FoodSaver FSFRSH0055 FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum-Sealing System

FoodSaver FSFRSH0055 FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum-Sealing System

A small little handheld vacuum sealer,FoodSaver FSFRSH0055 FreshSaver first caught my eye while watching an infomercial on the site, I was having trouble with other heated vacuum sealers which tend to overheat and burn instead of melt plastic, so I was opting for another type of vacuum sealer, and I was at a fifty-fifty mark, I was unsure thanks to the somewhat moderate reviews which gave off a not so satisfied tone, but I chose to just go for it.

So now let’s take a look at the design, well obviously you wouldn’t want something that would ruin the look of your kitchen would you?

Despite its cheap price, this FoodSaver FSFRSH0055 FreshSaverdoes not look cheap, and even if you feel a little embarrassed when your friends who own large and expensive vacuum sealers with heaters come over it is always small enough to hide in the cabinet.

The unit has a charger stand; I read from other reviewers it seems to be an energy vampire, but set your garlic and crosses aside as it’s only “Nosferatu” if you leave it in the charger for very long periods, even when you are not using it.

The FoodSaver FSFRSH0055 FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum-Sealing System comes with a starter kit that has zipper bags and deli tray (containers), I managed to survive for a few months on just using and recycling the bags, the containers are definitely reusable, the bags however require you to be extra careful not to stain them with turmeric or smelly juices from fish (this vacuum sealer was actually meant for ready to eat foodstuffs not raw or marinated things).

The containers are dishwasher safe and are great for packing small slices of meat or things you wouldn’t want to put in a bag.

I find the food to remain fresh and safe in the freezer, but it does not have the duration of heat sealers type vacuum sealers, so it’s either use them within 2 weeks or I can re vacuum the air out every week.

The zipper bags cost a lot, which is why I reused them, and unlike the heat sealers I can’t make bags out of regular plastic tube rolls, and I can’t store large things with this little guy.

The quality and general usage of thisFoodSaver FSFRSH0055 FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum-Sealing Systemis just great for those who aren’t looking to invest large amounts into heat sealers, but buying bags for this one does hurt a bit, but if you are a wise and careful user then you won’t have any difficulty in re using your bags.

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