Skateboard Learning Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you are new to skateboarding and decided to start an enjoyable riding then you may find it a very difficult thing since you haven’t any previous ideas about its tricks. Because there are lots of trick tips behind skateboarding.

As much as tricks you can use, it improves your moves easily. In this article, you will find a lot of trick tips about skateboarding which will help you a lot to make a professional and enjoyable riding. Now I am telling you about these trick tips in the following section of this article.

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Primary Trick Tips

Look at your shoulders

The first and primary thing is to watch your shoulders. Your shoulders play a major role while distributing your weight. Your shoulder’s positions may not be different. You may notice that when many people Ollie, they keep their shoulders in parallel lengthwise.

Keep balance in hips

You must keep your balance in the hips. All trip tricks are depending on how you will hold your body on the skateboard and you can’t exempt your hips. It is a very important part to distribute your weight. If you haven’t good control over your hips and body, it can occur in an accident. When your hips turn too much, then it is very dangerous things to make you injured.

Trick Tips for Beginner Flat ground


Set the front foot in the middle of the skateboard and front bolts and back foot on the tail. Then push down the tail and bend the knees and crouch and keep the shoulders level and square with your feet.


Pop the tail down with the back foot and drag the front foot at the nose, while the board is touching the ground. After getting off the ground, you can level out and land with both feet at the same time.


Place the front foot behind the front bolts at a 45-degree angle. Now pop up the board with the back foot and give an ankle flick with the front foot at the concave starts and suck up your feet.


After flipping once, bring the front foot on the board and your back foot will catch it naturally. Now grab it firmly on the bolts with both feet.


Place the front foot behind the front bolts and keep your body balanced and straight as you ready to pop. Keep your head in the middle of two feet and don’t trend forward so much. Pop down the tail straightly with the back foot and jump straight up.


When the tail touches the ground, then flick up the front foot above the upper concave and keep up the front foot. Now as the board come around back stomp it down with the feet and ride away.

Pop shove-it

Place your feet like an ollie. Set the front foot towards the nose and the back foot little up to the tail. Now scoop it and pull the back foot.

Pop shove-it

Drug up the board with the front foot and shove forward it in your wanted direction. Then suck up your legs to spin the board and catch it on both of the bolts with your feet and getting land.

Trick & Tips for Slides and Grinds

50-50 grind

Set up your feet like an ollie and approach near the target at a 45-degree angle at a moderate speed and keep your eyes in the chosen place of the target.

Pop shove-it

Now pop into a correct ollie and lock the trucks onto the target. When you land on the target, bend the knees slightly and keep balanced for riding out the grind.

Board slide

Place your feet like an ollie and approach at a parallel angle to the target. Now pop a correct ollie and turn the front or back side which you want and turn your body in that direction.

Board slide

When you land on the target keep your body vertical to the rail or ledge and bend the knees slightly. Now turn into your chosen direction to land from the grind.

5-0 grind

It is likely to the 50-50 grind. After pop, the board distributes your weight to the back foot and when you land, touch the object with the back truck.

Now bend the knees slightly when you land on the target keep balanced. Then lift the nose slightly and Ollie off or pivot off as you get off and bend your knees.

Nose grind

It is similar to the 5-0 grind. You will just need to use the front foot and front truck instead of the back foot and back truck and keeping balanced using the nose grind.

Now perform a slight nollie and pop the board off or use your hips to give a little push off for landing.

You can follow these tips as a beginner. You can also follow the experts and take advice from them to get an enjoyable and professional skateboarding experience.

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