Review of G5 Small Game Broadheads – Never Leave Home Without It

Small Game BroadheadsToday I want to post a review of the S.G.H. broadhead (or Small Game Head) from G5. I am going to lead with this – I love it.

You don’t have to wait until the end of the post to hear the conclusion, today it’s coming at you out of the gate.

Let me be clear: I am not supported, sponsored, paid, or endorsed in any way by G5.

I purchased these broadheads with my own money at my local shop, and I plan to buy more. If you want to hear why, keep reading.

One of the best things I’ve ever done to improve my hunting success, was to start bowhunting squirrels and rabbits.

Small game season in Georgia spans from the middle of August through the end of February.

This provides us with half the year that is open to small game hunting. Deer season is open (in some form or another) for about 3 ½ of those months, leaving about 3 months of the year for the small game only.

I take advantage of this time to hit the woods with my bow. Hunting the furry little ninjas that inhabit the trees and brambles in the foothills of Georgia is great practice.

I consider this activity “practice”, much the same way a runner may consider their training leading up to a marathon “practice”. It is most certainly hunting.

Every time, I am trying to fill my vest back with enough meat for a stew or some hasenpfeffer. The difference is the pressure. When I drawback on a squirrel, there is less at stake than drawing back on a deer/hog/turkey.

The training I get from small game practice is invaluable.

G5 Small Game Broadheads

As I started small game hunting with a bow, I quickly realized that quality small game broaheads are just as important as quality big game broadheads.

After losing a few arrows into the abyss of the forest floor, I started only buying broadheads designed to kick the arrow up instead of threading it into the undergrowth.

After I used a “blunt tip” style head to shoot a squirrel off a log, and it immediately ran up a tree, hopped to another, and then another, all the while with my arrow through its body, I knew I was done with blunt tips as well.

Finally, I discovered the Small Game Head, or S.G.H., from G5.

The Great Combination of Features

It has a blunted tip in the middle to transfer the force into the animal, AND it has 3 razor sharp fingers of the middle that slice and rip.

I have neverhad an animal run away after a shot with the S.G.H. broadhead. Most drop immediately in their tracks. The head is tough as well.

After burring the head into several animals and the ground a few times, it remains sharp and solid. I am very impressed.

I was also impressed with the accuracy of the Small Game Head. Admittedly, I am not shooting squirrels at 50 yards.

Most small game shots I take are within 25. Within that 25 yards, the S.G.H. flies extremely true. Initially I was nervous the extended fingers on the head would cause drift, but it is not so.

Shooting the S.G.H. on my arrows fletched with helical Blazer veins delivers field tip performance for me. As long as I hold to form, the broadhead does its job perfectly.

G5 Small Game Broadheads

The thrills of the action in small game hunting with a bow have only increased as I’ve started using the S.G.H.

If you haven’t tried them yet, I strongly recommend you pick up a set. They are durable, accurate, and priced well.

These days, if I am carrying my bow, there is an arrow in my quiver tipped with an S.G.H. I always keep an S.H.G. tipped arrow in my quiver during deer season.

A little small game hunting can help break up a long day in the stand! At the house, the S.G.H. serves as a defender of the garden.

I am very pleased with the S.G.H. from G5 and hope you can get some soon and enjoy the fun!

Farley Aaron
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