How to Dispose of an Old Trampoline

Trampolines bring endless joy to families, but over time, they may wear out, get damaged, or become unnecessary. When it comes to disposing of an old trampoline, there are several eco-friendly and innovative methods to consider that not only reduce landfill pressure but also give new life to old items.

1. Recycling

Most trampolines are made from metal, plastic, and fabric, all of which are recyclable materials. Dismantling the trampoline and separating the different materials is the first step in recycling. The metal frame can be taken to a recycling center, while the plastic and fabric parts may also have specific recycling channels.

2. Donation

If the trampoline is still in good condition, consider donating it to someone in need or an organization. Many families, schools, or children’s charities might welcome such a donation.

3. Selling

Selling an unwanted trampoline is another viable option. You can find buyers interested in second-hand trampolines through online marketplaces or community bulletin boards. This not only helps you recoup some of your investment but also extends the life of the trampoline.

4. Creative Repurposing

For those who enjoy DIY projects, old trampolines offer endless creative possibilities. For example, the trampoline mat can be transformed into an outdoor hammock or a garden trellis. The metal frame can serve as the structure for shelving or other outdoor fixtures.

5. Professional Recycling Services

Some areas may have companies that offer professional recycling services for old trampolines. These companies can ensure that all parts of the trampoline are properly disposed of and materials are maximized for recycling.


There are multiple ways to dispose of an old trampoline, from recycling to creative repurposing. It’s important to consider environmentally friendly options while also exploring the possibilities of giving old items new purposes. Through these methods, we can responsibly handle old items and contribute to environmental protection.

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