Best Longboard Skateboard Wheels for Cruising

If someone asks you the name of a most important part of a skateboard can you mark any specific part? Hope you can’t because every part of a skateboard is very important. You won’t be able to run your skateboard without a single part.

Like the others, the best skateboard wheels are also an essential part of a skateboard because they roll the skateboard on the ground. And it is the main fact of using wheels.

But, do you know perfect riding performance relies on the wheels? Yes, because the speed and acceleration depend on the wheels along with the bearings. So it is important to choose the best quality wheels for skateboarding because the wheels get damaged quickly than all other parts because of the direct friction with the ground.

Best Skateboard Wheels

You should choose the best quality skateboard wheels to get better performance and durability. But, you may feel hesitation in choosing the best wheels because the market is filled with a lot of brands and models. For this reason, we are here to help you.

From this article, you can get details information about the three best skateboard wheels which are the best selling wheels in both Amazon and the local market for their performance and durability.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard Wheels for a Rider?

Let’s tell a story!!!

A few days ago, John bought a new longboard wheelset. He is a downhill lover but he purchased a set of 60 mm wheels with a 75A durometer. But when he went riding, he understood the mistake. Can you tell what the mistake was? Yes, for downhill, speed is the most important fact so 78-90A wheels are perfect for a better downhill experience.

Like John, if you don’t have enough idea about the fact for choosing the best-fitted skateboard wheels according to your skill, riding type and styles you may not able to get the perfect riding performance. So, it is better to know about the facts for choosing the best-fitted wheels for your skateboard/longboardbefore purchase.

Skill level

Φ Consider the speed and acceleration capacity of the wheels according to your skill level before purchasing a new set. Because speed controlling depends on rider skill. Generally, if you are an intermediate or expert rider you can easily control your board even at the fastest speed.

ΦBut, if you are a beginner, you may not be able to control yourself at high speed. So, look after the durometer rating of the wheel before purchase it. Because the speed depends on the durometer rating. If you have enough skill, you can choose high-speed wheels.

ΦFor beginners, it is recommended to choose the minimum durometer rating to get a safe and enjoyable riding performance.

ΦIf you are a beginner downhill, freeride or freestyle rider, 78-80A wheels will be best for you.

ΦIf you are an intermediate or expert rider, you can go with an 80+ durometer rating according to your controllability and confidence.

ΦFor cruising, carving and tricky riding, 75-80A wheels are recommended because these wheels contain fair speed and easy to accelerate, so you can do perfect tricks, turn and slides with better control and acceleration. But if you have enough skill you can choose any type of wheel.

Riding type

ΦFor downhill, simple cruising and traveling, big or medium size wheels with fast speed are suitable. Because you can ride at a fast speed with better control.

ΦBut if you like tricky riding like carving, jumping, freestyle, freeride etc. You should choose small or medium size wheels to get better controllability with a fair speed. For tricky riding, 50-80 mm wheels will be the better choice.

Φ Remember,Large and hard wheels are faster than the small and soft but they contain less acceleration and controllability. So, it is better to choose the medium size wheels if you have the average skill level.

Which are the Best Skateboard Wheels for Sale?

Hope you get a little idea about the fact of choosing skateboard wheels. Now, it is time to know about the best skateboard wheels for sale on the market.

We’ve analyzed more than 100 wheels and choose three unique and universal wheelset which is suitable for both longboard, skateboard and all type of riding. You can choose any of them according to your skill level to get a better riding experience. So, read the review of these 3 wheels and compare them with each other to get a better solution.

1. Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

Ricta is a leading brand that supplies skateboard wheels and all other accessories. Ricta wheels are popular for their unique look and quality.

Among all of their wheels, we choose the Ricta, Clouds White 78a Skateboard Wheel, 54 mm as the best skateboard wheels from Ricta. But why it is one of the best skateboard wheels? Let’s know the answer.

Features and Benefits

Now, take a look at the significant features of this unique wheel. It may help you to consider these wheels for your skateboard.

Comes in classic white color with sky blue core and rounded blue color signature which makes them more beautiful.

These 54-mm wheels are made of urethane so these wheels are soft enough and roll smoothly on the ground even on the roughest.

78A durometer rating which means these wheels are fast enough for riders who like to do tricks with fast speed.

Small wheels are good for fast acceleration. These 78A longboard wheels are lightweight and not so big which helps to get better control.

Soft and small skateboard wheels are perfect for cruiser skateboard/longboard. This one is the best longboard wheel for cruising.

Special Feature

The most interesting feature of the Ricta, Clouds White 78a Skateboard Wheel, 54 – mm is that these wheels contain a 78D center set core which lets them flip easily and provide a better grip.

  • Affordable price and available in the full 4-wheel package.
  • You can get smooth-riding performance with fast speed.
  • Bearings go in easily.
  • Classic look.
  • Suitable for both skateboard and longboard.
  • Not suitable for board slides.
  • Wear out quickly.

2. Bigfoot Mountain Cruisers Longboard WheelsBigfoot Mountain Cruisers Longboard Wheels

Hope you’ve heard about Bigfoot before. If not, let’s know a little bit about them. Bigfoot is a popular brand that supply all kinds of skateboard wheels all over the world. They are well known for their high-quality and high-performance wheels.

Bigfoot produce 7 different wheel models for different riding types. All of these 7 models are the best-selling skateboard wheels on both Amazon and the local market.

Among all of them, we have selected the Bigfoot mountain cruisers longboard wheels as the best skateboard wheels for sale from skateboard for their high-quality features. So, let’s know about them from the feature part below

Features and Benefits

Large wheels can absorb more shocks and bumps, so it provides speedy riding. These 76 mm wheels are suitable for both skateboard and longboard. Plus, these wheels are a little big so you can get high speed with them even on the rocky or bumpy streets.

The wheels with 80A + durometer rating are best for freeriding, down hilling and sliding. It contains an 80A durometer rating that means these wheels are a little hard as well as slide more so you can get the fastest cruising, freeride and downhill performance with these wheels.

You will be able to get a better and faster sliding experience with these hard longboard wheels. You can say that it is one of the best longboard sliding wheels. These pink longboard wheels are available in

These pink longboard wheels are available in multiple attractive colors with a bigfoot logo. You can buy these longboard wheels for a smooth and easy sliding experience.

If you want durable, affordable and fast longboard wheels, then you can easily choose them. It contains high-quality features and better performance than all other same price wheels.

Special Feature

The most interesting feature of these bestlongboard wheels is that these wheels are constructed by a newly developed SHR (Super high rebound) formula. This formula has developed according to the rider’s feedback and requirements. So, these wheels are more rider friendly and you can get better riding performance with them.

  • Least expensive and high quality.
  • Suitable for speedy riding.
  • Provide the fastest downhill experience.
  • Better acceleration.
  • Suitable for both skateboard and longboard riding types.
  • Provide better sliding performance.
  • Not suitable for tricky riding.
  • You can’t get complete sliding performance unless breaking the wheels.

3. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard WheelsPowell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta!!! Every skateboarder and longboarder knows about this company. It is one of the oldest and leading Skateboard companies who producing skateboard, longboards and all other related parts and accessories since 1978.

And Powell Peralta manufactures 50 different types of high-quality and high-performance skateboard wheels for both skateboard and longboard.

Among all of them, we have chosen the Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels as the best skateboard wheels for sale from Powell Peralta.

Features and Benefits

You may get the question in your mind that why this model is the best skateboard for sale. So, just skate your eyes through the features and benefits provided below to get the answer.

These 60 mm medium size wheels are perfectly fit with all types of longboard and skateboard. And this size is suitable for all riding types and you can do all kinds of tricks and slides with them.

80A+ durometer wheels are recommended for sliding, down hilling and freeriding. These Powell Peralta wheels come with a 90A durometer and the maximum hardness of the wheels is 100A. So these hard longboard wheels can be the best choice for sliding longboard.

You can do all kinds of tricks and slides at high speed with better control because these wheels are easy to accelerate and roll smoothly. You can rely on these best longboard wheels for sliding.

Affordable price. You can purchase them even you have a short budget to purchase any high-class wheels. It also offers a warranty from the manufacturer.

Bones wheels are harder than other wheels. Rat bone shape provides easy flip and better grip.

Special Feature

The most interesting feature of the Powell Peralta Skateboard Wheels is that these wheels are soft enough but contain a 90A durometer rating. So, you can get smooth turning and perfect control with the fastest speed. You can bomb the hill like a missile with these wheels. Besides, you can get better control even at the highest speed because these wheels are soft enough and roll smoothly.

  • Soft but fast.
  • Provide better acceleration.
  • Smooth rolling over the ground.
  • Fit with both longboard and skateboard.
  • Suitable for all types of skateboard and longboard riding types.
  • Can’t roll over a rough surface.

Final Words

Hope you may get the best solution from our review article because we have provided details information about the best skateboard wheels and short details of Amazon customer feedback.

We have given great priority to product quality and customer experience and satisfaction during our research for selecting the best skateboard wheels. Because our main target is to help skateboarders to increase their interest in riding. So, keep an eye on us, we’re always here to help you.

And don’t forget to comment on our articles, your comment will help us to find out more problems and solutions.

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