How to Pop Shove it on a Skateboard?

Thepop shove it tricks also spelled as pop shuv it. This trick is a variation of shove it and Ollie.

In this trick, you need to spin the board 180 degrees without rotating your body. You can get way more fun than an Ollie or shove it with this trick.

So, let’s help you to learn this trick.

Let’s know about Ollie and shove it before starting

As the pop-shove-it is a variation of Ollie and shove it trick. So, you must learn these two tricks before trying pop shove it. So, let’s know about these two tricks before starting.

Shove it

Shove it

It is a very simple trick. In this trick, you need to spin the board at 180 degrees. The board will not lift off from the ground more than an inch, and the tail will not touch the ground during the spin. You can follow the tactics part below if you do not know how to do it.

Tactics of Pop shove it

  • Step 1:Place your front foot at the mid of the deck and put your back foot on the tail by half hanging.
  • Step 2:Crouch down and bend your knees.
  • Step 3:Unload your weight from the board by lifting up your body from the deck. Meanwhile, shove the board with your back foot and use your front foot to spin the board.
  • Step 4:When the board completes a 180 spin catch the board with your feet and land it off the ground

Spinning the wheel in 180-degree front side is known as frontside shove it and spinning back side is known as backside shove it.


Ollie is a bit harder than the shove. This trick is a combination of jumping popping and kicking. You can know details about this trick from this article – “How to Ollie?”

Pop shove it

Pop shove it

Have you learned to shove it and Ollie already? If yes, it is time for you to learn pop shove it. So, read the tactics part attentively and follow the steps appropriately.


Step 1: Gain a little speed

Push your board and get a comfortable speed to get prepared for the trick.

Step 2: Position your feet on the board

Place your front foot at the mid of the deck by a little angle. Keep your heel slightly hanging. The front foot placement should be placed in the same position as you place for an Ollie.

The back foot should be placed as the shove-it position. Put it in the toe side pocket of the deck tail.

Step 3: Crouch and bend your knees

Bend your knees a little bit to get the momentum to jump. This method will let you get up in the air for a bit longer so the board will spin 180-degree angles under your feet.

While bending, crouch your body to hang your arms under your knees. The arms will lift up during the pop up which will give you extra momentum.

Step 4: Pop up the board

Now push the tail with your back foot harder to pop it up. Lift up your feet and move forward according to the direction of the board spinning.

Step 5: Keep your feet above the board

Keep your front feet above the board while it is spinning. Use your front foot to guide the board if needed.

Step 6: Catch the board for a landing

After the board completes a 180-degree spin, catch the board with your feet and land it off. While catching the board try to place your front foot near the front deck and back foot near the tail. Bend your knees while the trucks touch the ground to reduce the shock.

That’s all about it. Keep practicing this trick to master it. After learning this trick correctly you can try to spin the board at 360 degrees to get more fun.

Variations of pop shove it

There are few variations of pop shove it. The most common and popularpop shove it variations are given below:

  • Fakie backside pop shove it
  • Fakie frontside pop shove it
  • Frontside pop shove it
  • Nollie backside pop shove it
  • Nollie frontside pop shove it
  • 360 pop shove it and more.

Variation tricks are a combination of multiple tricks so they are a little bit tough, and you just need a good skill about few different tricks. So, you just need to master the primary pop shove it tricks before trying the variations.


You can never learn skateboarding or any tricks without practicing. So keep practicing regularly. Tactics are not the complete solution; it is a way to make your learning faster.

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