5 Fun Trampoline Games for Kids and Adults

Fun Trampoline Games

When it’s a nice day out, one fun thing to do in the yard is to play on a trampoline.

While jumping for no reason could get tiring, you could set up trampoline games that are fun and use the trampoline.

We’ll go over these games as well as the rules so you can try out the trampoline games you like:

#1 Bouncing Air Catch

This is a great choice if you want your children to get fresh air outside and it’s a simple game to play. As long as you can jump high on the trampoline without risking injury then you should have no problems playing this game. The ball that would work best for this game is a tennis ball. The game also works best with a couple of players.


  • One person will stand in the middle of the trampoline while the other person will stand around the trampoline.
  • The game will start with the person that is standing around the trampoline having the ball. That person will throw the ball as high as they can over the trampoline.
  • The person on the trampoline has to catch the ball while in mid-air.
  • If the person on the trampoline catches the ball while in mid-air, they get a point. If the person on the trampoline does not catch the ball while in mid-air, the person off the trampoline gets a point. You can play to as many points as you want.

#2 Piggy In The Middle

You probably have played this game before without the use of a trampoline. Some people do call this game: “Keep Away.” Just like other times you have played this game, it works best with three people but you will want to make sure the ball is soft.


  • One person will get on the trampoline while the other two players surround the trampoline.
  • The two players standing around the trampoline throw the ball to each other over the trampoline while the person on the trampoline tries to catch it.
  • The two players can move around the trampoline but every throw to each other must occur with the ball flying over the trampoline.
  • When the player on the trampoline catches the ball, that player switches positions with the person who threw the ball last.

#3 Musical Bounce

As your children grow up, they’re going to like certain songs and musical artists. You can use your children’s favorite music to make up a trampoline game.

If your children have a bunch of friends over.

Any amount of people can play the game so this is one you could save for a birthday party or some other celebration where many people will be attending. Musical Bounce is a game that has to do with rhythm.

trampoline- game Musical Bounce

When a new song plays, the player that has been jumping the longest to the old rhythm is eliminated from the game.


  • Make sure each person jumping on the trampoline has their section and make sure that people stay away from one another while jumping.
  • Have songs that you chose ahead of time play for 20 seconds. While the song is playing, the people participating in the game is slowly running around the trampoline.
  • After the song has played for 20 seconds, someone yells Bounce and every person must jump on the trampoline while staying in rhythm with the song.
  • If you want to make things harder as the game continues, you can play the song for shorter amounts of time.
  • A player is removed from the game when they were the last player to find the right rhythm to jump. Players get eliminated until there is one person left.

#4 Trampoline Whispers

Like the last game, you can play this game with more than two or three people. This will also exercise a person’s memory. and will require the attention of people playing the game.

Trampoline Whispers


  • One person gets on the trampoline and does a trick.
  • After the first player gets off the trampoline, the second player gets on and he must do the same trick but then has to do his trick afterward.
  • After the second player does his trick, the third person playing the game has to do the tricks he saw to then add in his trick at the end.
  • Every subsequent player must do every trick in order while adding their trick at the end.
  • If someone performs the wrong trick or does tricks in the wrong order then they are removed from the game.
  • The order continues until there is one player left that is doing the correct tricks in the correct order.

#5 Birds In The Nest

The first couple of games required only one ball. To play this game, you will need balls of different colors for this game.

Kids who play this game will be running, throwing, and searching so this game is another one that will keep kids healthy by getting them outside.


  • One player takes the role of “Bird In The Nest.” Every other player is a runner and every runner gets a colored ball.
  • The players that are Runners either have to close their eyes or leave the yard. The person that got the role of “Bird In The Nest” will hide the balls around the yard.
  • After the balls have been hidden, the “Bird In The Nest” sits in the middle of the trampoline. All the other players uncover their eyes or come back into the backyard.
  • When the “Bird In The Nest” says so, the people playing as Runners have to look for their specific colored balls.
  • When someone finds the ball of their specific color, they have to run to the trampoline with the ball in hand and throw it onto the trampoline.
  • And When The “Bird In The Nest” feels enough time has gone by, he calls all the runners back to watch the counting of balls collected.
  • The player that recovered most of their balls wins the game. If you play again then the winner of the previous game gets the role of “Bird In The Nest.”

These are just a few trampoline games you can try out on the next day that the weather is nice. You might find a game that becomes a favorite past-time. As long as you have a trampoline in your front or back yard, there are many different games you probably have not tried yet.

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