Oliso FF-500 Frisper Freshkeeper Vacuum Sealer – Best Compact Vacuum Sealer

Oliso FF-500 Frisper Freshkeeper Vacuum Sealer

Nowadays, it’s common and even an obligation for us to save not just our money but food as well.

But if at these difficult times when you’re more willing to spend on showy gadgets rather than a kitchen appliance that can’t be proud about, forking out cash to get a vacuum sealer to preserve your food longer could be bruising to your ego.

But fret not, because Frisper has just got the right blend which wouldn’t hurt your wallet nor your ego.

In fact, the vacuum sealer produced is so cute – yes you’ve read that right – so cute that you would want to give it a name and caress as if it were a Chihuahua. Now that I got your attention, let’s examine why and howOliso FF-500 Frisper Freshkeeper is the best compact vacuum sealer.

Pros: Cute size and design, as powerful as many, bag-saving sealing, reusable bags, convenient, responsive customer service team and informational product manual

Cons: Bag leakage and weak seal

Cute Size and Design

Measuring at 6.75 × 5 × 2.5 inches and weighing 4 pounds,Oliso FF-500is only a little bigger than the size of your palm. Although it’s a fraction of the size of commercial vacuum sealers, it is as powerful at a much lower prize. Don’t keep it in your cabinet like how you hide that bulky blender. Put this cute “pet” on your countertop and let it attract your visitors to touch this adorable tool.

As Powerful As Many

As mentioned, we shouldn’t be fooled by its minuscule size. Reviewers testified that the suction power is as strong as other plastic bag sealers, and it does so in no time.

Bag-Saving SealingOliso FF-500 Frisper Freshkeeper Vacuum Sealer

Resembling a tooth, FF-500 has a spike at the front to punch a hole in the bag. That hole serves as a channel from where the pump would suck air out of the bag.

After the bag is vacuumed, a hot ring melts a circle around the hole, sealing the bag.

Unlike the popular Foodsaver where it melts the edge of the bag and thus make it necessary for you to cut open the bag to take out the food, FF-500 doesn’t make the bag smaller after each time you use it as the vacuum is done through a ring.

Reusable Bags

While bags of normal sealers are of a single use only, FF-500 is used with reusable zip top bags for opening and sealing. Don’t follow the markers printed on ordinary bags that tell you how many times a bag could be used. Instead, make a new seal close to the previous hole. A user who experimented with this technique said that a bag could be used for 15 to 18 times.


Storing liquid which may be vacuumed out is a dishwasher-safe drip tray. To clean it, just pop it out. Besides, there is an indicator light that helps to signal you when vacuuming is finished, error-proof every time.

Avoidable Cons With Right Methods

One of the most prevalent problems is bag leakage and weak seals. Users attributed these flaws to its small size and argued that its size is responsible for lower quality sealing. However, as many people have pointed out, they shouldn’t have any of those problems at all if FF-500 is used correctly.

Responsive Customer Service Team and Informational Product Manual

To ensure that you know the delicate ways to care for your “pet,” Frisper has a very responsive, amicable customer service team. If you don’t want to tell others that you’re a noob, then read the product manual where you can find instructions for fixing a bag with a messed-up seal. Additionally, diagrams are provided so that you can compare with what you’ve done and check whether it’s done correctly.


With an affordable price below $50, FF-500 is an ideal choice for home usage. Not only does it help you to save food and keep them fresh but it also does it in style. Make sure you’re doing it the right way to avoid what a few have experienced. With that, go find a pet name for theOliso FF-500 Frisper Freshkeeper Vacuum Sealer.

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