How Much Does a Trampoline Cost?

Trampolines are brilliant fun for kids, teens and even adults!

Before you choose your trampoline, there are a few factors to consider:

1. Who is going to use it? Will it just be younger children? Or will pre-teens and teens be using it?

If adults are also going to use it, then it will need to be strong and durable.

2. Is anyone going to be practicing gymnastics on the trampoline?

If so, then choose a rectangular trampoline not a circular one.

3. Space

What space is available for the trampoline? Remember that once erected it might be in place for years.

4. Assembly

It helps to have an easy to assemble trampoline if you are not confident at constructing outdoor equipment.

Will you choose an enclosure around the trampoline as a safety feature?

Types of Trampoline

Basically, there are four types, differentiated by shape:

Types of Trampolines

· Square

Square trampolines allow more bouncing rooms than round ones, but less than a rectangular ones. They are great for use in a restricted space but still allow some decent bouncing.

· Round

Easily the most common type of trampoline, round tend to be cheaper, but doesn’t give the best bounce. Because they are round the jumper is naturally drawn back to the center, so there is less risk of falling off!

· Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular Trampolines give the most bouncing space and allow for stronger bouncing. On these, it is possible to achieve better height, so gymnasts can perform aerial tricks more easily. They do take up more space than other types and tend to be more expensive.

· Octagonal trampolines

Octagonal trampolines are only very slightly larger than round ones, but are more expensive. Jumpers are directed back towards the center which is good from a safety viewpoint. Jumpers won’t get so much height on an octagonal trampoline compared with a rectangular one.

Choosing Your Trampoline

Once you have decided that you will go out and buy a trampoline, how do you choose the best trampoline?

Skywalker trampoline

#1 Decide on the Size and Shape you Want

How much room do you have? How many people will jump on it? Will more than one person use it at the same time? As with many things, the good advisors say get the biggest that you can afford.

#2 Do You Want to Include a Safety Enclosure?

If your trampoline will be used mostly by children, then an enclosure is a good idea. A safety enclosure is a net that goes right around the trampoline and prevents users from falling off.

#3 Consider the Weight Limit.

Make sure you choose a trampoline with as high a weight limit as possible, so that heavier people or more than one person can use it.

#4 Frame Quality.

Again, cheap trampolines will have poorer quality frames. You really need to examine the frame. If it is weak it will rust, bend or break easily.

#5 Look Carefully at the Springs.

Good quality strong springs will ensure a good bounce and will last. More and more trampolines now have the springs concealed under the edge of the mat. This means that jumpers won’t hurt themselves if they land too close to the edge.

What will I Have to Pay?

The price of a trampoline depends on the size and shape. As a guide prices for each type are as follows:

How Much Does a Trampoline Cost?

6 Foot Indoor Trampolines for Kids

These are among the most common type of trampoline that parents will buy for children because they are reasonably safe with supervision. They are indoors so the elements don’t wear away at them and they are fairly low to the ground so there is less chance of a really dramatic fall.

“6 foot” is a rough approximation here since they generally run between three and seven and a half feet, but ultimately are all about the same when it comes to actual use.

A six foot round with a safety net enclosure can run anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on the brand and the materials used to make it, with the lower-end ones generally having a lot more in the way of plastic pieces. I didn’t really feel like risking those, so I stuck to the more expensive versions made out of metal.

8-10 Foot Backyard Trampolines

Generally more preferable for older children, backyard trampolines are usually larger and more expensive, but also more durable in many cases and capable of handling basic weather conditions.

As with the indoor types, size matters. An 8 foot trampoline from a decent manufacturer can set you back anywhere from $150 to $400, and the 10 foot variety is more likely to cost $180 to $620.

14-15 Foot Backyard Trampolines

These are some of the widest price ranges available, but that’s why it’s vital to look into quality before making a purchase. There are 15 foot backyard trampolines as low as $160, though it’s a very bad idea to buy one that cheap.

In my experience, a decent to high quality 14-15 foot trampoline should cost anywhere from around $300 to $1000 and can sometimes go a little higher than that.

I have been very happy with the mid-range purchases I have made over the years, but you may find yourself wanting something a little more robust. Now you at least have an idea of what that investment might look like.

9ft x 15ft rectangular trampoline with enclosure ranges between $1,500 to $2,000.

8ft x 8ft square trampoline can cost between $300 and $1,000 with an enclosure.

A 16ft octagon trampoline will cost between $700 and $1,400 with an enclosure.

A simple round trampoline of 12ft diameter will cost a minimum of $200 rising to $1,100 when also bought with an enclosure.

A small exercise trampoline can be purchased for between $50 and $120.

A starter trampoline such as My First Trampoline’ can be bought for as low as $100- $150.

The price you actually pay will depend on the model that you choose and the outlet where you opt to make your purchase.

It is worth mentioning that it is possible to buy trampolines that can be fitted in the ground. Although you can install them yourself, it is worth considering getting a professional to undertake the work.

The cost of purchasing the trampoline and having it professionally installed is not less than $5,500. Just the equipment is between $1,000 and $3,000 to purchase.

Trampolines with or without enclosures can be purchased from specialist dealers or from Walmart, Amazon and Target.

Final Verdict

The trampoline is a fun outdoor sport. When you want to buy a trampoline, you need to consider how much space you have. Also think about the height in relation to how high children can stand up straight when they are in the proposed space. If they can jump freely without touching the ceiling, then you should be okay. In addition, you will likely want one that has springs versus just jumping on rubber. Also consider safety covers for younger children who may attempt to walk on it as well as older ones who may want to hang off of it.

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