3 Reasons Why You Should Use Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

Over the years I’m sure we have all heard some spectacularly silly reasons made up to avoid working out. Using adjustable weight dumbbells, you do not have these excuses standing in the way of your ideal body.

They allow you to stay motivated and on track when working toward your fitness goals. Their innovative design, new technology, and adjustable control offer you great alternatives to normal dumbbells that can sometimes seem impractical.

Adjustable Dumbbells Save Space

So how can adjustable dumbbells create an open home gym experience (link to the front page)? Normal dumbbells require that you buy 5,10,15, and 20-pound individual weight sets, but adjustable dumbbells offer a convenient option!

Adjustable Dumbbells Save Space

These dumbbells only require 30 inches in width of space and can be easily moved. Compare this to a number of normal dumbbells and you will appreciate the size of the adjustable dumbbell.

Weight Savings of Adjustable Dumbbells

As mentioned above, hauling around a bunch of normal dumbbells can create up to 150 more pounds for you to lift.

With another adjustable dumbbell you could have a weight of up to 50 pounds and still get the same great workout. The options of places to store these dumbbells are out of this world: under a bed, in a garage, a closet, home theater system, etc. This new technology screams convenience!

The Convenience of Adjustable Dumbbells

One of the most sought after characteristics of dumbbells is convenience.

All you have to do is change the amount of weight you would like on each dumbbell, which is extremely easy.

You may even choose to buy a stand to set your dumbbells on, making them easier to pick up, and taking some strain off of your back.

Make sure to do this if you have ever had any back problems. Some of the newer dumbbells come with a push-up block to allow for more adjustment options during your workout.

These new dumbbells are great for losing weight.

You first need to recognize that you are the only one in charge of your body and losing weight.

You need to be dedicated and honest and decide to lose weight for the right reasons. Some people oftentimes avoid the gym because of their busy schedules, family, and personal problems, and limit their ability to reach their weight loss goals.

affordable dumbbells

Buying these affordable dumbbells bring convenience into your home, and may take some of the embarrassment out of going to the gym.

The technologically advanced adjustable dumbbells are easy to use and offer a variety of options when adding or taking away weight. This can be done incrementally, and it comes in especially handy when storing the items.

If you plan on lifting heavy weights or performing a cardiovascular workout, you should use the weighted dumbbells in a way that your body can adapt to. Changing the amount of weight you are lifting often keeps the body, and your muscles, on their toes and makes the most of your efforts.

If you want to switch between heavy and light weights you may be able to do so, depending on your body type. By using these adjustable dumbbells you will be able to tone your body, create more muscle, and stabilize muscles all of your body, including your heart.

Overall, these are all beneficial when attempting to lose weight, and gives you an even more effective workout than conventional dumbbells and machines would.


Adjustable dumbbells allow you to do a number of things: save space, lose weight, add to your typical workout routine, and add comfort while lifting weights.

The cost may seem high, but the benefits far outweigh the loss of money and you will be happy with the dumbbells for quite a while after you’ve paid for them. Adjustable dumbbells remove all excuses from exercising!

ERWIN Wilson
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