The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Perfect Dumbbell Set

Dumbbell sets are always a great choice when it comes to lifting weights or starting a new fitness routine. They are great because of the variety they offer in terms of intensity, ranging from beginner to professional athletes. They are also well known for helping to keep your muscles toned, if you aren’t interested in building bulkier muscles.


Dumbbell sets are comprised of many different dumbbells that each use a bearing to change and select the difficulty you are looking for in terms of weight lifting. Dumbbell sets typically come in more than one pair with the goal of placing the same weight on each hand.

If you are looking for and purchasing your first weight set we understand how you may be overwhelmed, likely because of the numerous types and styles of dumbbells available on the market. If you are just starting out, this guide is for you and ensures that you will get the right dumbbell for your body, and not break the bank doing so.

The following are the IN’s and outs of buying your first dumbbell set:

Know how you are going to use the dumbbell set.

What is your goal? This will help determine what kind of dumbbell is going to be best for you, your muscles, and attaining your fitness or weight goal.

Don’t look at one aspect of the dumbbells when purchasing.

If the price is low you may be jeopardizing other important factors including durability, size, and safety.

Read many reviews.

Look through a number of sites and read both good and bad reviews so that you can choose the right brand. If your source is dependable, continue to look at others to get the best feel for a product.


best adjustable dumbbell


This seems to be the most important factor for the majority of people interested in buying weights, because some can be quite pricey. Just think, weights are far less expensive than a lot of other weight and workout material, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take a bite out of your pocket.

Many do research find the cheapest pair of adjustable dumbbells but this doesn’t mean they are the best overall or even the best quality. You get what you pay for.

A few dumbbells sets might be cheap but you’ll probably lose interest or not get as productive of a workout because of their lacking quality.

If you want some typical run-of-the mill dumbbells for your new workout, feel free to buy cheaper dumbbells if you won’t be using them as much.

A set of 10 dumbbells will probably cost you close to $400, but this may be good enough for people that are looking for simple home workouts with moderate weight training.

Fitness trainers, bodybuilders, and driven individuals typically look for higher-end dumbbells and can easily find a wide selection of options. These will cost them anywhere from $1000-1,500 for a set.


In order to figure out what kind of dumbbell you should buy, think about why you need a dumbbell set and how you will be using them.

Set some target fitness goals, as many do, starting with 5-pound weights. Others, often professional athletes and weight trainers aim to list almost 550 pounds. Figure out what your starting point is, determine goals, and begin to either build muscle or tone your body.


There are many sub-categories of dumbbells but they can all be sorted into two main groups: adjustable and fixed.

Adjustable dumbbell sets include the main bar and many weight loads so you can choose exactly as much weight as you are comfortable with. If you want to increase the weight, simply unscrew the weight load from the bar and load it on a heavier bracket.

This saves a ton of space, both at the gym and home.

If, however, your dumbbell is fixed and cannot be deconstructed to accommodate your fitness needs you will need to buy many weight sets. This is time consuming and takes up a ton of space. Some people even like to put their dumbbell set out for others to see in their home, and go as far as to buy a stand.


Adjustable Dumbbells for Beginners


This is the most important aspect of the dumbbell because these are your lifting loads. The majority of weight plates are constructed of iron and finished in another color.

Plates come in many different weights, from 1.25-45 pounds. Adjustable dumbbells are able to hold between 3 and 5 plates at a time on each side of the handle. This largely depends on your weight lifting and training ability.


Try to find handles that are about an inch around. This will make purchasing extra dumbbell plates easier since this is the standard hole size.

If you need to buy new plates, for whatever reason, most weights should fit around an inch-sized hole. Handles are made of a variety of materials, most commonly steel or chrome and have bars attached on the ends.

Many manufacturers are now even making handles with “threaded” endings to make sure that your weights don’t fall off and are locked securely in place. This will make for a safer workout.


If you notice that your dumbbell set is made of a material like iron, or iron itself, make sure you never leave them outside. This will definitely lead to rust, especially if salty sweat from your hands is not cleaned off.

If you have no choice but to leave them outside, cover them up to reduce the amount of moisture that sticks to the dumbbells. Don’t forget to lube your dumbbells with anything oil-based to prevent rust from settling on the handles.

Clean the dumbbells with a soft cloth and get off any remaining salty sweat or oils that may have transferred from your hands. Place your dumbbells in a rack in a dry place up and off the floor. This will prevent them from becoming a safety hazard, especially if you have kids.


We hope this guide has been useful to you and has given you the information you need to compare and contrast dumbbell brands that you have your eye on. Don’t forget to look at the big picture when buying your dumbbell sets.

Affordability is great, but finding quality and durable dumbbells will keep you happy for a much longer period of time. Aim for secure purchases only and keep an eye out for companies trying to scam you.

Great customer service is a sign of a good product, along with money-back guarantees and warranties. If you follow this buyers’ guide, do your research, and go dumbbell hunting in person and online you will find the right set for you in no time at all.

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