Outdoor Fun With A Square Trampoline [Why Choose This]


A square trampoline is a great way to have some backyard fun, while also getting great exercise.

Square trampolines are less common than round trampolines, but there are some benefits to buying a square trampoline over around one in certain cases.

Whether you have a round or a square trampoline, however, you can be sure that you will be providing a fun, energizing recreational activity for kids of all ages.

Which is a Better Round or Square Trampoline?

One reason that some people prefer to buy a square trampoline vs. a round trampoline is that it may fit into certain locations better.

Square trampolines can fit into a corner spot easily and also provide a great deal of jumping space.

Another reason people like square trampolines is due to their unique shape. As they have a different look to them than traditional round recreational ones do.

Square trampolines are often used for competitive jumping, so those who are interested in more competitive gymnastics may prefer to buy a recreational square trampoline for home use, since it better mimics the conditions under which they will compete.

Some Options to Consider When Choosing a Square Trampoline

For those with young children, there are small square trampolines with attached bars.

Young children can hold onto the bar while jumping on the small square surface. These are low to the ground and are a great option for small children that love to jump but for which a larger trampoline might be too dangerous.

A small square trampoline can also be used by someone interested in using the trampoline for a personal workout.

This is a great idea for adults that just want a small jumping surface on which to burn some calories and tone their muscles, without the need for a large trampoline in their backyard.

In fact, some small square trampolines are small enough to be used indoors.

If you have older children, or you expect the trampoline to be used by a number of people at once, a large square trampoline is probably a better choice.

Larger trampolines not only accommodate more jumpers at one time, but they also provided added jumping space for single jumpers.

This makes a full size square trampoline a good choice for those who will be performing dangerous stunts on the trampoline or for those who want the added jumping space in order to provide additional safety.

What are the Safest Outdoor Trampolines?

Skywalker Elite 14×14’ square trampoline

Speaking of safety, a square trampoline requires the same safety precautions as around one.

You can get special square trampoline safety enclosures that will prevent accidental spills off the side of the trampoline.

You can also buy square trampoline mats that can be placed around the edges of the trampoline. And also on the floor below the edge of the trampoline to provide added protection if someone does fall.

If possible, buy a square trampoline with a safety enclosure included so that you can be sure that the safety enclosure perfectly fits the model of the trampoline you are buying.

If your trampoline does not come standard with a safety enclosure. And you will have to buy a square trampoline enclosure that is made to fit the particular size and model of the trampoline that you have.

When it comes to square trampolines, you will not find as wide a variety of manufacturers that sell square trampolines as you will round ones.

One of the most popular types of the square trampoline for sale is the Skywalker square trampoline.

You will find a number of retailers that carry their most popular model, the Skywalker Elite 14’×14′ square trampoline.

You will also find Skywalker Elite square trampolines with safety enclosures as well as Skywalker Elite square jumping mats and safety mats.

Other brands of square trampolines to look into are the Texas square trampoline and Springfree square trampoline. You’ll also find a variety of mini square trampolines for sale as well.

Where to Get the Square Trampoline?

Square trampolines may not be as easy to find in the stores as their round or oval cousins. You may find a sporting goods store or retailer that can order a square trampoline for you if they don’t have it in the store, but often you’re better off buying a square trampoline online.

Amazon is a good place to find the Skywalker Elite square trampolines.

Other retailers like Sams Club and JC Penney may have square trampoline options as well.

Whatever size or shape trampoline you get, whether a small or a large one, a round or a square trampoline, you can be sure that having a trampoline in your own backyard will lead to hours and hours of the good fashioned fun – leading to some toner legs and a stronger heart to boot!

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