10 Reasons Why you Should Buy a Trampoline for your Kids

An outdoor trampoline guarantees fun, games, adventure and exercise in one.

The trampoline especially children a very playfully explore their own physical abilities and general movements precisely and test out. Body perception and motor development can be greatly improved by trampoline jumping.

Why you Should Have a Trampoline

Many children sit at an early age too much. They sit in the school, with homework, watching TV and the PC, so that they even lose almost completely the basic need for movement at the end.

The best trampoline provides your child with an almost unlimited number of possibilities of movement and makes even huge fun!

Strengthen & Endurance and Even More

If you or your child often jump around on the trampoline then you not only gain more strength and endurance, special also increase your concentration and coordination.

Through the shaky ground of the jumping mat, you learn better to keep the balance.

Increases Confidence

When trampoline to jump to show courage and overcome, for example, at a Salto own fears. This can be increased, inter alia, their own self-confidence.

Posture & Flexibility

By jumping on the trampoline, the back muscles and spine upright trainer by the constant balancing act. By moving the intervertebral discs with nutrients can be INPUT FEED and fill with fluid. The more liquid the disc can hold, the more elastic it is.

Help Keep Steam From

The trampoline is wonderful to relieve stress and to let some steam off. Here you can enjoy a workout properly.

Promotes Lymphatic Systems

The lymphatic system consists of various tissues, vessels and nodes with white blood cells. It is primarily responsible for the human immune system and therefore protects against pathogens and other harmful environmental influences.

The lymphatic regulate nutrients and conduct harmful substances from the body. This lymphatic system is activated by movement. When jumping on the trampoline can enter the tension slag and harmful substances and also in the relaxation nutrients into the cells.

Good for Heart and Circulatory

When trampolining are a number of muscles in movement, without having to move all these muscles consciously. This type of movement is particularly good and gentle on the cardiovascular system.

Jumping on the trampoline is gentler than jogging and it is simultaneously recorded significantly more oxygen. Continual stress and pressure to perform a negative effect on the cardiovascular system of man. By jumping on the trampoline can be a lot of fun and humor break down the accumulated stress hormones and away from it all just once.

Good for the Brain

Can jump through the regular trampoline stress hormones that you build into your daily routine, are degraded. Stress hormones interfere with your brain and your performance, that is, the more stress hormones can break down again the better.

When jumping on the trampoline both hemispheres are always stressed and need to interact with each other. By switching from weightlessness and gravity balance, coordination, spatial perception and concentration to be strengthened.

Reduce Weight

If you regularly jump on the trampoline as you can so very well remove some calories. It is a very articulated Gentle sport and therefore also very suitable for weight control. jump 10 minutes trampoline is as effective as 30 minutes of jogging. You lose jumping on a trampoline is not only unnecessary fat but build while on muscles.

And much more …

What to Consider When Buying a Trampoline?

Buying Guide of Trampoline

Trampolines are wonderful devices, which are a pleasure for young and grown-ups. At the same time, they also contribute to health and also make an important contribution to adults in the training program.

Trampolining has a very productive impact on the back muscles and positively affects your backbone tension. It can even prevent herniated discs, and a sense of balance can be improved.

When jumping on the trampoline you can also burn fat and use the trampoline for writing. It has also been found through research that this merry sport also produces the neurotransmitter serotonin, the so-called happy hormone.

The mood arises and you feel happy and at ease. Thus, the trampoline is more than just a recreational device for children and has a therapeutic value that one can also enjoy at home. Therefore, more and more families are buying a trampoline that will be placed in the garden or in the house either.

In the market, there is a wide range of different models, so it is often not so easy to find the right trampoline for their own use. In the following test, the user receives some tips and advice that will be helpful in choosing the best trampoline.

The Various Models in the Overview

The various models in the overview

If you want to buy a trampoline, you should first choose the correct type. The choices include:

  • Children trampoline
  • Garden trampoline
  • Fitness trampoline
  • Mini trampoline
  • Re-bounder
  • Sports trampoline

Basically, the structure of the different models is similar.

The trampoline can be fun for even small children, for that you can opt for an inflatable model.

These have the advantage that they are designed without any hard edges of metal, which could injure the young athletes. But there are also children’s trampolines with a steel frame, which are generally for children up to 7 years. They are small, can be placed at home or in the garden, and are designed specifically for low weight children.

You want to place your trampoline in the garden that you should buy a special garden trampoline. These models are characterized by particularly high spring action. Since these types of trampolines are ideal for high jumps, many models are equipped with a vertical safety net.

Many of the devices are weather-sensitive and are only suitable for use in the summer. However, there are some models that can be left out, so that you can have trampoline fun in the cold season.

If you do not have a garden then you can decide to rely on a mini trampoline. This small version fits easily in the house, in a corner of the room and is suitable for a number of exercises.

Many athletes combine the routine on the mini-trampoline with exercises from yoga – the field or with cardio elements. These are primarily designed for fitness and unsuitable for high, acrobatic jumps.

Purchasing the Right Trampoline

When it comes to purchasing a trampoline, first you should be clear about the uses.

If you want to only make the children happy, a children’s trampoline may be sufficient.

In our trampoline test, you can find such models which are ideal for the whole family. Parents can benefit together with the children from this leisure equipment.

The available space is also crucial when it comes to the purchase of a trampoline. Models are available in many different sizes, so you can find exactly the right size for your own garden.

When selecting the size you should also note another point. Especially if you decide to invest in a trampoline for the family, the diameter of the jumping surface should not be too small to prevent possible accidents.

In a larger spring surface of the trampoline, the effect is slower and softer than in a smaller area. In addition, the small models are often not equipped with a safety net. Therefore, the models with a diameter of 3 meters or more are rated positively in the trampoline test generally.

In addition to the classic round trampoline, you can also choose from numerous rectangular models. The difference is here not only in the form.

For a rectangular trampoline, the different springs react at different rates on the jumps. In this way, you often experience these models are much higher as compared to round models.

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