6 Best 10 Foot Trampolines for Your Modest Backyard

10 Foot TrampolinesWhen it comes to trampolines, the bigger the unit is, the more fun it can promise.

A huge jumping surface will let you do more activities in them so it can be great recreational equipment to have. However, not everyone has the space to accommodate a large trampoline.

For some, the best 10-foot trampoline will be a better fit in their backyard.

Due to their smaller size, they can be a better option for regular homes. They can already create a fun space without taking up the entirety of your backyard. They’re easier to squeeze into an average suburban property so they can easily be the best pick for you.

Aside from being able to fit smaller yards, they can also be safer options. Because of their size, there’s a good chance that you can find a clear spot for it away from fences, trees, and other things that can seriously hurt a jumper in case of a fall.

You won’t have to compromise and hope that no one gets hurt in such a case because you can further minimize the dangers that come with this equipment.

However, it’s important to note that its small size also requires some safety precautions. For starters, you should be very strict in implementing a one jumper at a time policy. Because of the limited space, it’s easy for jumpers to bump, hit, and get tangled in each other in this trampoline.

It’s also very important to closely observe the weight limit just like with trampolines in bigger sizes. This is a basic safety measure for this equipment but it’s still worth mentioning just to be sure. If you’re willing to be extra careful, then the best 10-foot trampoline can be a good choice for your home.

How to Put Up a 10-foot Trampoline

Another important safety precaution that every trampoline buyer should observe is the proper installation of their unit. This can make or break their experience with this equipment as an improper setup can result in accidents, injuries, or even damaged or lost property.

To help you avoid such issues, here’s a quick step-by-step guide to installing a 10-foot trampoline:

1. Locate a flat area in your backyard that is not next to a tree, fence, or other potential hazards.

You must place your trampoline on a flat area so it can stand and support the jumper’s weight properly and evenly. If space has a sloping surface, the trampoline can flip and cause a fall as it won’t be able to catch the jumper’s downward movement. This can cause a serious injury so you must make sure to stick with this tip.

The spot you wish to place your 10-foot unit should also be at least 14 feet in diameter. Experts say that the trampoline should be at least 2 feet away from any structure or other objects. This helps minimize the risks of crashing into things during a fall, making an injury even worse.

This area also shouldn’t have a very hard surface. It’s best to place your trampoline on top of grass and soil as it has more give. It’s not recommended to place this equipment on top of concrete, though. Not only will it affect the performance of the leisure equipment but it can also be more dangerous in case of falls. If you don’t have any other choice, make sure to add some rubber matting to your setup.

2. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions to a T.

Due to the general design of trampolines, it’s highly important to set them up properly. Failing to do so won’t just affect its performance but it can also pose a safety risk.

The good thing is, each trampoline comes with an instruction manual so you can be able to install it properly on your own. You just need to follow the steps properly to make sure that you won’t miss anything in the process.

3. Using a safety enclosure is highly recommended.

This attachment might prove to be more beneficial for a trampoline of this size. As jumpers can easily lose their footing on these things, having a safety enclosure can slow down and minimize the impact of a fall. This makes it helpful in ensuring your safety.

Make sure to install this part properly, though. Otherwise, it won’t do a good job in preventing falls. A wobbly frame or a loose net can easily cause an injury, so you have to make sure that you have set up your unit properly.

4. Consider anchoring your trampoline.

If you’re going to leave your trampoline outside all year long, it’s best to keep it anchored to the ground. This way, bad weather and even thieves won’t be able to take it away. This will also prevent it from toppling over in case of a bad landing.

Top 6 10-Foot Trampoline

After learning the basics about this equipment, the next thing you might be wondering about is your options. For this, here are a few examples of the best 10-foot trampolines on the market today:

1. Skywalker 10 foot Round TrampolineSkywalker 10 foot Round Trampoline

Starting off this list is a product known for offering everything you need in a trampoline, the Skywalker Trampolines 10 foot Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring. Offering a complete set with a generous weight limit, it’s a quick pick for a lot of parents.

With safety always being an issue for trampolines, this product makes sure that it covers all bases. For one, it has a sturdy and stable enclosure net. The poles are supported nicely by reinforced T-sockets so it won’t easily twist or bend out of shape when it has to carry some weight.

Then there’s also its design. Aside from having small gaps to prevent fingers and small body parts from getting stuck, it’s also securely attached to the equipment’s frame. It goes around the jump mat so it ensures that you won’t land on the springs.

It also uses a no-gap design that minimizes the risks of getting body parts stuck in between the jumping mat, springs, and the enclosure net.

This product also further guarantees its quality construction and safety bypassing the American Society for Testing and Materials testing. Trampolines are not mandated to go through such evaluations by the law so this is a nice touch. With proper use, you can be sure that it’s a safe pick for your little one.


  • 175-lb weight capacity
  • Stay-put enclosure net with a no-gap design
  • 64 5.5” heavy gauge rust resistant springs
  • Reinforced T-sockets

2. Upper Bounce 10 foot TrampolineUpper Bounce 10 foot Trampoline

Aside from anchoring your trampoline to the ground, experts also recommend removing the enclosure net if it gets windy in your area. These things can turn your trampoline into a kite, so if it’s not tied to the ground, it can easily fly away.

Unfortunately, some products have complicated designs that will prevent you from doing such.

This makes the Upper Bounce Trampoline and Enclosure Set Equipped with The Easy Assemble Feature a nice pick as it offers a good alternative. Its enclosure net is easy to assemble and disassemble so you can opt to put it on and take it out any time.

You won’t have to take forever to get the chore done so you can enjoy the benefits of being able to attach and remove the part quickly.

This product also comes with some excellent safety features. A lot of buyers appreciate that it has a thickly padded spring cover. Even if the springs are located outside the enclosure net, they still bothered to use about an inch of foaming material to pad the area.

The enclosure posts are padded, too. These help cushion the hard and pinching parts of the trampoline which often cause injuries when landed on.

Lastly, this unit also comes with a high weight capacity. So if you’re after nice outdoor equipment that can help you get in better shape, this can be a solid pick.


  • 330-lb weight limit
  • Easy assemble/disassemble padded net enclosure posts with sleeves
  • High-quality jumping mat
  • Spring covers with thick foam safety pad
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame

3. North Gear 10-foot TrampolineNorth Gear 10 foot Trampoline

For a product that will suit your budget without sacrificing good features, you should check out the North Gear 10 Foot Trampoline Set with Safety Enclosure and Ladder.

This product comes with a friendly price tag, a generous weight limit, and the basic features you need in a trampoline. So if you want a no-frills option, this can be a solid pick.

What makes this product a nice choice? First off, it can handle up to 220 lbs. That’s already a lot more than what its competitors offer so it’s a good start.

The fact that it comes with every accessory necessary is also a great plus. It already comes with an enclosure, ladder, and even a cover to protect the unit from the changing weather.

Last, but not least, it’s very affordable. This makes it a great choice for those with young school-age kids.


  • 220-lb weight capacity
  • Includes a safety enclosure net, ladder, and cover
  • Galvanized, rust-resistant steel frame
  • Premium mesh material

4. Zupapa 10 Ft TUV Approved TrampolineZupapa 10 Ft TUV Approved Trampoline

The Zupapa 10 Ft TUV Approved Trampoline is a solid choice for those who are very particular about the overall quality of the equipment they want in their home.

With its TUV certification, it means that it meets safety and quality standards. This is a nice guarantee that it’s durable and sturdy.

A few more things about this product tend to stand out, too. For one, its legs are reinforced by the enclosure net poles. This promises more stability as its frame gets even more support.

As this product also comes as a complete setup, you won’t need to purchase accessories separately. This makes it a practical and convenient pick, too, saving you from the hassle of making multiple purchases.

To top it all off, it also has a 330-lb weight limit which is a lot. Combined with high-quality materials and its quality certification, it might just be the very thing a lot of buyers are looking for.


  • 330-lb weight limit
  • High-quality jumping mat
  • Reinforced legs
  • Ladder and enclosure net included
  • TUV certified

5. Giantex 10 foot TrampolineGiantex 10 foot Trampoline

The Giantex Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump Safety Enclosure Net W/Spring Pad Ladder is an affordable option that you should also check out if you’re on a budget. This product already comes with everything you need in a trampoline, so it can definitely be a great choice for a practical buyer.

What makes it very notable is its generous weight limit. It can handle up to 300 lbs so it can already meet various needs. Apart from this, it also includes the basic accessories in each package. You don’t need to buy a safety enclosure and ladder separately as this product already comes with both.

In terms of quality, this product also won’t let you down. It has a high-quality jump mat and a galvanized steel frame. Even its springs are made of top-notch material so you can count on a good bounce and movement from this unit.


  • 300-lb weight capacity
  • Includes safety enclosure and ladder
  • Galvanized rust-resistant steel frame
  • Padded safety enclosure posts

6. Homgrace 10 foot UV Proof Coating TrampolineHomgrace 10 foot UV Proof Coating Trampoline

For a product that looks and feels sturdy, the Homgrace 10 foot UV Proof Coating Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Protecting Net is also a good choice. Its sound design and use of high-quality materials make it a nice pick for practical shoppers.

What makes this product a good pick is the combination of its design and performance. Aside from just having a sturdy frame, it’s also designed to handle a lot of weight without a fuss. This makes it safe to use.

Further ensuring your safety, the enclosure’s frame is attached firmly to the frame. This guarantees that the net can hold the jumper’s weight and prevent a serious fall.

The spring cover and enclosure frame are also padded. These can provide some cushioning so you won’t get too hurt in case you land or bump into them.


  • 220-lb weight limit
  • Safety net enclosure with a UV-proof coating
  • Ladder included
  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Padded frame and spring cover

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best 10 Foot Trampolines

If you already have your heart set on a 10-foot trampoline, choosing a specific product can already be way easier. However, there are still a few crucial considerations that you should keep in mind if you want to bring home the best match for your needs.

What are these points that you should keep in mind? Here are a few:

Be very particular with the product’s quality.

Because of the dangers that come with this leisure equipment, you should make sure to minimize the risks by ensuring that you’re getting a high-quality unit. You should never settle for anything that looks too flimsy to hold your weight and the force of impact created by bouncing around.

There are lots of ways how you can check the quality of a trampoline. For starters, the size of the steel used for its frame and springs will tell you a lot about its sturdiness, stability, and bounciness. The jumping mat material should also give you an idea of how durable the unit can be.

This video may help you to choose a trampoline as well. Check this out…

Look for a product with a good weight capacity.

To make sure that it can be able to accommodate the intended user safely, you should be very particular about a product’s weight capacity. A lot of these 10-foot varieties have low weight limits but it’s also not impossible to find an item that can carry a heavier load.

Look for safety features.

Some trampolines come with just the actual trampoline unit while others have additional safety features like padded spring covers and a safety enclosure. Both can be good options for you, although, the latter can be a more practical pick.

Just make sure to manage your expectations, though. The units that come as a complete set usually have lower weight capacities than the ones that come without any add-ons to keep the prices low.

Consider your budget.

Trampolines don’t come cheap, so if you want to get one, even just a small one, be ready to spend a decent amount of money. Besides, you tend to get what you pay for when it comes to this equipment, so you really have to be ready to shell out some cash for it.

The best 10-foot units can still cost a pretty penny. Doing some research beforehand can help you formulate and make the most out of your budget, though.

Read reviews.

Most importantly, you should never skip reading reviews if you want to bring home the best 10-foot trampoline. These writeups are valuable sources of information for shoppers as they can tell you what to expect from the product and how it actually performs.

Final Verdict

As you can note from the list above, there are several options for the best 10-foot trampoline. The items listed above are just some of the few with promising features and great reviews.

With these alone, they can already be worth choosing. The positive feedback can already tell you that they deliver their promise and are quite safe to use. While the features can be very helpful in letting you know whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

With their generous weight capacities, sturdy construction, and safety features, these six products are definitely worth looking into. So if you don’t want to use up a lot of time and effort in making this purchase, give these products a shot and you might surprise yourself with great results.