Scent Control for Deer Hunting [How to Use Rainy Days]


Not all scent control comes in a bottle. Believe it or not one of the best forms of scent control is what meteorologists call ‘precipitation.’ And while some bowhunters dread a downpour, others have learned to use a rainy day to remain scent free.

Most hunters don’t celebrate rainy days. Just visit the local coffee shop during deer season. If it’s raining, the shop will be filled with guys who have already left their stand and are drinking hot coffee.

But with rain’s ability to wash away human odor, use those wet days to your advantage and put nature to work for you. And there’s a bonus—rain isn’t sold by the ounce—it’s free.

1. Check Trail Cameras

Rainy days are the perfect time to check trail cameras. With hunting season in full swing, the last thing you want is to leave any more human scent than necessary around your camera.

Rain will help wash away any human odor left on or around your camera, along with helping to eliminate any scent left along your entry and exit routes.

2. Wash Your Deer Decoy

With the rut quickly approaching, use a rainy day to wash your decoy. Simply assemble your decoy and set it outside where the rain can give it a bath. You can also use some form of scent elimination spray such as Dead Down Wind – Field Spray to assist with odor removal.

3. Deodorize New Hunting Gear


Whether it’s a new hunting pack, treestand or hoist line, most hunting gear has an odor when brand new. Set the new gear outside on a rainy day. You’ll be surprised how well the rain and weather will remove unwanted smells.

4. Clean Your Boots

It’s no secret that rubber boots can get a little rank during the early season. Perspiring feet and long hours in the stand can make for a smelly combination.

To keep your rubber boots scent free, simply hang them upside down and allow the rain and damp air to remove odors. You may also want to add a little Dead Down Wind – Boot and Storage Powder after they have dried completely.

5. Move Your Stand


As bad as we hate to, sometimes it’s necessary to move a stand after the season has already started. To limit the impact in any given area, move the stand on a rainy day.

Not only will the rain wash away odors, but the wet leaves will help you enter and exit the area much more quietly.

Use The Rain

Instead of mumbling under your breath about the foul weather, use the next rainy day to your advantage. Remaining scent free is a large part of being successful as a bowhunter.

Farmers can’t, but bowhunters can ‘make hay’ even if it’s pouring.

I consider it an honor to share the lessons we have learned, thoughts on various topics and the gear we have come to appreciate. In no way do we consider ourselves to be a professional or an expert, but we are passionate about encouraging others to participate in hunting. Our hope is that in sharing we might encourage others to get outside and experience the outdoors.