How to Make Your Own Water Trampoline

If you are into outdoor recreation, and especially one that involves water, then a water trampoline is the best way to do it. They provide lots of fun and entertainment for kids and also adults. Kids will spend most of their free time outdoors and away from television, video games and computer games.

How to make Water Trampoline

Children of all ages can make fun games playing on them. When it gets too hot they jump into the water and cool off. Adults too love enjoying themselves on them. It is not only enjoyable, jumping into the water is great exercise. They help individuals ease stress and also improve lung capacity.

However, purchasing the best model from a retail outlet can be very expensive. You can save costs by buying a used one. If you decide this then make sure that it is still in good condition.

If you don’t want to own one you can rent one. Renting prices varies depending on the company, but most range from $300 a day.

Having this in mind you can avoid spending so much money by making your own out of the regular one that you have. This will provide unforgettable fun for you and even your kids. Making your own can be achieved if you have the right tools and supplies.

To do this you will require the following: regular circular trampoline, UV protector, tubes for truck or car, rope, bungee cords, 2 PVC pipes of equal lengths (1/2 inch gauge), power drill, anchor rope and cinder blocks.

Here are the instructions

frame-cradle water Trampoline

Take out the jumping pad of the regular trampoline. Ensure that the pad is not damaged in any way. Cover the entire surface of the pad with the protective cover. Make sure the product you use protects it against ultraviolet rays and is waterproof.

Inflate the tubes and cinch the sides with the rope and ensure you don’t leave any holes in the middle. Tie the tubes together with the same rope in a tight circle, but just smaller than the pad.

Place the pad over the inflated circle and ensure the edges touch the ground. If your trampoline is small, you might only need one truck tube. Also, in case you have a larger pad, you can use a tube from a giant tire.

This way you only work with one tube for the entire project.

Cut off the hooks of the bungee cords to give them equal lengths. Every grommet on the pad needs to have equal lengths of the cord. Tie each cord in a strong knot to the grommet fitting looping the cord all the way around the ring of the tubes.

Tightly tie the other end around the tube ring to have a strong attachment point. Do this for the entire circle to secure every grommet to the tubes. Wrap the edges of the pad tightly enough on the tube ring so that jumping will not allow the pad to slip off.

Tie bungee cords to 4 points of equal distance on the tube ring. Drill holes, which are of the same diameter as your circle, on the PVC pipe. These holes should be big enough to allow the bungee cord to easily pass through.

Thread the 4 bungee cords through the 4 holes, keeping the pipes on the lower side of the tire ring. Tie a knot around the whole pipe and ensure you leave enough excess cord. The excess cord allows you to tie the ends together in one junction without bending pipes. Attach the anchor rope to this junction.

Once you are finished and it is ready, place it in water that is 8 feet deep. Make sure that it is also at least 30 feet away from any dock.

The anchor rope should be tied to the anchor or if you don’t have an anchor you can use cinder bricks. You can also use the mooring block that you don’t use. Whatever you decide to use as the anchor just make sure it is tied tightly. You should also make sure you place it under the raft.

Following the above instructions will not only save money but also ensure you and your family have the best outdoor recreation money can buy. It also ensures that you and your family get adequate exercise thus healthy living.

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