What Waist Trainer Size Should I Get?

How to measure your waist

When you are looking to purchase your trainer, you might notice that a lot of stores have some sizing and some do not.

Waist training is sort of a new phenomenon that has caught the world by fire and it is often hard to find information on what size you should get your waist trainer. I have put this post up to provide you all the information that you need to know!

How to measure your waist

Of course, you are going to have to measure your waist but what is the proper way to do so? Get out your trusty tape measure, find your belly button, go 2 inches above, and wrap the tape measure around yourself.

This is where your natural waist is! Make sure to measure fairly and not make it too tight or you will end up getting the wrong size!

If you want to see a video, I will include one that you can watch below to make sure you are getting it right. If you are going to get a waist cinching corset that goes over your breasts, this is going to be needed as well.

When your arrives in the mail and you put it on, you may think that wearing your waist trainer is uncomfortable! This may be the case right away, but as your waist shrinks in size and conforms to the size of the material, you will feel a lot better!

Make sure to take the cincher and remove it after every few hours to give yourself a break when you first start! Let me know if this helped!