What are Advantages of Home Dumbbell Workout [5 Beneficial for You]

Dumbbells are known as one of the most effective and versatile workout options in terms of building strength. These are great because of their portability and can be used in the gym or at home. There is an infinite number of exercise options that you can take advantage of when it comes to your dumbbell workout.

First, you should knowwhy home dumbbell workouts are beneficial for you. Secondly, you also need to be aware of all safety measures while working with your new dumbbells so that you can successfully avoid any injuries that may setback your workout progress.

This guide attempts to show you the advantages of a home dumbbell workout and provide motivation in your new gym area. Later, we will provide a great example of some home dumbbell workouts that you can easily follow and use to start a great routine.

why home dumbbell workouts are beneficial for you

Advantage #1: Convenience

Who wants to drive to the gym when you can get an effective workout from your very own home? Forget working your way from room to room at the gym, waiting your turn for machines, and paying outrageous gym fees. This way, you can train anytime you want in your house.

Advantage #2: Flexibility

Doing dumbbell workouts at home provides a variety of ways to perform your routine. If you would like to watch your favorite television show while working with your dumbbells this is easily attainable at home. You can do this in your own living room or even while waiting for dinner to be done cooking.

Advantage #3: Time

Being able to workout at home is more than just convenient; it also saves time and is great for people with busy schedules. If finding time to go to the gym is challenging and not on your list of chores for the day, lifting weights at home can be very convenient. Home dumbbell workouts are great for people that lack the time to go to the gym.

All that you need to work out in your own home is a set of dumbbells and timers. Once you have all of the necessary equipment you can most likely finish your home workout in less than 30 minutes.

Advantage #4: Free

Saving money is possibly the most important advantage of working out at home! Avoid the walk-in costs and membership fees and treat yourself to something else each month

Advantage #5: Space

You probably remember seeing exercise equipment all over your gym, along with trainees and people waiting in line for machines. Remember your frustration when dealing with this inconvenience.

Space is another great reason to workout at home. This creates a hassle free environment, and you will have more space to workout properly and get the results you want.

Home Dumbbell Workout Exercise Program

Home Dumbbell Workout Exercise Program

Below is an example of a dumbbell workout that you can use in your own training program:

  • Sit or stand with a dumbbell in each hand using a hammer-grip method
  • Position your feet so that they are a little less than shoulder width apart
  • Inhale slowly and prepare your body to begin your workout
  • Bend your right elbow and pivot your arm so that your palm is facing up. Raise the dumbbell up to shoulder height.
  • Next, position the dumbbell horizontally so that your forearm is pointing up and your thumbs are facing outward.
  • Finally, lower your dumbbell to the starting position and complete the same exercise using your left arm. Remember to move in slow, fluid motions.

Be Reminded of the Following While doing this Dumbbell Workout

  • Be sure to find weights that fit your program. You should be able to complete the workout without compromising form.
  • Try not to sway either forward or backward when lifting your dumbbells. The extra momentum creates a “cheating” technique that is not as effective. Try your best to keep good form, especially in your upper body. Controlled lifting movements are the best, which requires slow movements.
  • You can do these exercises on a bench, in a chair, or even using both arms at the same time to make it a little harder.

Note:Remember to do a warm-up and stretch before you start lifting. Some light cardio may be preferred. Your muscles need to be ready for the added weight in order to avoid injury.

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