Which Type Gas Grill is Best for BBQ Party – Buyer’s Guide

If you want a wonderful BBQ party in your backyard, you need a perfect gas grill which can take much less time to heat up before ready cooking than a charcoal grill, and other kinds of grills can’t give you the flame-broiled taste. So, you need to buy a really perfect gas grill.

Grilling is the natural cooking option for individuals who think that things only taster better outdoors. Whatever your requirements, you’ll find a grill to feed your cooking passion.


There are two types of gas bbq grills.

Natural gas grills use natural gas to fire up. Natural gas is comprised primarily of methane. An option when using these grills is to have a certified contractor install a natural gas line pipe from your house to the unit.

The other type of outdoor gas grill uses liquid propane as a power source. LP gas comes in 20 pound steel tanks and is measured in BTUs. However, one type is not better than the other, it simply comes down to a matter of preference.

  • Charcoal burns cleaner and is not less costly per-use than a gas grill.
  • Gas grills ignite quickly, using a push button, rotary or electric lighter that’s integrated into the grill. After having a few minutes of preheating, you’ll be ready to make.
    In order to prepare food quicker and much more smoothly, gas grills have higher temperature control.
  • Part burners on gas grills permit you to prepare an associated dish without running back and forth towards the kitchen.
  • A standard tank of gas holds 20 pounds of fuel. Don’t be surprised if it feels like it weighs 40 lbs when you pick up it since propane gas is heavier than oxygen.
  • A complete LP tank usually lasts about seven hours – of course with regards to the cooking heat and quantity of writers working.
  • Grill owners with natural gas available should consider an immediate hookup to power your grill.
  • There are no tanks to replace, and you will eliminate the chance of running out of fuel in the middle of cooking.

When it comes to functionality and grilling performance, both sources are actually very similar. They both perform the same function when providing heat to the burner. But when it comes to differences, there are many.

For instance, natural gas grills aren’t really designed for portability. In order to utilize one, you need to make sure you get a constant supply of gas. This can be feasible is you’re living in a place where there is a local company that can supply the natural gas.

Propane gas grills, on the other hand, are specifically designed for portability. The gas source is a propane gas tank that can be purchased separately. Unlike a natural gas grill, you don’t need to settle for a permanent and stationary location. You can practically carry it wherever you go.

Over time, some gas grills will fall out of favor. If you are looking for our portable gas grills, please follow our Top 10 Portable Gas Grillsarticle.

Basic Barbeque Safety

Basic Barbeque Safety

In today’s world, bbq has grown to become a very common practice. BBQ now has also broken the borders of the once-per-year practice and you can easily find families that will arrange a barbecue many times per week!

However, along with the pleasing that the barbeque brings you should also be very careful so that you can prevent harmful bacteria from appearing in your food. This guide will give you general suggestions and basic safety advice to follow in order to keep your food as clean as possible.

First of all, it is a good practice to buy it cold when you buy food; especially when you buy meat or poultry. Following that, you ought to make sure to separate juicy food just like meat and chicken from other foods.

By simply doing this, you are preventing cross-contamination among them. To place poultry/meat in plastic bags would be the best practice; because plastic bags are 100% water resistant so you will have no trouble if you pack the food carefully.

After you have got everything you need, you should head directly to your home and put all fridge-preserved foods in your freezer or fridge. It will be important never to allow those foods to come to room heat as it is the best chance for bacteria to form.

Yeah, there’s nothing to compare with cooking meat over glowing coals or gas burners. But just be sure to remember a few grilling safety guidelines and then everyone will get an enjoyable and safe holiday.

  • Always keep the lid open while lighting your grill.
  • Never use a grill indoors and try to keep the grill 15 feet away from the house and three or more feet away from trees or bushes.
  • Check the pipes which lead into the burner to make sure that there are not any insects or food grease.
  • Always follow the product‘s guidelines offered by the manufacturer.
  • When refilling your cylinder, have the supplier check for any damage such as rust or leaks.
  • Keep your children away from your grill.
  • Don’t walk far away from your hot grill.
  •  Turn off the cylinder if you smell gas, and leave the area immediately. Then call 911.

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