20%. A protective film of Fe oxides is formed on the surface. The other characteristics improve the additional components.

Damascus (Damask) is high-carbon steel. A sophisticated manufacturing technology creates a specific pattern on the surface.

Nowadays there are two types of Damascus steel production:

  1. A bar of high-carbon steel is taker as a basis. It is long forged and cooled. Thus, impurities (phosphorus and sulfur) burn out almost completely. The carbon is distributed unevenly by large fractions and creates a pattern.
  2. By means of forging the sheets of steel and iron are alternately Cooling is slow. The process is long. The final product has unique properties.

It’s interesting! The manufacturer usually indicates how many layers the Damascus blade has.


  1. High-strength alloy.
  2. It retains sharpening long.


  1. Low corrosion resistance.
  2. Permanent oiling is required.

It’s interesting! There is no consensus among experts on the suitability of the fourth and fifth types of steel for the manufacture of modern hunting knives. Some of them insist on the uniqueness of technical characteristics. The others advise to limit the release of souvenirs.

The process of manufacturing powder metallurgical compacted steel:

  1. High-carbon steel is sprayed in an inert gas environment;
  2. It is quickly cooled;
  3. It is pressed.

The characteristics change intensely. It is possible to increase the carbon grade of concentration (strength) without loss of plasticity. This is an innovative material in the field of manufacturing equipment for hunting.

Handle for a knife is the most important component of good hunting

The knife can’t exist without this part. It is the backstop for carcass splitting, stroke and any other operations.

When choosing weapons, an inexperienced person pays all attention to the blade, forgetting about the handle. All modern high-quality hunting knives have a convenient grip part. Everyone should decide the degree of comfort.

The handle must satisfy the next requirements:

  • don’t slide in the hand;
  • don’t place your palm in the cold;
  • hold the knife blade well;
  • don’t absorb blood;
  • have a limiter to protect against cuts (feathers);
  • have a pleasant design.

It’s important! Experienced hunters are advised, when buying a knife, to hold the blade in your hand and listen to your sensations. You will immediately recognize the right one.

When manufacturing the handle, the following materials are used:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • bone;
  • rubber;
  • birchbark.

hunting-knife-wood-handleIn the first case, pine is used most often. The model is turned on the lathe or manually. Then there is final separation. Collection and gift knives have a handle made of valuable wood with various design elements. Now the wood is the most suitable material for these purposes.

It’s interesting! Sometimes producers offer “having holes” items. It is not yet clear whether this is a design element or a way to improve ergonomics.

Plastic handles are rare. In the cold, its characteristics deteriorate noticeably.

Bone elements of the knife are often found in hunters. The main drawback is a high fragility. The material is used by designers for decoration.

It’s interesting! In the Soviet times, craftsmen created composites from colored plexiglas.

Modern production sector creates rubber products with high technical merits. But meanwhile the material has not been widely spread.

Birchbark is a well-known material for a long time. The process of manufacturing:

  1. Wide strips are removed from the tree.
  2. Simmer in hot water for several hours.
  3. Softened bark is slightly dried.
  4. Press the strips on the shank of the blade.
  5. After drying, make the desired shape.
  6. If necessary, fasten with metal strips.

The advantages of such a handle are lightness and resistance to frost. The disadvantage is hygroscopic property.

It’s interesting! Some hunters prefer to make the handle themselves. Sometimes they customized for themselves ready-made one.

How many types should I look through before buying?

Before going to the armorer shop, you need to learn the types of knives. It is convenient to share a common language with a seller. This will make the purchase simpler and keep a good mood.

By the type of blade knives are divided into some parts:

  • with a fixed blade;
  • swiss army knife;
  • with a folding blade;
  • ornamental;
  • with a curved blade;
  • with a hook;
  • serrated;
  • ceramic.

Knives with a fixed blade are widely spread. The cutting part is rigidly fixed in the handle. On the side, there may be a stopper to protect the hand during the work. The shank of the blade is riveted or passes through and is secured with screw construction.

The folding hunting knife was patented in Switzerland. Since that time no changes have been made in the design. It traditionally has one or two folding blades. Sometimes it is equipped with additions like a hook, a corkscrew. The biggest producer is the Victorinox company.

It’s important! This item is easy to carry. It is light and doesn’t consume additional space. You can shortly make different operations. Then fatigue comes.

For large cuts, a curved knife is convenient. Due to the curvature of the surface, the length of the blade increases. At a heat, a large cut is made. It does not need to snatch the attribute or tear it off the surface. It is convenient to work, but in strength it is inferior to a knife with a straight blade profile.

It’s interesting! Curved can be both a blade (taking off or falling), and a handle.

knife with a hook is popular among hunters for a long time. On the upper part of the spine, there is a ward with a curved sharp edge. The edge is directed towards the handle. It used to remove skins from killed animals or disemboweling.

It’s important! When choosing a knife, you should dangle the blade from side to side with an effort. At the slightest deviation from the axis, you should not make a purchase. This is an unreliable knive.

Hunting knives may be decorative, with a richly decorated handle or blade. These items are often made to order and are expensive. To make a special kind of the accessory the next things are used:

  • encrusted handle;
  • engraving;
  • Damascus steel or damask;
  • artistically made scabbard.

Attention! When buying, you need to apply qualified craftsmen: armourer-designers. Elements of decor should not reduce quality and reliability.

A small mountainous country in Europe has long been glorious by hunting. That’s where the Swiss knife is designed. Its special features are multifunction and long service life. The blades are made of high-quality steel. The plastic handle has an anti-slip lining. The set is completed with a corkscrew.

It’s interesting! Recently, the Swiss firm Victorinox released a knife with the LinerLock lock. It can be opened with one hand.

Sometimes you can find a serrated knife. The spine or blade has a micro- or usual sharpening. The height of the edge rise is less than 5 mm. It is used to separate pieces of meat without contact with the horizontal surface. The functions are like a kitchen knife-saw.

Attention! Hunting knives with shock teeth (with an edge rise above 5 mm) are prohibited! They leave lacerated wounds. This is a combat weapon.

Particularly should be viewed as a hunting knife for skins. Many hunters use their usual items for cutting carcasses. Industry produces specially designed devices. Outstanding characteristics:

  • Sharp and wide blade;
  • one-sided sharpening;
  • falling blade;
  • Dull blade edge;
  • Thick spine;
  • short blade;
  • Hook on the blade, directed towards the handle;
  • notch for the fingers on the handle.

It’s important! You should not buy a multifunctional item! You have to work with it for a long time. The main criterion of choice is ergonomics.

A novelty in the market is a ceramic hunting knife. The blade is made of special composite material. This is the result of high technology in the chemical industry.


  1. The cutting edge does not need sharpening.
  2. It has less weight than the steel equivalent has.
  3. Absolute resistance to corrosion.
  4. The blade can have any color.
  5. Pleasant appearance.

The only drawback is fragility. Work is being done to remove it.

Top 15 Best Hunting Knives

The comments of the hunters made it possible to distinguish a line of hunting knives with the best properties. For each person is good an “honored” blade. A lot of pleasant and exciting memories are associated with this knife. It has saved someone’s life.

Big hunting knife – an irreplaceable item in deer hunting

The deer is a large and strong mammal. Hunting for him is complicated and interesting. Sometimes it is necessary to finish off the wounded animal, and then to cut the carcass. A knife is used for this. What kind should be the best hunting knife for deer to stop the agony of the beast? It must have:

  • wide and long blade;
  • a hook on the razor of the blade;
  • sharpened edge;
  • the level of the blade.

A hook is needed to work with the deer’s giblets. When cutting carcass, you need to make a puncture and through it to pull out a part of the esophagus. The tube is tied with a knot and pushed back. Then the boning continues. This operation will prevent the getting of contents of the stomach into the meat and preserve the good taste of the meat.

Fixation of the blade must be tough

The attribute of a hunter with a fixed blade has different geometry and stereometry of the blade. It is most often used by hunters. They are made in two ways:

  • processing of rolled steel;
  • casting.

The second method produces the best hunting knife with a fixed blade. His characteristics are worth noticing.

Russian manufacturers produce such models:

  • Karelia – 60-62HRC, spine 2mm, 160mm blade;
  • Pharaoh – 52-55HRC, spine 3mm, blade 150 mm;
  • Hunter – 52-55HRC, 3mm spine, 150mm blade;
  • St. John’s wort – density – 52-55HRC, spine 3mm, blade 135 mm.

Handles are made of wood and decorated with the heads of birds and beasts. The affordable price makes these beautiful hunting knives the desired purchase.

Let’s take a long hunting knife and cut off all that is necessary

The carcass of the captured and skinned animal must be butchered. The kitchen meets with an arsenal of tools. On hunting, there is no way to equip yourself with all types of knives. So how is it better to separate the flesh from bones?

At home, such a work is performed with the help of a special ax. In the field – the best hunting knife for bones is a knife, which has:

  • a sharp and long blade;
  • excellent sharpening;
  • a slightly sloping profile;
  • a narrow convergence toward a knife-edge.

Please note that the blade steel must be solid enough to cut tendons.

A knife with the specified characteristics will turn carcass trim into easy fun.

All that is mine I carry in the pocket

It’s convenient to carry a working tool in the pocket. And what are its technical specifications? Is it reasonable to perform the necessary operations with its help? In a broad sense, the tool should always be at hand.

The requirements for the best folding hunting knife are as follows:

  • one or two blades of different length, thickness, width and sharpening;
  • simplicity and reliability of a framework;
  • a comfortable handle;
  • absence of a scabbard;
  • a corkscrew or hook in addition.

Important: The mechanism of blades unfolding must be absolutely reliable. Do not buy products of unknown manufacturers!

The advantages of a pocket knife:

  • a small mass;
  • the universal intent.

The disadvantages derive from the advantages:

  • it’s unlikely that you will finish off a large animal;
  • you won’t be able to chop up branches for a bonfire.
  • you can skin only a chicken.

Advice! This multifunctional item can be a hunting knife for women.

And what if you order such a knife

More and more hunters prefer individual items for hunting; they want to take into account all the requirements and get a perfect knife.

How to get the best hunting handmade knife, meeting all the requirements of a customer?

You have to do the following.

  1. Choose a workshop. Not only founders and blacksmiths should work there, but also engineers with designers.
  2. Correctly spell out the requirements for a product.
  3. An engineer will make the necessary calculations and make working drawings.
  4. To get acquainted with the layout presented in 3D-MAX.
  5. Make the necessary changes at this stage. It will be too late then!
  6. Wait for the order to be processed.
  7. Make a test in real conditions.
  8. If necessary, ask for tweaking.

The price of such handmade products will be high. You can save a little on design.

Advice! You should resort to the workshop of an arms plant, for example, Tula or Zlatoust Arms Plants. There is good material and technical support.

Skin a bird? No problem

The hunting of partridges, black grouses and ducks require a special tool. A universal hunting knife will help just a little.

The captured bird should be quickly and correctly skinned. The best hunting knife for a bird will make it easy. A tool must:

  • have a narrow, long and flexible blade;
  • have a blade thickness of about 2 mm;
  • be easy;
  • have the opportunity to cut tendons with a back or cutting edge.

This small hunting knife doesn’t take much space in the hunter’s equipment.

Advice! If necessary, a folding Swiss knife will get the job done perfectly well.

The most dangerous hunt? A knife will help

A boar is one of the most dangerous animals. This is a strong and intelligent animal. In critical situations, it’s capable of killing a person.

Interesting! Male strikes the enemy with fangs, and female lacerates with its teeth, leaving large wounds.

When hunting for wild boar with dogs there is often a catastrophic situation. Large and angry dogs sink their teeth into the animal and don’t let it go. It’s impossible to shoot. The owner has to use a knife.

It’s necessary to beat under the left scapula, in the neck or the side of the ear. What should be the best hunting knife for a wild boar to kill the animal and then cut a carcass? It must have:

  • a short, thick and wide blade;
  • an ideal sharpening;
  • a reliable limiter on a handle;
  • a hook on a blade.

Important! Even the best knife won’t help the bewildered hunter. Keep a cool head.

For all occasions

For their own convenience, hunters use different knives for different games. And can there be a knife which is convenient to work with all the time? Is it possible to stab a bear and skin a partridge with the same tool?

The pursuit of the best universal hunting knife is like catching the bluebird. Some characteristics improve and others deteriorate.

Advice! It is better to purchase several specialized hunting knives. They cope with their functions fine.

Can the cheap one be cheerful?

Hunting isn’t a cheap pleasure. Regular contributions to the Society, purchase of a license to shoot or capture animals. Someone tries to save on equipment. Is it possible to buy a reliable and cheap knife?

Before buying, you need to think about the reasons for the low price. Is it caused by poor-quality steel or weak fastening of a blade? In online stores there are available knives with good technical characteristics.

The design of the best cheap hunting knife can be modest. But a blade is solid, a handle is necessarily ergonomic.

Advice! Do not buy Chinese-made knives. They only outwardly copy the design of famous brands.

Pick up and pull out

Some knife models have a special adjustment – a hook. With its help hunters remove the skin from the carcass of an animal and scoop out the insides.

This part is located on the edge of a blade and bends towards a handle. What should be the best hunting knife with a hook to help when performing the operations? The requirements are as follows:

  • the bend in the direction of a handle;
  • small radius of curvature;
  • sufficient distance from a handle;
  • no sharpening on a hook itself;
  • easy implementation.

The geometry of a blade can be different, as well as the length and thickness of a blade.

Important! Swiss folding knives offer a hook as a separate element of the set.

Large ungulates? Let’s prepare for the equipment!

Deer and moose are the largest ungulates in Russia, hunting on which is allowed. Without good equipment, you will just waste your time.

You sometimes need to finish off the animal. To get quality meat, you have to quickly drain blood and carve a carcass. It’s easy to perform the work with the best hunting knife for deer, moose on your own. The characteristics of a tool:

  • a small wide blade;
  • a blasting blade;
  • a curved cutting edge;
  • the presence of a hook;
  • a good sharpening;
  • a blunt wide back;
  • a comfortable handle.

Interesting! All other characteristics being equal, the knife blades with the falling blade are stronger than with the blasting one.

Carve a rabbit? Only with a knife!

The captured animal must be processed. Flush out, take off its skin, gut and cut into portions. An ordinary kitchen knife doesn’t suit here. With which hunting knife for a rabbit can you easily perform all operations? The characteristics of an item:

  • a thin short blade;
  • a sharp end;
  • a blunt wide back;
  • a good sharpening.

The size of the mammal is small. The presence of a hook is optional.

Advice! A folding Swiss knife with the orange handle produced by the company Victorinox will handle the task set well.

And what is beauty?

Man began to decorate weapons from the beginning of civilization. On the handles, scenes of successful hunting were depicted. Later, they were replaced by coats of arms or crosses.

Today, hunters pay much attention to the design of hunting tools. Individuality manifests itself in the best design of a hunting knife. A blade, handle and scabbard are decorated. The blade is engraved or etched.

Handle is:

  • made of valuable wood;
  • enchased with metal, leather, bone or gems;
  • complemented by animal figures;
  • decorated with plates with a picture at the request of a customer.


  • is made of expensive materials;
  • is tightened by fastenings from valuable metals;
  • has chased lining.

All expensive hunting knives have author’s design.

Advice! In pursuit of individuality, it’s not worth sacrificing reliability and ergonomics!

Bear hunting – with a knife and spear

This is an old kind of Russian hunting. The animals are lured out of the den with a spear in winter. Then they wait for it to rear up, approach closely and cause a fatal blow to the heart or stomach.

First-rate is the defeat of a bear by one person. In this case, the left hand is wrapped around with a strong item – earlier with the toe coat. In the right hand there is a tightly clamped knife. The animal rushes into the attack. The toe coat is put under it. The animal is distracted and gets a fatal blow.

If something goes wrong, a second hunter with a spear comes into action. A diversionary tactic is used. Then the first hunter attacks again.

The requirements for the best hunting knife for bear hunting are as follows:

  • a short knife blade;
  • stiffness is high enough;
  • a wide blade;
  • a handle is made of material that is snug to the palm of your hand;
  • a handle with notches for fingers.

Important! This kind of hunting requires good skill and physical fitness. Knowledge of animal psychology won’t be superfluous.

How not to drown in the sea of ​​information – the best brands

Among a large number of brands you need to competently navigate. It’s easy just to pay money. It’s hard to get what you want. Review of the most famous brands will help to solve the problem.

Kershaw – we will be friends with America!


Kershaw Knives has been producing since 1974. At first, the main production was in Japan. Types of knives:

  • with a fixed blade;
  • folding (semi-automatic and manual).

The design is rather modest. The handle material is plastic. The blade is made of high-strength powder steel. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty. There are additional options:

  • a scabbard;
  • a loop for wearing on the belt.

Today, the manufacturer presents the best hunting knife up to $50. The company is a part of Kai USA Ltd, which has premium goods.

Interesting! The most popular models of 2017:

  • Volt II folding;
  • Blur folding;
  • Needs Work folding;
  • Mini Mojo folding.

Cutco – trade without sanctions!


The company began to produce in 1949. The plant is located in the state of New York. At the present time they produce:

  • kitchen accessories;
  • hunter knives;
  • hairdresser’s tools.

Hunting knives are made of high-hard carbon steel. The material for handles is wood, plastic. Additionally, they are equipped with a scabbard. The products perfectly hold the sharpening. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty.

These products are the best hunting knives up to 100 dollars.

Important! Currently, it’s difficult to purchase due to the sanctions regime. But on the Internet there are ads about the sale of second-hand items.

Gerber – the need for a successful hunt


The company was founded in the late 30s of the last century in the United States. The owner wanted to fill the cheap market sector with decent goods.

The real strategy is the combination of quality and low price. Types of hunting knives:

  • with a fixed blade;
  • folded with one blade;
  • with a straight blade;
  • with a curved blade;
  • folding with several additional blades.

Advice! For a start it’s necessary to get one specialized knife and test it.

Boker – traditional German quality


The company exists since the XVII century. The Second World War practically ruined the factories. Production took place in the United States. In the 50s the plants returned to the Federal Republic of Germany. There were difficulties in the sales market. The revival occurred in the 70s of the last century.

Today production is located in China and Taiwan. This move allows you to reduce the cost of production and maintain quality.

Boker produces:

  • folding hunting knives;
  • kitchen knives;

Important! This German hunting knife will be a successful acquisition for those who expect to get good quality for a low price.

Puma – let’s swim together!


The Puma factory of knives has arisen in the XVII century in Germany. Today it produces hunting and kitchen accessories in small quantities.

The major advantage is a floating hunting knife. The object can float because of the special adjustment of the handle. It’s made of wood and has inserts made of cork and colored Plexiglas. When falling into the water, it becomes wet, but retains buoyancy. It dries quickly.

Important! On the surface there is only a part of the handle of a dark color. At night, the tool is easy to lose.

The set includes a leather scabbard. Advantages:

  • the blade of medium length, narrow, retains sharpening for a long time.
  • the flexibility of the blade.

Attention! The parties are very small. To purchase equipment, you must track the goods receipt to stores.

Damascus – favorite classics


This material is used for the manufacture of hunting equipment items for a long time. The advantages of knives:

  • strength;
  • long-lasting sharpening;
  • a sharp edge;
  • additional equipment with a scabbard and sharpener (optional);
  • beautiful decoration.


  • it’s impossible to sharpen by ordinary tools;
  • high price.

Damascus – the best Japanese hunting knife, ready to help out in difficult times.

Attention! This brand is often forged! Buy only from the official distributors!

There is a great variety of hunting knives. It’s difficult to make a good choice for the first time. You want to try new subjects and draw your own conclusions. This way is long, full of raptures and disappointments.

Don’t give up. To move forward it’s necessary from simple cheap brands to difficult and expensive. You should listen to the opinion of knowledgeable people. Information, especially about new items, should be carefully checked.

Only with the time you will get experience, which will help to acquire a necessary hunting knife. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. The most successful purchase is always ahead. You can and should experiment!

In conclusion, there are a few tips.

  1. You should work only with reliable manufacturers or sellers. Only there you can get full information about the product and check the availability of the certificate.
  2. Guarantee obligations are also realized there.
  3. Don’t be afraid to show ignorance. There is no person who knows everything.
  4. It’s required to constantly monitor the novelties. To do this, it’s reasonable to subscribe to SMS notifications.
  5. Always keep your ears open: watch out for consumer feedback.

A hunting knife is a dangerous object. It’s necessary to observe the rules of storage.

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