How To Clean A Waist Trainer – Some Useful Tips

corset cleaning

Cleaning your waist trainer is an important part of wearing a corset and having an experience that is pleasant.

What do I mean?

Well, chances are, you are going to be doing some activities around your house in your trainer and you will sweat out a lot of toxins into your clothing. This means that if you do not clean or wash them, eventually they will start to smell.

Many people seem to not know the best way to clean their waist trainer. We do not want you to ruin an expensive article of clothing so I am going to go over some tips with you.

You Have To Remember A Few Key Things.

The first thing you need to remember is thatyou never want to put your waist trainer in the washing machine.

Since waist trainers are made for the most part of latex, putting them in the washer can cause your waist trainer to literally melt in front of your eyes and your product will be completely ruined!

Second, after you do wash your product,you will have to let it sit out and dry for a few hours. Again, these are made of latex and if not left out to dry, they can rot and mold! If that was not bad enough, not letting them dry properly can cause discoloration.

Finally, we recommend that youdo not scrub your waist trainer with a spongeor any other harder material. Use something soft that will not scratch or damage the latex!

How To Clean A Waist Trainer Fast And Efficiently

What I do is a fast process and works well. I get a nice big sink full of hot soapy water and a soft washcloth.

How To Clean A Waist Trainer Fast And Efficiently

Get the soapy water on your washcloth and gently clean the latex until you remove all odor and residue.

After it has been cleaned, hang it up! Remember, you want to get it nice and dry before you put it away or wear it again.

To get mine dry the fastest, I either place it outside, or hang it up where there is circulation in my house. The more exposure to air it gets, the faster it will dry out and I can use it again!

A Few Notes

The material of your waist trainer is made out of latex. I would suggest that when you store it, you should keep it out of direct sunlight.

The reason for this is that when waist trainers are exposed to the sun for longer periods of time, they will start to lose their color and not look as sexy as they could be. Also, when you hang it up to dry, do not lay it on any other clothes.

You do not want the color from the latest to start bleeding into that white shirt you just purchased! Your waist trainer is delicate when it is being cleaned and when it is drying so take care of it, and it will continue giving you awesome results.

And Finally…

Your latex waist trainer can literally last you a lifetime if you follow what I have laid out for you above. Keep its color, let it dry, do not put it in the wash, and be gentle while you are cleaning it. You now are armed to clean your waist trainer fast and efficiently. Have fun looking amazing!