How to Ride a Longboard – Ultimate Tips for Newbie


Everybody wants to be a cool person. And today’s topic is about something cool. You must have heard and seen people riding a skateboard.

It seems great and sometimes amazing when they do different tricks with their boards.

How can they possibly do that? No more worries about this question, we are here to teach you about skating, but this time with the upgraded version of the skateboard; yes, we’re telling you about – Longboard.

Overview of Longboard

From a basic view, we can say that a longboard is a sort of sports equipment that is a different version of a skateboard. Longboards are much longer in size with larger wheels&deck, and they tend to be faster than traditional skateboards. Longboards are best suited for downhill racing, sliding, long-distance racing, cruising, and also work great as general transportation equipment.

Types of Boards and the One to Choose

Now before you start to learn, you have to know and buy the right board and equipment. Remember that – luck favors the one who is prepared. There are lots of different types ofbest longboards; some of them are Pintails, Cruiser, Blunt, Fishtail, and Cut Out. They are built with different materials and in a different style; each with its own strengths and limitations.

A beginner should go with something longer and lower for better control & stability. In this case, Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41 inches) can be a good choice. Yes, You’ll get an excellent board for just 100 dollars. The base is lower and well designed, this will ensure maximum stability and reliability.

You can also go for something a little cheaper and more durable. Plastic boards are a great way to ride on a budget. These Small, strong, and plastic made boards are extremely popular with the younger age. They are awesome for beginners who want to learn to board. Such longboards are an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into the sport. And you can modify them from the manufacture as you want; they come in lots of colors and sizes.

Safety Gears

Safety Gears

Before we start the ride, you have to understand that it can be a little risky in this sport. So you have to be careful about your safety because nobody wants to get hurt while having fun. Longboarding is a risky ride, so you have to be aware of safety precautions hence protection is mandatory. For protection and safety, riders usually wear the helmet, special gloves, and goggles. But some more safeguards are also necessary; that includes – extra leathers, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guard, and padded shorts.

Starting the Ride

Starting the Ride

After getting your board and the safety gear, it is time to hit the road. The first thing that you have to determine is that how should you stand on the board (stance)? That means you can place your right foot forward or the left foot. Usually, the stronger foot goes forward. It is called goofy when you place your right foot forward. If you put your left leg forward, then it is called regular. Try both feet and discover which position is more comfortable for you.

Now that you have decided how to make the stance, you will have to understand where to place your feet on the board. Usually, abeginner should start with a low stance and then move between different positions, once he/she starts feeling comfortable on the longboard. For a low position, a rider must place his feet between the trucks and put his front foot forward at 45 degrees. The back foot should place at 90 degrees along the direction of the board.

Start Moving

Now find a good flat space to start practicing. Get help from a friend or someone else if possible. And finding a gentle slope can be helpful. The first thing is to practice is to go forward. You can use a slight push from someone or use your own feet to give you a start. Push with your back leg to give you momentum, and try to maintain your balance and loosen yourself.

This may help you make it easier. Keep practicing until you understand and adopt the necessary skill to be comfortable to start with your board. One thing to remember is that you might fall several times, but do not get demotivated. Your hard work and practice will surely pay. The first time you should care to choose a mini longboardbecause those are not good for stable riding.

Learn to Stop

Once you have acquired the knowledge of moving, you should now focus on stopping or braking. If you cannot just stop at the right time, it may lead to serious injury. The simplest & easiest method of breaking for a beginner is to use his/her back foot. Just simply lower your foot, and the friction with the ground will make you slower and stop the board.

Keep practicing moving forward and stopping. Don’t forget to practice in a safe place so that you don’t get hurt. Note that- some more methods of finishing are air braking and carving/sliding, you will learn them eventually.

Get to Turn or Curve

After learning braking & stopping, you should learn to turn so that you can ride anywhere and move easily as you want. Turning is not that hard once you adopt the control of your balance. You have to put pressure on the side that you want to move. Manipulate your toes and hills of your feet to move left or right. While moving, balance your body properly so that you don’t fall over. And as a beginner try slow turning, faster turning will be easier as you get more experience.

Keep Practicing

Keep practicing, as you know- practice makes perfect. When you acquire the basics, you will be able to learn more cool things about longboarding. There are tons of cool tricks to learn.

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