Atom Drop Through Longboard (40 Inch) Review

Do you want to ride downhill like a rocket? To feel the real speed of downhill riding, you must need a longboard which is perfect for both speed and control. But, are you not satisfied with your longboard or searching for a perfect longboard that can provide super smooth and speedy riding performance?

Stop googling, the Atom Drop Through Longboard (40 Inch) longboard is here for you. You may get wonder after knowing that it is the upgrade version of the Atom Drop-Through 41-Inch longboard and the manufacturer built this longboard according to the rider’s suggestion.

Atom Drop Through Longboard

So, there is no doubt that it is the perfect longboard for riders. You can understand the importance of this longboard after reading the whole article. So, start skating through this article with your eyes.

Let’s know about the specifications

TypeTwin (2-directional)
DeckHardwood maple and bamboo
Deck graphicLaminated photo
heat transfer graphic.
Dimension40 x10 x4.5 inches
Weight7.9 pounds
Wheel70 x 51 mm
Atom Area 51 78A SHR
BearingsABEC 9
Griptape46 grit, coarse
TruckNavigator Drone 40 degree reverse kingpin
truck with 180 mm axles

Unique features of Atom Drop Through Longboard (40 Inch)

  • Its stiff and flexible deck is made of bamboo, hardwood maple and laminated with a photo heat transfer graphic.
  • Includes Navigator Drone 40 degree reverse kingpin trucks with 180 mm axles.
  • It comes with Atom Area 51 70 x 51 mm 78A SHR wheels.
  • The wheels contain ABEC 9 rating bearings with high-speed lubricant.
  • The deck is covered with 46 grit coarse grip tape.
  • This Atom Longboard is a 2-directional longboard.

The most amazing featureof this Longboard is that it is a 2-directional longboard. That means you can use both sides as the front facing and kicktail. So you can get a lot more fun by doing perfect and smooth turns, tricks, slides and brakes.

Best Benefits

  • The deck is lightweight and flexible but stiff enough. So you can get a stable and smooth riding experience with more durability.
  • It is a medium-size longboard (40″) which is perfect for any type of riding (especially downhill) and riders from beginner to expert.
  • The large (70 x 51 mm) wheels with ABEC 9 lubricated bearings are built for super fast speed.
  • The Navigator Drone 40 degree reverse kingpin trucks provide the most perfect turning and sliding even at a fast speed.
  • The grip tape provides better conduct between the deck and shoes which provides better control and stability.
  • The deck graphic won’t get any scratches, so you can get a new-looking deck even after a year.

Other Benefits

As it is a drop-through longboard, you won’t get any wheel bite so you can get a smooth and hard cornering and turn.

Who and When Need it Most?

TheAtom Drop-Through Longboard (40 Inch) is suitable for all types of riders but it is perfect for stylish riders who love downhill, freeride and freestyle riding. As it is a 2 directional longboard, you can use both sides as the front facing and kicktail. So you can do quick turns, slides, brakes smoothly and perfectly during downhill, freeride and freestyle riding.

Customer Score

Thisis one of the best longboards and customers are happy with its performance.Most of the customers said that it is a perfect longboard for smooth and speedy riding. They can ride and control it smoothly even at the fastest speed. They also wrote that they can take smooth and hard turns and slides without any wheel bite. And they are totally satisfied with this longboard.


  • The deck is stiff and flexible, so it is more durable.
  • Deck graphic won’t scratch.
  • You won’t get any wheel bite.
  • The grip tape is rough enough.
  • Holds up to 275 lbs weight.
  • Suitable for all types of riders.


  • This longboard is a little bit expensive. And few customer complaints that the bushings of the trucks are very tight so they need to replace the bushings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

1. What is the top speed of this board?

Answer: You can get more than 30 mph speed with this longboard.

2. Is it suitable for beginners?

Answer: Yes, it is.

3. What about the bearings, are they good enough?

Answer: Yes, the bearings are perfect and built for speed.


Finally, the Atom Drop-Through Longboard (40 Inch) is perfect for all types of riding and riders and provides the fastest speed and better control. So, you can purchase this longboard without any doubt.

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