How to Cook a Steak on a Portable Gas Grill

There are many different ways in which people prepare food at their homes or any social gathering. Steak is actually one of the greatest meals enjoyed by so many families worldwide. An awesome aroma of a well-prepared steak would always make anyone salivate; this does not come out handy unless there is the right kind of equipment for the preparation of such a great meal. The best results always occur on the best portable gas grill used.

The easiest means of getting that mouthwatering and tastiest steak is by using the right gas grill.Before deciding on the best way to prepare such meals it is important to keep in mind the procedure that makes the meal so great. It is recommended to have all the ingredients ready before embarking on cooking. This is the first step in any food preparation. It is also importantnot to leave the grill heating upas it can be disastrous. It is always important to turn on the grill when ready to cook.

Preparing the Grill for Steak

Preparing the Grill for Steak

When ready to prepare the steak, the gas grill needs to be heated for about 15 to 20 minutes this will ensure that an optimum temperature is reached for making the steak. Most of the steaks are actually kept in freezers thus it is important to aerate them to acclimatize to the room temperature. The meat can also be heated to room temperature but it is done for the steaks that have been in the freezer for days.

The first step in preparation is ensuring that the steak is spread with oil. Olive oil is best suited for cooking. The steak is then spread with salt and a little pepper on both sides. The grate is an important component in any portable gas grill; it must therefore be toughly oiled and cleaned before the meat is placed.

When preparing it is essential to ensure that the steak is placed away from blazing flames. This would avid cases of the fat of the steak burning up in flames on the grill. When one is to get the best results on the steaks prepared it is advisable to cook for about 2 minutes then turn the steak 45 degrees and repeat the same procedure.

The best results on the steaks prepared are actually revealed on steaks that are not pocked. It is always important to ensure that when preparing the meat pocking is actually not done. This is because it disorients its juiciness. It is important to use a turning tool such as tongs to constantly rotate the meat. Many people would prefer to use a pair of tongs to determine whether it is completely cooked.

The best way of testing when it is ready is by use of a thermometer. The reading of the thermometer determines how far the steak is cooked. This would in turn ensure that the steakprepared on a portable gas grill is either medium done or well done. To determine the steaks viability any range of measurement between 145-150 degrees equates to the medium prepared steak while readings above 160 degrees are of well-prepared steaks. It is also good to serve meat while hot.