7 Tips on How to Choose the Folding Beach Chair

If you want to elevate your mood, you can think of going to the beach. The cool ocean breeze helps in relieving stress and reducing anxiety.

When at the beach, you will have a constant smile on your face as the salty air hosts negative ions that boost serotonin level therefore, you will be happy and relaxed for longer.

Ever since beach chairs were invented in 1985, they have gained popularity and play a significant role in ensuring your beach experience is changed from unpleasant to more fun and memorable experience.

To make your experience exceptional, you need to get the ideal folding beach chair.

The Many Types of Beach Chairs


A comfortable, easy to carry beach chairs can be used for more than your next beach vacation getaway. Available in a variety of styles, sizes colors and quality. A good well made beach chair can provide relaxation, comfort and so much more.

There is nothing worse than when you arrive at the beach to find rows and rows of plastic beach recliners so here is a list of beach loungers and chairs that you can throw in the car next time you head for the beach so you can relax in style and comfort.

Folding Beach Chairs

Practical, easy to carry/store, light-weight, and portable, the folding beach chairs are essential for a beachside sojourn, a day in the park or watching a field game.

Backpack Chairs

The most portable, lightest and convenient beach folding chair version is the backpack chair as you can easily take it anywhere.

Beach Hammocks

Rock gently and weightlessly in a high, porch swinging-like chair by the sea or in your backyard.

Canopy Beach Chairs

Protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays is provided by canopy beach chairs with adjustable canopies.

Beach Loungers

Relax in luxury as you stretch out in a full reclining position in a beach lounger. Many ergonomically designed with small cushions for your head and under your knees.

Another optional feature is the ponytail or face down hole. You may lie on your back and let your hair hang down through the hole or on your stomach with your face resting in the hole as you read a book.

High Beach Chair

For the elderly who may need extra support for their back and shoulders, a high beach chair provides added comfort and safety.

Sand Chairs

Take a sunbath in the customary position with support in a reclined position with a sand chair. It also provides protection from insects and sea creatures who may bite you if you were laying directly on the sand.

Wooden Beach Chairs

If your looking for classic design and years of durability, consider wooden beach chairs.

7 Tips on How to Choose a Folding Beach Chair


There are a few important factors that you have to consider to ensure to enjoy every moment on the beach without sacrificing your comfort. Below are tips that will help you to choose a perfect folding beach chair.


When choosing a folding beach chair, the material should be your main concern. Ensure the chair you choose is made with durable and rustproof material. Most common beach chairs are made from wood, aluminum, recycled plastic, and steel.

Wood chairs are made mainly made from oak and hardwood which makes them durable and strong. They have an oil finish that enhances longevity and makes it weather resistant

Do not underestimate chairs that are made from recycled plastic. They are ranked at the top because of their unmatched resistance to bacterial growth, weather, and salty water. Other than being lightweight chairs that are made from recycled plastic are also sturdy and durable.

Chairs that are made from aluminum are not only lightweight but also sturdy and durable. The material makes them rustproof and does not require maintenance.

Folding beach chairs that are made from steel are durable and strong. They have a powder finish that protects them from scratches and rust.


Your beach chair will get wet as a result of splashes from the ocean. When your chair is soaked, you will have no option but to leave in the sun to dry. This is where the choice of the fabric of the chair comes to play. Ensure the material you used is fast drying which soaks water quickly and allows fast evaporation.


Height is another important factor that you have to consider when choosing a folding beach chair. Consider the height between the ground and the chair as well as the backrest length. Some chairs are low which allows you to comfortably stretch legs on the sand. Other chairs have their backrest completely covered while others have a short backrest length.

Choose a chair with a height that will make your time in the beach momentous.


It is advisable to choose a beach chair that is designed with a canopy. This is an important feature that keeps you shaded when the sun is blazing hot. By choosing a chair with a canopy, you will not only keep on enjoying the waves under the hot sun, but it will also help to protect you from getting sunburns.

05Weight and size

When going to the beach, you do not want an unnecessary weight that will add to your luggage. This is why the weight and size of a beach chair is another factor you have to consider. Make sure the chair is light enough for you to easily carry it a preferred spot.

folding beach chair

Choose a chair size that can easily fit in your car to allow easy storage and transportation.

06Sitting position

When on the beach, you want to sit in a position that you are comfortable and be able to enjoy the cold sea breeze. Choose a chair that can be adjusted to a favorite position. For instance, if you love relaxing in back positions, then consider getting a lounger or multi-position chair as it is will help you to remain comfortable when in the back lean position.


The design of your beach chair dictates your comfort on the beach. If you love sipping drinking and enjoying watching the waves, choose a beach chair with beverage holders. This feature not only ensures your comfort but also it prevents unwanted spills.

Over the years, folding beach chairs have become a must have and an important piece of furniture. They help us to relax and maximize comfort when on the beach. The above 7 tips will help you to choose a perfect folding beach chair.


So how do you determine which type is right for you: Think about how you will use the beach chair the most. At the beach, in your backyard – as a sitting chair in your garden or on your patio, around a pool, during picnics, sitting around a campfire, while fishing or watching a field game.

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