Things To Do And Not To Do When Using Trampolines

There’s no doubt that jumping on a trampoline can be fun. There are all sorts of trampolines, ranging in their brands, style, size, etc. It can be tons of fun to jump up and down on trampolines. Not only that, but there are many different actions you can do on the trampoline, including jumping, running in place, and others. However, regardless of which ones you use it can be tons of fun to use trampolines.

However, when using other indoor/outdoor devices it’s important to put safety first. This will make the trampoline as safe as it is fun. As when doing other activities it’s critical to know what to do and what not to do. That will help you to stay as safe as possible when using a trampoline.

Here are some of the most important dos/don’ts when using a small or big trampoline indoors or outdoors:

What to Do When Jumping on a Trampoline

What to Do When Jumping on a Trampoline

1. Remove jewelry and everything from pants pockets

Jewelry can become dangerous when jumping on a trampoline due to the sharp edges. It can cause injuries to the face, for example. That’s certainly a situation you’ll want to avoid.

You should also remove everything from your pockets before jumping on a trampoline. That’s because the items could fly out of the pockets while you’re jumping on the trampoline. Not only that, but if you were to fall on the objects after they fell out of your pocket, it could cause more problems. You can avoid such problems by simply removing everything from your pocket before jumping on a trampoline.

2. Use safety pads to cover the metal pieces

This is important. It’s important to cover all metal structures on the trampoline. That includes springs, bolts, and other pieces. Besides covering the metal, it’s also important to repair damaged or broken springs. This can cause various types of hazards and even affect the functionality of the trampoline.

The springs are one of the most important metal items to cover. That’s because when kids jump there’s a chance they could get their arms/legs caught between the springs. These potential problems can be avoided by simply covering the items and replacing damaged parts.

It’s important to use padding that’s a different color from the trampoline, so they can be spotted easily while jumping on the trampoline.

3. Jump in the mat’s center

It’s critical that kids jump in the middle of the trampoline. The reason is that many accidents happen when the jumpers land on the edge of the trampoline map, or jump/fall off the trampoline. You can take a basic step to avoid such injuries. Use a piece of chalk to mark the middle of the trampoline. That will allow kids to practice jumping in the middle of the trampoline, and thus help to prevent accidents from happening.

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What NOT to Do When Jumping on a Trampoline

Don’t put the trampoline near anything

It’s important that the trampoline isn’t close to anything, such as trampoline, wall, fences, trees, and so on. This is important as it will help to avoid injuries when people are jumping on the trampoline. For example, they might hit one of the objects by jumping, or be injured worse if they fall off the trampoline.

One key issue is to remove any stool or chair that’s used to get onto the trampoline. People often forget to remove the item, and it can cause a safety hazard if the jumpers fall into the items or accident jumping onto them.

Don’t put anything under the trampoline

This is important for various reasons. IF there’s something under the mat, it could cause accidents if the jumpers jump too strongly and hit the object under the mat. That can cause various types of accidents, including those to the back, neck, and joints.

You should also make sure that nets surrounding the trampoline don’t cover an area under the mat. That’s because you might notice objects that are there. Make sure that you not only keep things away from under the trampoline, but that you can see them also. You should even watch out for pets that might want to sleep under the trampoline as it could become a hazard for the jumpers and the pets themselves.

Don’t allow more than one child on the trampoline at a time

Studies show that most accidents happen when there’s more than one person jumping on the trampoline. Kids might argue about whose turn it is to jump on the device. Make sure that there’s a queue followed so each of the kids can jump on the trampoline one at a time. This is a basic yet effective way for preventing injuries when kids are jumping on the trampoline.

Don’t allow kids to jump after signs of major medical problems

If jumpers ever feel sleepy, ill, or dizzy, it’s important that they stop jumping. That’s also true if they’re experiencing a stomachache or headache. It’s important that kids, teens, and adults all stop if they have such medical conditions. That’s because jumping on the trampoline could cause a lot of problems and make the situation worse. Jumping on a trampoline can be fun, but it’s important to avoid major medical issues.

Don’t allow trampoline tricks

It’s important that kids avoid doing any tricks on the trampoline such as somersaults and flips. While they are quite fun, they can also result in injuries and even major ones. Thus, it’s important to set rules about what kinds of jumps and stunts the kids can do on the trampoline. This will help to keep them safe when using the trampoline. There might be some resistance to this issue, but it’s definitely an effective way to keep everyone safe.

A trampoline can be quite a fun device for kids, teens, and adults to use. By following some basic do’s and don’ts you can make sure that trampoline jumping is not only fun, but also safe. That’s because injuries are never fun.

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