Ultimate Guide: Trampoline Maintenance and 8 Safety Tips

Trampoline is a fun sport and has a lot of health benefits.

Allow you to get some exercise. They are heavy parts in the equipment and may cause injury during assembly, placement or disassembly.

They must be very careful and have diligence and only under the supervision of a suitably qualified person or the company worker who is sent for assembling the product is the best for this work.

Keep these Points When Buying the Trampoline

  • Check the quality of the equipment before buying it. Look for the best quality trampoline in the market.
  • Check the company’s web link and their consumer’s feedback for seeking knowledge about the product.
  • Compare with other company brands and read the reviews.
  • Choose the proper size that you feel would be best for your needs.
  • Follow the guidelines and rules mentioned in the manual book.
  • Buy a comfortable product that your family and friends suggest.

Brand that gives a warranty of at least a year or two can be trusted and believed.

  • It is quite important to maintain it well for our safety. If you want your equipment to last longer, you should know how to keep it well. This means that every part and piece should be taken care of.
  • If children under the age of 12 are using, make sure there is an adult supervisor and also make sure they are wearing knee pads and following other safety precautions.
  • Look for the extra safety gear that you will need for the safety of your family and friends. Gears such as knee pads, gymnastic clothes, gloves, socks. etc.

Buy a net guard or wall that is assembled on the trampoline for better protection of children under the age of 12 and below.

8 Trampoline Safty Tips

tip on choosing the trampoline

#1 How to Maintain your Trampoline Properly

Mats: The mat or the bed is the one at the center of the equipment.

It is the widest part and it’s where the user jumps.

To ensure that the equipment isn’t worn or torn out or needs a replacement.

Net enclosure: The trampoline net enclosure is attached to keep the children inside the trampoline.

Check if there are any holes or cracks to know whether you need to buy a new one or not.

This should also be checked regularly, so that you can avoid accidents.

#2 Padding: There Are Two Types of Pad that You Need to Check:

  • The pole pad: It protects the jumper in case they lose their balance and bumped into the pole frame. The padding can sag because of the outside weather usually in the winter and depend upon the usage of the equipment.
  • It is the same case with the spring pad.

The equipment should be suitably placed on the grass or garden, wherever it is soft and has less chance of injury in case of any loss in balance.

When the equipment is not being used, cover the equipment and store it away for the winter.

Check the attachment to the pad to ensure it is attached securely.

Inspect the legs for defects or bent parts.

Make sure the springs are in good condition and are not broken.

Don’t leave it outdoor all winter, providing they’re made from rust resistant materials.

#3 Oiling and Greasing are Important

  • Check the equipment regularly.
  • Read the manual guide or instruction book given with the equipment.
  • Check the quality of the equipment before purchasing it.
  • Check the company’s web link and their consumer’s feedback for seeking knowledge about the product.
  • Read the Dos and Don’ts.
  • Check the exceeding maximum weight.
  • Learn the assembling and disassembling techniques.
  • Check the warranty of your product.

#4 Moving Trampoline From One Place to Another

  • The connecting points of the equipment should be wrapped secured with weather resistant tape, such as duct tape while moving. This will the frame intact during the move and prevent the connector points from dislocating.
  • Also lift the equipment off the ground and hold it horizontal to the ground when moving.
  • Keep it away from fire or any other flammable places.
  • The shady places can prevent it from sun damage.
  • Also keep it away from rocks, stones or any other sharp objects.
  • Assemble or place a safety pad on the ground also.
  • Check all the screws of the equipment, it should be tightly fastened.
  • Always store or lock up your equipment when not in use, ensuring legs and top rails are secured.

#5 Best Way to Clean Your Trampoline

  • The jumping mat and the edges are easily cleaned with a cloth and some cold water.
  • Always keep the mat clean.

#6 Keep Pets Away From the Trampoline

  • Don’t use solvents, detergents or any soap powder.
  • Don’t wash using hot water.
  • Don’t use chemical cleaners.
  • Use rust cleaning agents for the removal of rusts.
  • After the cleaning is done, make sure to use preventive measures of rusting such as painting the rods or legs.
  • Use a protective cover over your equipment to prevent it from the dry leaves, dust and twigs.
  • Use a soft brush to remove snow, dry leaves.
  • Don’t use a shovel to remove snow or leaves it might damage the mat.
  • Store it in a dry place if not in use.
  • Store it during extreme weather as it may cause cracks on the pad.

#7 Comfortable and best Clothes u Should Wear When Using the Trampoline

  • Wear cotton socks, gymnastic shoes or be barefoot.
  • Be aware that shoes that are rough or thorny shouldn’t be worn while using the equipment.
  • Remove all sharp objects before entering.
  • Wear gymnastic clothes or tight clothes.
  • Be careful and read the manual before jumping on the equipment.

#8 Replacements of Trampoline

  • The pads, mats, nets and foam should be replaced every two years.
  • The mainframes should be replaced every ten years.
  • Check it regularly, after every use.

Have a lot of fun, jumping and exercising with family and friends.