How Much Weight Can a Exercise Trampoline Really Hold?

Knowing the exercise trampoline weight limit is necessary before you even buy it. If you’re over the weight limit, there is a good chance you will injure yourself or at the very least damage the trampoline. However, you can avoid this by using the following as a weight limit guide.

Trampoline Weight Limits According to Size

Trampoline weight capacities can be determined by their classification. There are basically two: trampolines for adults and children. The smaller the trampoline, the less weight it can hold, and the opposite if the trampoline is for adults.

However, the weight limits for either category vary because there is no standard. On average, most kids’ trampolines have a weight capacity of 150 lbs. This limit makes it impossible for most men to use, but petite women can. Even so, these are best reserved for kids because the dimensions are not suitable for adults.


Trampolines for adults on the other hand, have a capacity of 400 to 450 lbs. or even more. With this capacity, it is more than enough for most adults. The weight may be suitable for two adults, but that doesn’t necessarily mean two people should get on it. While the weight is suitable for two, the physical dimensions of these trampolines are only for one.

Can kids use an adult exercise trampoline? It is possible, but we don’t recommend it. Unless the child is over the weight limit for kids’ trampolines, there’s no reason for them to use the one for adults.

Trampoline Weight by ShapeExercise trampolines weight limit

Rectangular and round trampolines have the same weight capacities. Most round trampolines max out at 400 lbs. but those with 450 lb. weight limits are available now. Almost all rectangular trampolines have a 450 lb. weight capacity.

If both have the same weight limit, does it make any difference which one you use? For some, it is the shape that makes a difference, as the rectangular shape offers more room to perform various maneuvers.

A rectangular trampoline may offer more weight support and have greater durability because there’s less stress on the springs. Round trampolines always use the spring whenever you bounce. In contrast, a rectangular trampoline only uses the springs near where you bounce.

The fewer springs are used, the less wear and tear. This is especially important if you’re going to use it for intense exercise. However, this doesn’t mean round trampolines are not durable, as it depends on the brand.

But assuming the weight limit is the same, it is probably better to go with the rectangular type for the reasons cited above. The fact that the rectangle is preferred by gymnasts says a lot about its durability and quality.

Trampoline Materials

Exercise trampoline weight limit will also be affected by the materials used. The most important are the frame, springs and jumping pad.

The jumping pad needs to be durable and can handle your weight. Those for adults have to be made of reinforced materials. Check out the specs and make sure that it is suitable for your weight and what you intend to do with it.

Next are the springs. The weight capacity of a trampoline rests a lot on the springs’ durability. We have mentioned that the shape has an effect on the springs, so keep that in mind. If you’re going to go with a round trampoline, make certain the springs are made for heavy duty use.

The frame has a similar effect on the trampoline’s weight limit as the springs. Exercise trampolines for children are not as durable as those for adults. But make sure they are of high quality so there’s no risk of injury. You need to take the same approach with any exercise trampoline you use.

When it comes to trampolines, you must never compromise when it comes to quality. No matter the weight limit, make sure the materials are the best.


What does the brand have to do with the weight limit? When a trusted brand says the weight limit is 450 lbs. you can be certain that is indeed the case. Even if you weigh several hundred pounds, you can be confident it will hold up. In contrast, the same claim made by an unknown brand, you will probably be skeptical.

Brand quality is also crucial when checking out the material composition. We have mentioned that the jump pad, spring and materials are crucial. If you want to get one of those high quality trampolines, take the brand into consideration because as you have probably realized, not all weight claims are true.

If you’re not familiar with the different brands, one of the things you should do is read customer reviews. Read the feedback and check if the supposed weight limit really holds up or not. If the feedback is good, you should feel confident about its capacity.

Other Factors to Consider

Weight limit is not the only factor that you need to consider. You also have to account for the other elements. Make sure there is at least an overhead clearance of 24 feet, and the ground must be level. Second, the trampoline needs to be set on an even surface. As long as the ground is even, the trampoline won’t have any problems when it comes to supporting your weight.

Once you’re confident the trampoline is the right one and can support your weight, make sure that it is properly situated. Choose an even but relatively soft surface like grass. Avoid cement or rocky surfaces because that will put a lot of stress on the springs and frame.

The more stress there is on the frame, the more brittle it becomes. A few more things to remember: do not put any object under the trampoline, and there must be at least six feet horizontal clearance from any object.

Final Verdict

Exercise trampoline weight limit varies, which is why research is essential. There was a time in the past that doing research was difficult, but now the web has simplified things a lot. By taking the time to study the weight limit, you don’t have to worry about the trampoline not being able to support your weight.

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