Grilled Beef Tenderloin – How To Grill and Recipes

The beef tenderloin is one of the best cut you can spend at your local butcher. Having said that, it certainly is not a cheap buy if you were to buy one piece. The reason why it is expensive is that it is the most tender cut you can get and it has great taste without requiring too much marinating or cooking.

This is the kind of meat you want to serve in a gourmet steak BBQ session. But be prepared to spend big bucks and know some tips on how to grill it properly.

Here in this article, we will tell you a little more about grilled beef tenderloin as well as some recipes that will go well with it too.

But first, let us learn how to prepare your beef tenderloin…

How To Prepare Your Beef Tenderloin

How To Prepare Your Beef Tenderloin

#1 Trim Your Tenderloin

When you have purchased your beef tenderloin from your local butcher, the first thing you need to do is to trim it.

What?? Yes. trim off the silvery skin off it which is actually the fat and membrane that layers it. You can either choose to remove it using your hands or a knife. This silvery part actually runs down on one side of the tenderloin only.

You might be removing quite a bit from your tenderloin cut but that is to be expected, and yes you will feel the pain of throwing a lot away of fat away. Still, if there is any fat hanging, remove it completely.

If you prefer to get a tenderloin cut that has less fat, by all means go for it. If you feel like you are not sure about what I’m talking about here, take a look at the video below to watch the steps of trimming your beef tenderloin cut.

Go through this video again until you get it. I think this video should give you a much better idea about what I’m talking about.

*Optional – You can even opt to tie some twine around your beef tenderloin to hold it into shape before you start cooking, but this is entirely up to you.

So let us start grilling! BUT how do we go about it??? we shall see below…

Things You Will Need To Make Grilled Beef Tenderloin

  • A Gas Grill OBVIOUSLY… preferably one that can measure internal temperatures
  • Meat Probe Thermometer
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Good seasoning /condiments for your beef tenderloin

Grilled Beef Tenderloin – How To Cook It?

Grilled Beef Tenderloin – How To Cook It?

  1. Prepare your beef tenderloin just as how you would by following the above instructions or the video.
  2. If your beef tenderloin is still cold, allow it to warm up to room temperature. This is important otherwise it will not cook evenly.
  3. Assuming that you have your own gas grill, turn on your gas grill and light it up!
  4. To grill beef tenderloin we are going to use indirect heat. Don’t light up all the burners in your gas grill. This is possible in most gas grills on the market likeWeber gas grills.
  5. You don’ have to marinate or season your beef tenderloin too much here. If you do, just season with some garlic or black pepper and that will work. Alternatively, you can even try some butter or olive oil. The rule here is to do less seasoning as this cut of meat will taste much better after grilling.
  6. Once your grill is hot, place the tenderloin on it and allow it to sear! You need to sear it on all sides to ensure that you get a nice crust all over. This step must be done correctly and the key thing here is to sear and not burn. You want a nice crisp grilled flavor on the surface.
  7. You can do this while your grill lid is open or close. Either way, ensure that your grill temperature is at about 350F. However, bear in mind that your tenderloin takes longer to warm up especially a large 5-6 pound one. You will need to reach a temperature of about 130 degrees F. Once you’ve achieved this temperature, remove it from your grill and place it on a plate. You might need to close your grill lid to achieve this temperature. But how to ensure it? Use a probe meat thermometer to measure the internal meat temperature
  8. While your beef tenderloin is on the platter, do not allow the juices to flow out otherwise there goes the flavor and goodness of your meat! You can do this under an aluminum foil or on a platter but allow this for about 15 minutes
  9. Now… you are ready to serve! You can choose to cut the grilled beef tenderloin to thinner or thicker pieces. The choice is YOURS!

I hope this guide will help you understand how to grill beef tenderloin. Now for some beautiful recipes to try! Check them out below!

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