Tips for Choosing Your First Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Dumbbells are one of the most important and exciting gym equipments. For every fitness enthusiast and every bodybuilder, dumbbells are a must have.

There are many reasons for this. For starters, these are best suited for a number of exercises that can be carried out in the gym or at home. These especially cater to all the difficult muscles of the body, work on them and keep them fit and active. That is why so many people prefer these dumbbells.

The other most important point about dumbbells is the fact that they are not very elaborate, large or bulky gym equipments. You can have them at home or you can use these at the gym.

adjustable dumbbell

Now we come to the other important aspect of this article here. Dumbbells are anyway very useful products. But when they are adjustable, they become all the more reliable. This means you can keep changing the weights on the dumbbells in order to keep increasing your exercise levels.

So you do not have to buy different sets of dumbbells in order to have that perfect physique. With these dumbbells you do not even have to hit the gym regularly. The dumbbells are space saving and you can keep them in some corner of the room.

While you buy a new set of dumbbells there are quite a few aspects you should look into. We will discuss some of the most important ones so that you get the best products for yourself instead, having made an informed decision.


This is one of the first aspects to take note of while considering adjustable dumbbells. The main purpose of your purchase would be to have varying weights in your product. This can be achieved with this feature. So, make sure you have enough weights in the set in order to perform different exercises.


The length of the dumbbells can be more important that what you think of. A lot of times we ignore this point since we don’t find it relevant in our decision except for space saving purposes. But if you look at it properly, there are some exercises like the overhead press for instance, which will require a shorter length of the dumbbells.

If you are doing the same with longer dumbbells, they will collide between themselves while you exercise. So, make sure you take a note of this point.

Weight increment

Just noting the adjustability of the dumbbells is not enough. When you want to adjust the weight of your dumbbell set, you also need to note the weight increments possible. Some dumbbells for instance have weight increments in the range of 2-5 lbs. So this is entirely dependent on your choice and fitness capabilities. You should always special attention to the smallest increment that can be added to the existing set.


This, of course, is another very important feature to be considered by purchasing a set of adjustable dumbbells. It is not always true that the more the money you fish out for a product, the better is the product quality. If you can afford a dumbbell at a higher price, it need not necessarily be the most appropriate product for you. So make sure you do not end up buying dumbbells that are highly overpriced.

Switching plates

When you have decided to purchase a certain set of dumbbells, you need to look at your convenience for using it. This is especially true for adjustable dumbbells. You need plates that can easily be switched during the work out time. You do not have to go through a long and tedious process in order to add or remove a few weights.

Plates that slide

This is one feature whose effect you will only face when you start using the dumbbells in full flow. So, you might regret your decision after purchasing this product. Some dumbbells have a tendency to have plates that keep sliding on the bar of the dumbbells. This might prove to be a big distraction for you.

In order to prevent this, make sure that you use dumbbells that do not have sliding plates. You don’t want plates that will keep clanking against each other and pinching your skin as you do your regular dumbbell workouts.

Space saving abilities

This, of course, is another very important feature to be considered by purchasing a set of adjustable dumbbells. It is also store them in any corner of the room. It does the work of the bulkier gym equipments. Because of this reason, when you purchase the dumbbells set make sure the product is space saving and does not prove to be a problem for you. Getting the most compact dumbbells is the key here.

Dumbbell stand

Dumbbell stand

Another useful component of a dumbbell set is the dumbbell stand. This basically helps you in storage facilities. While some products come inbuilt with this stand, some others come devoid of it.

So make sure that you have dumbbells that have a stand with them so that you do not have to look for other places to keep the dumbbells. All you need to do after a long workout session is place the dumbbells in the stand and keep the whole set in one corner of the room.

A growing number of people these days are resorting to dumbbells for the most fruitful and effective workout sessions. Since dumbbells are important for catering to the most intricate muscles of the body, several exercises have come up with these equipments.

There are different kinds of dumbbells available in the market today. Getting the right one according to your body shape and size is of utmost importance.

Adjustable dumbbells are necessary because you get the functions of many products combined in one, all thanks to the different weight plates that come with these sets. Make sure the weights you use are suitable for your body physique and you are set for a good fitness regime.

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