5 Best Gas Grill Accessories You Should Own

If you are getting ready for barbecue season, but are still unsure as to what tools to use, then don’t worry for I have listed below some of the essentials of barbecue.

These tools are easy and more comfortable to use, and they are really worth paying for. Consider them and just decide on what you really feel you need.

A gas grill often comes with a fold-down side table or an extra burner to keep food warm while the rest is cooking. An enclosed grill frame will have storage space for cooking utensils or serving dishes. Other accessories, which can be added for an extra cost, are a rotisserie and a smoker box.

Some gas grills include a cover and some do not but it is a must if you leave your grill out in the element. To protect your grill from rust and other damages make sure to purchase an optional protective cover if it is not already included.

Grill accessories range from basic to specialized.

  • Grilling brush, tongs, spatulaandforkare must haves.
  • Cooking basketsandskewersmake cooking smaller foods more efficient.
  • Rotisseriesare available to fit some grills.
  • Invest in a qualitymeat thermometerif you plan on cooking poultry or large cuts of meat.
  • Agrilling light also helps you make sure food is not over-or undercooked.
  • An absorbentgrill padis a nice addition to prevent grease from staining patios.
  • Alined grill coveris also a good investment to help extend the life of your grill.

Top 5 Best Gas Grill Accessories you should own

Here on this list, you will find the Top five best Gas Grill accessories you need to hopefully enjoy grilling every session!

Grillaholics 13 inch set of 2 nonstick grilling mats

nonstick grilling mats

Are you really bored of losing your food to the grill? it’s frustrating! Pulling at that perfectly marinated chicken breast that sits stuck and destroyed to your grill. About the spears of asparagus? never again!

The future of grilling is here! The grill is the best mat for your next bbq!

  • set of two 15.75″ x 13″ mats made from heavy-duty PTFE coated material that makes grilling a wish!
  • keeps your food from falling between the grates and allows for equally broiled food each time! you may even see the grill marks in your food!
  • Ideal for shrimp, wings, ribs, hamburgers, steaks, fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, breakfast, and pizza!
  • can be put on top of any grilling space (charcoal, gas, or electrical) and urged with temperatures up to 500 f!
  • 100% non-stick and dishwasher safe…use it over and over again! no more destroyed dinners and cleanup is a breeze!

This really is great merchandise. How your grill will alter! After a half dozen uses, the mats look new and function splendidly. Excellent merchandise! and I intend on recommending it to all my buddies’ wives.

Rome’s Chrome Plated Steel Set of 9 Forks

Rome’s Chrome Plated Steel Set of 9 Forks

The first on our list here is the Chrome Plated Steel Set of 9 Forks from Rome Industries. In fact, these forks can be used not only for gas grilling but also over a charcoal grill.

Rome Industries specialize in making a variety of camping, cooking and grilling tools. This fork is pretty long but it is sturdy enough and strong enough to pick foods up.

Everybody in the family may love roasting marshmallows, brats, hot dogs and more with this broad selection of chrome-plated forks in Rome.

Set contains 4 Picnic Forks (22″ span), 2 Big Stick Hot Dog Forks (33″ span w/long wood handle), 2 Extension Forks (go to 32″), 1 Brat & Hot Dog Roaster.

It is also a very versatile fork that can be used to pick up just about anything except for big pieces of chicken or steak.

Extra Long Stainless steel BBQ tongs

For those of you who hate going near the heat and high temperatures while grilling, these BBQ tongs is a lifesaver.

Extra Long Stainless steel BBQ tongs

There are very well made, made of stainless steel and long enough to grab your items from far so that you won’t grill your hands at the same time. It grasps food easily without losing a grip on your food.

It also opens and closes easily with a single click. The company has made it very easy to unlock and lock this BBQ tongs mechanism with just one hand. Definitely a must-have if you have one old lousy BBQ tong at home.

Weber 21 Inch Brush

Weber 21 Inch Brush

This Weber Brush is a great addition to your grilling tools especially if you have no idea how to get into those hard to reach places while cleaning them.

This T brush has stainless steel bristles that can clean your porcelain enameled surface without scratching it. Its 360-degree wrap of bristles also helps ensure that you get all-round cleaning while you reach those sharp corners on your gas grill or in between rods etc. Its black resin handle makes it comfortable to grip without slipping off your hands.

Best of all, this Brush cleans great! You will get the best results in cleaning a warm grill. Expect a clean, “new” finish to your grills with this brush.

Weber Professional Grade Stainless Steel Set

Weber Professional Grade Stainless Steel Set

Don’t want to get individual toolsets? Then get whole stainless steel set from Weber instead! You will be impressed with how professional this set looks once you buy it.

This toolset may be from Weber but they are great for just about any gas grills. Basically it comes with:

Each of them is made of high-quality stainless steel that will last a long time. The two sprong forks and spatula are long enough to keep away from the heat while grilling.

Worried about washing? Just put all of them in a dishwasher and your troubles will be over. This is a highly recommended product if you don’t want to get individual forks, prongs, etc…

Grill Accessories What To Look For

Some gas grills are very well equipped with all the tools you need to BBQ all sorts of food. Some are just short on cooking tools. But all gas grills need accessories to help with maintenance. Accessories are also used to help with cooking a range of foods like whole chicken, mushrooms, marshmallows and a whole lot of other things.

Barbecue Fork

Contrary to what many people believe, the barbecue fork is not only for stabbing and turning the meat. You can use this barbecue equipment also for testing if the food you grilled is done. You can also use it to get right under some food that stuck to the grill.

Grill Accessories What To Look For

Barbecue Tongs

Barbecueor grilling tongs also play a great role in your barbecue session. This barbecue equipment can actually be used for flipping burgers, sausages, steaks, or for moving coals, grates and other things that can’t be eaten. For an ultimate barbecue trip, make sure to have a pair of it.

Grilling Spatula

The grilling spatula is particularly ideal for lifting delicate foods that would break apart if the tongs are used. So if in case you are grilling something that you think would easily chunk, then use this barbeque equipment for handling that food. Consider grilling spatula with a bent handle and a wide blade for ease of use.


When considering a barbecue, it is best to have more than one brush. Take one and use it for oiling the cooking surfaces of your barbecue grill. Get another one and use it as a basting brush. However, if you are grilling and basting a variety of foods, it’s a good idea to have a different brush for each baste. Why? Some barbecue flavors are difficult to wash out from the brushes. So consider one or more of this barbecue equipment.

Grill Rocks, Stones and Plates

The familiar flavor produced by charcoal grilling comes from the juices of food dripping onto the hot charcoal. Gas grills use several materials to produce the same effect:

  • Lava rockheats quickly and disperses the heat to the interior of the grill. Lava is porous and allows grease to accumulate, lessening its efficiency and increasing flare-ups. Replace lava rock yearly, or turn it over to expose a fresh surface.
  • Pumice stoneoperates like lava but collects less residue.
  • Ceramic briquettesstay clean in the same manner as a self-cleaning oven—the residue is baked off. Ceramic is more expensive than rock but lasts much longer.
  • Heat platesor bars are made of metal and allow heat to rise. The dripping juices dissipate when they fall on the hot metal.

Oven Mittens

Mittens are very important for every cooking. So when considering a barbecue, it is wise to use these barbeque tools for removing and turning kebabs from the grill. You can also use this tool for picking up foods that are being cooked in foil parcels. What’s more, oven mittens can be utilized for handling hot metal accessories like the drip pans.

There are other tools you can use for your barbecue events. It is important, however, to make sure that the forks, spatulas, tongs, and brushes you are using are long-handled to avoid direct contact with flames.

For an enjoyable grilling season make sure you have all the right tools and equipment and it will be great fun!

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