6 Best Trampoline Sprinklers 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Trampoline Sprinkler

A sprinkler can turn your trampoline into a waterpark for your kids!

Hot summer days become fun days when they can cool off on the trampoline with spouts of water.

A great idea that will give your kids thrills and excitement.

Basically a trampoline sprinkler is a long perforated hose that runs around the top of your enclosure net.

When fitted to the water supply it will direct water into the air and then down over your children on the trampoline. The kids get soaked and have a lot of fun!

Consider These Factors When Buying a Trampoline Sprinkler

Consider These Factors When Buying a Trampoline Sprinkler

There are lots of different types of trampoline sprinklers on the market today. Some are designed to work with any type of trampoline, while others are designed specifically for use with a specific brand or model of trampoline.

You’ll find sprinklers made from a variety of materials, including rubber, nylon and plastic. Some are even designed for use with multiple types of trampolines. Before you start shopping for your new sprinkler, make sure it is compatible with your particular type of trampoline.

· Hose Length

If you have a large trampoline then a long hose will be needed.

We recommend that you purchase a 39.3ft long hose even if you have a smaller trampoline.

You can always double up some of the hoses to fit.

· Materials

The best sprinklers are made from heavy-duty materials, should be UV protected and be non-toxic.

· Hose Fittings

A trampoline sprinkler has to be fitted to a garden hose.

The fittings are normally of a universal type and will fit any hose. However, make sure they are well-made of sturdy plastic or metal and won’t leak when in use.

There is nothing worse than a muddy mess around your trampoline because the hose connector is leaking.

· Control

It is a good idea to get a sprinkler that has a control switch that will allow you to turn the water supply on and off as required.

· Easy installation

Usually trampoline sprinklers are straightforward to fix to enclosure nets.

Check the one you intend to buy is simple to fix up and remove.

6 Best Trampoline Sprinklers

Here are our recommendations for the best trampoline sprinklers currently available.

1. INMUA Trampoline Water Sprinkler

INMUA Trampoline Water Sprinkler

This sprinkler has a 39.3ft hose which is fitted with a neat, tight connector so you will have no worries about leakages.

The hose is made from durable top-quality polyethylene that is non-toxic.

This sprinkler is easy to fix up and also has a water-flow adjuster at the end of the hose.

This is great if you need control over the rate of flow of the water through the hose.

2. ARTBECK Sprinkler for Trampolines

ARTBECK Sprinkler for Trampolines

The ARTBECK sprinkler has some extra features that make it an excellent choice.

The hose is 39ft long and can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

There are 15 nozzles along the length of the hose that is made from stainless steel.

It also incorporates a filter so that only clean fresh water sprays onto your kids.

The joints are threaded for easy adaptability and also allow fitting to a variety of different tap styles.

There is an on-off switch to give you control over the water. A well-made unit that will last for years with proper care.

3. N/C Water Play Sprinkler

N/C Water Play Sprinkler

The hose on this sprinkler is only 32ft, so is suitable for smaller trampolines only.

However, it is made from heavy-duty materials which means it will be long-lasting.

There is an adjustable switch to control the flow of water and the connectors are tight and leak-proof.

Installation is easy. This is a good buy if you don’t have a large trampoline.

4. Landrip Water Sprinkler for 8ft Trampoline

Landrip Water Sprinkler for 8ft Trampoline

This particular sprinkler is specifically designed to fit an 8ft trampoline, and has a hose of 26.2ft.

Like most sprinklers, it is made of durable, heavy-duty materials and will withstand a lot of use. The threaded connectors give a satisfyingly tight seal with little chance of any leakages.

Water flow can be controlled by an on-off switch. Installing the sprinkler is simple and can be speedily done.

5. ThrillZoo Fun Sprinkler for Kids

ThrillZoo Fun Sprinkler for Kids

This trampoline sprinkler from ThrillZoo differs from others in that the water is sprayed in a whirl, not a straight fountain.

Games in the water can be just that bit more fun!

Water flow is controllable by the switch and the unique design means it is easy to install.

The materials are durable and UV resistant.

ThrillZoo’s sprinkler fits on the outside of the trampoline adding a bit of extra safety.

If you want to try something a little different, then maybe this one is worth a try.

6. U-Tote Kids Trampoline Sprinkler

U-Tote Kids Trampoline Sprinkler

This is a popular sprinkler as it is well-designed and very well-made.

Strong materials and durability make this a good choice.

There is no chance of water leakage as the connectors seal tightly and the 39.3 ft hose will fit trampolines up to 12ft.

Along with easy assembly and a water-control switch, the kit comes with 50 water balloons.

These are an added bonus for great water games on your trampoline.

Consider What You Actually Need the Sprinkler to Do

The sprinkler systems that come with commercial trampolines are often very basic. You’ll have a timer or an on/off switch, and that’s about it. The most basic one-function sprinklers will simply spray water over the entire trampoline area when they’re on, while more advanced ones will divide the area into a grid, allowing you to water only certain parts at a time.

You should consider what you actually need your sprinkler to do.

If you’re growing grass or other crops, you’ll likely need a sprinkler that divides up the area into small sections so you can water just one or two areas at a time. That’s because these types of crops don’t tolerate getting wet; if the whole area is watered at once, some of it will be underwater for much of the day. However, if you’re just looking to keep kids from slipping on wet trampoline surfaces, then a single-section sprinkler should be fine.

It’s also worth noting that commercial sprinkler heads are often many times more powerful than those used in residential zones. This is because you need to cover larger areas for commercial purposes, which means using stronger water pressure than usual to ensure it gets everywhere it needs to go.

Test for Water Flow Rate

If you are shopping for a trampoline sprinkler, it is important to check the flow rate of the sprinkler. It is expressed in gallons per minute (GPM). Investigate the water flow rate (GPM) before buying. A good sprinkler should have a maximum of 1.5 GPM, but .75 GPM is preferred. The lower the GPM, the more even the water flow will be over your lawn and garden.


Choosing the best trampoline sprinkler for your needs is really not such a daunting task when you stop and think about it. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on an elaborate, fully automated setup.

In fact, the cheapest units can often stave off unwanted pests as effectively as the more expensive ones. So before choosing one model over another, spend a few moments considering what you actually need the sprinkler for, and what you want it to do. That way you should be able to make the right choice for your money.

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