Main Things to Consider When Buy the Outdoor Trampoline

Are you looking for the best outdoor trampoline that not only has bounce, but the right design?

There are a few mistakes that people should know when they buy their first outdoor trampoline, and that often leads them to have to spend more money to solve the problem!

Today you are in the right place.

Here are the main things to consider if you are planning to buy the best trampoline for outdoor use.

TIP: Calculate the Space Where to Place the Trampoline

Calculate the Space Where to Place the Trampoline

An outdoor trampoline for gardens has the defect, if we want to call it so, that they are not small-sized items. Actually, they are rather cumbersome.

It is, therefore, necessary to have enough space to make the best possible use. Keep in mind that the average size of an elastic carpet of this type is about 2 meters in height and 4.60 meters in diameter.

Of course, the carpet cannot be placed in a 5-meter space as it is necessary that there is enough space around the object to allow access in an easy way and that to allows the carpet to oscillate in peace.

Although this model of a trampoline is usually left mounted for long periods of time, I should remind you that it is not a permanent mounting and can be dismantled at any time to be stored in the garage.

Maintenance and Care of the Outdoor Trampoline

The trampoline garden is a product designed to be outdoors and, for this reason, it will spend most of its life exposed to the elements, both during the summer and winter.

Certainly, it will be the winter season that will put your purchase more to the test. During this period, additional protection against rain and dry leaves will be necessary to prevent the springs from rusting and the carpet’s fabric from becoming dirty and fading.

Maintenance and Care of the Outdoor Trampoline

A cover is also necessary even if the carpet is made of the highest quality materials. Unfortunately, weather and atmospheric agents do not forgive anything and even these products will show signs of age and wear if not adequately protected. It would be a shame to let a good quality product go to ruin just to save a few bucks!

These cover sheets must be rather padded because this is the only way they can really fulfill their function to the fullest. These covers also protect the areas where the springs are located.

With some models, it is necessary to disassemble the safety net before assembly. The metal parts, such as the tubes of the frame, are often coated with a foam that, in addition to protecting us from hurting ourselves during possible impacts, greatly reduces the possibility of the occurrence of rust.

When you use the trampoline, you cannot use regular tennis shoes. In order to use this product, you must be barefoot or wearing only socks. This way, you ensure the surface of the carpet is kept clean and the safety padding doesn’t get damaged.

If it is not possible to keep the surface clean just by taking precautions on how the trampoline is used, you can always make up for it with a brush or a broom.

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One Last Useful Piece of Advice:

Choose a product from a famous brand. This will help you in case you need to buy a damaged spare part, as it will certainly be easier to find than one compatible with a carpet of some brand unknown to most.

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