What should I look for when buying a trampoline?

Do you know how many activities you can do with a trampoline? Jumping is not just fun, but leads to a lot of benefits for the body by both toning and strengthening the muscles in a way that also releases the tension accumulated.

A trampoline is perfect to use outdoors and during summertime (children will love it) but also indoors and during the cold season (if you need to relax after work).

If you have enough space in your garden to put a trampoline, you should buy one to have fun with your family and keep fit at the same time! In this guide, we will also talk about the best trampoline for those without space in the garden and are looking for the indoor trampoline.


Everyone is happy when there is a trampoline! There are many trampoline models available on the market in various sizes and with a variety of features. There are professional models and ones that are for the exclusive use of children.

Let’s get to know better the world of trampolines in order to make the best purchase. Do you have little time and are you curious to see the best trampoline right away? Here we have selected the best trampoline for you:

What features to consider when choosing a trampoline

There are some features that must be evaluated before proceeding with the purchase of a trampoline. Of all the features, we have selected the main and the most important for those considering buying such an item.

Choosing a trampoline with the right features is important to make sure it is used in the safest and most responsible way possible, without the risk of hurting ourselves.

Size: how big should a trampoline be?

Size is the first aspect to be assessed when choosing which model to buy. The diameter of some models varies between 185 cm for smaller ones up to 460 cm for the large ones. Sometimes, the same models of trampolines are available in different sizes.

There is not much to say about this: if the trampoline is intended for inside home use, it will not be possible for it to exceed the dimensions of the available space! But if you plan to place it outside, you can orient yourself toward a larger product specific for outdoor use.

Weight supported by the elastic carpet

There are trampolines intended for adults or children, and this affects the weight they can bear. Generally, children’s trampolines usually support a maximum weight of 40 kg, while adult models go up to 150 kg. Consider this feature at the time of purchase because if you buy a product intended for use by children it is likely that the weight supported will not be too high and therefore the trampoline could get damaged if used by an adult.

Personally, if you have the space available, I recommend the ones for adults that allow a wider use and can be enjoyed by all family members.


Trampolines are usually circular but there are also versions with a square shape, such as the springboards that are used in school gyms.

The material the frame is made from is very important for the quality of the trampoline itself. To ensure safety and high performance, frames must be made with robust materials that go well to support the vibrations. They are usually made of metal with a thickness of at least 2 mm, although they are generally larger.

In the case of only external use, the frame must be coated with products that prevent rusting, which would compromise its stability. The various parts that make up the frame are welded together. Make sure that your children do not put their fingers in the spaces around the springs, because they could get hurt.


The springs are the base of the functionality of a trampoline. During the jumps on the elastic surface, the springs that connect the carpet to the frame allowing the movement to be amortized.

The springs are made of metal and are of different sizes, depending on the type of carpet on which they are to be used. Their function is to allow the elastic surface to always be tense and ready to accept the weight of those jumping.

When these springs start to give some problems due to wear, it is possible to replace them. In fact, every trampoline has compatible replacement springs for sale. To avoid coming into direct contact with the springs during the jumps, these are covered by padding that protects us from dangerous shocks.


This is one of the most important aspects to evaluate when it comes to elastic carpets. Safety is known to always be at the center of our attention and that is why it is good to choose the best trampoline that offers the maximum in terms of protection.

To offer maximum safety, a net should be mounted between the jump mat and the springs, thus going to prevent coming into contact with the area where the springs are located. The safety net opens and closes by means of a zip, which allows easy access to the area where the elastic structure is located. The height of the net, made of a retina in plastic material, must be about 180 cm in height.

In order to not have to worry about anything else, the safety net is accompanied by padding. The elastic cloth of the carpet is fixed to the frame by means of springs and hooks, but these must be covered with something that prevents us from touching them and getting hurt.

This padding, which can also be bought separately if the original gets damaged over time, cover them completely with a soft material that adapts perfectly to the frame structure.

Main types of elastic carpet

You have seen what are the most important features to look to find the best trampoline for you. Now, we will explain what the main types are so you can choose the one that suits your needs. There are different types of trampolines: outdoor trampoline, children trampoline and fitness trampoline.

They all have the same concept but are intended for types of people very different from each other. In fact, even sizes vary a lot between them. Let’s take a closer look at what we are talking about when referring to all these variations of trampolines in order to understand which is the best choice to make.

Outdoor Trampoline

Adults and children love it! Outdoor trampolines are large structures characterized by the presence of a security structure that surrounds them completely, allowing both children and adults to jump and have fun.
Do not be fooled by the image: not only kids will have fun with one of these!
When the outside available space is not a problem, the outdoor trampoline is certainly the best choice. Those lucky enough to have a beautiful garden always want to make the most of it.

They come in several sizes, more or less large, but they are always objects that allow everyone in the family to have fun in the garden. Outdoor trampolines are all characterized by a ladder, which allows access to the carpet, and by a protective net that can be opened and closed by means of a zip.

Their prices vary, but if you are not looking for a professional product, they are accessible for all budgets. Since these products are designed to be outdoors, pay particular attention to the materials used for the construction of the frame in order to avoid deterioration over a short period of time.

These are objects that will certainly appeal to children but can also be used by us adults. This way, we can keep fit while having fun by simply going out into our backyard. Garden trampolines have particular characteristics that are good to know in order to buy the best-suited one for our specific needs and, at the same time, have a safe carpet for us and our little ones.

These are objects that are easily found on the market, so don’t think it’s difficult to find the perfect model for you. Here are the main things to consider if you are planning to buy the best trampoline for outdoor use.

TIP: Calculate the space where to place the trampoline

An outdoor trampoline for gardens has the defect, if we want to call it so, that they are not small-sized items. Actually, they are rather cumbersome.

It is, therefore, necessary to have enough space to make the best possible use. Keep in mind that the average size of an elastic carpet of this type is about 2 meters in height and 4.60 meters in diameter. Of course, the carpet cannot be placed in a 5-meter space as it is necessary that there is enough space around the object to allow access in an easy way and that to allows the carpet to oscillate in peace.

Although this model of a trampoline is usually left mounted for long periods of time, I should remind you that it is not a permanent mounting and it can be dismantled at any time to be stored in the garage.

Maintenance and care of the outdoor trampoline

The trampoline garden is a product designed to be outdoors and, for this reason, it will spend most of its life exposed to the elements, both during the summer and winter. Certainly, it will be the winter season that will put your purchase more to the test. During this period, additional protection against rain and dry leaves will be necessary to prevent the springs from rusting and the carpet’s fabric from becoming dirty and fading.

A cover is also necessary even if the carpet is made of the highest quality materials. Unfortunately, weather and atmospheric agents do not forgive anything and even these products will show signs of age and wear if not adequately protected. It would be a shame to let a good quality product go to ruin just to save a few bucks!

These cover sheets must be rather padded because this is the only way they can really fulfill their function to the fullest. These covers also protect the areas where the springs are located.

With some models, it is necessary to disassemble the safety net before assembly. The metal parts, such as the tubes of the frame, are often coated with a foam that, in addition to protecting us from hurting ourselves during possible impacts, greatly reduces the possibility of the occurrence of rust.

When you use the trampoline, you cannot use regular tennis shoes. In order to use this product, you must be barefoot or wearing only socks. This way, you ensure the surface of the carpet is kept clean and the safety padding doesn’t get damaged.

If it is not possible to keep the surface clean just by taking precautions on how the trampoline is used, you can always make up for it with a brush or a broom.

One last useful piece of advice: choose a product from a famous brand. This will help you in case you need to buy a damaged spare part, as it will certainly be easier to find than one compatible with a carpet of some brand unknown to most.

Children trampoline

For our children, playing is a very important moment, which takes up most of their day when they are not busy with school. It is important that they can have fun and stay away from the dangers at the same time. This can give us, adults, some peace of mind as well. One of the children’s favorite playing types of equipment, which in addition to being fun also allows you to practice a little ‘healthy exercise’, is the children’s trampoline.


This product is available in different shapes and sizes, in order to satisfy the greatest number of people. In fact, if the larger models are for the exclusive use of those who have a garden or a large space where they can use them, these types of trampolines are smaller versions that can also be used at home.

They are different not only with regard to the measurements, but they also have a whole series of options that are not present in the most compact models. The trampoline is rather easily found on the market, both online and in physical stores, at fairly affordable prices.

Let’s see together what the main technical characteristics of these objects are in order to understand what is best for our needs. You can also check now the best deals on kids trampoline:

Features of the best trampoline for children

When you are preparing to buy a trampoline for children it is good to know the strengths and weaknesses that might be in front of you, in order to make the best choice. There are indeed a whole series of technical characteristics of this object that can make the difference between a safe carpet and a product that could even become potentially dangerous, if not used properly.

Among these aspects, attention must be paid to the materials used for the construction of the trampoline, the weight supported, its size, and the presence of the protection net.

Quality of materials

In order to have a stable and safe product, a trampoline made from the best possible materials should always be sought. The structure that rests on the ground and which holds the protection net in the larger models must be made of metal, preferably steel.

In the case of the models of trampolines for large children, those that are meant to be used outdoors to be clear, the frame is also well painted with materials that increase its resistance to atmospheric agents and keep rust away as rust could make the structure fragile.

The same goes for the springs, which underlie the function of the carpet. These must be resistant to stress and must be covered with soft padding to protect us from any collisions. It is good for the carpet on which we jump to also be particularly resistant to stress.

Weight supported

In order to make sure you are using your trampoline correctly, always refer to the maximum weight supported. If this is up to 150kg for adult models, things are very different when it comes to the ones designed for children. These have in fact a lower weight limit, and generally, the versions of trampoline specially designed for children do not have a weight limit that exceeds 45 kilograms.

Do not try to use trampolines that do not support your weight because the springs and the frame cannot carry more weight than indicated and could collapse on us, thus becoming very dangerous.

It is the springs that make the difference and if the trampoline is fitted with a version that holds up to a maximum of 45 kilos, it is absurd to think that it can support a much greater weight. If you are wondering where you can see the weight supported by a model of a trampoline, the answer is simple: this data is always present on the product data-sheet.

Safety net

This is one of the strengths of the trampolines. In fact, the safety net prevents us from falling to the ground when we lose our balance while jumping, risking to hurt ourselves.

Unfortunately, the safety net is not always included. Although it is always present with the larger models, sometimes it does not come with the smaller trampolines.

The safety net is made with a retina fabric and has the sole task of not allowing us to fall outside the surface of the carpet. The net will, in fact, keep our children on the elastic surface and push them back on it if they are in danger of falling. The protection net is quite high, usually around 1.80 m and rests on metal pipes, which start directly from the frame of the trampoline. Since this product is exclusively designed for children, I personally advise you to buy a model that includes the safety net.

Size of the trampoline

Usually, the children’s trampolines have a circular shape, but there are also rectangular versions. Their diameter may vary, depending on the model. Usually, the standard size is around 2.45 m, the perfect size for a child. I remind you that these products can also be used by children from the age of 3 and for them, this dimension will be really huge.

In case you are more interested in the models of trampolines with particular shapes, which we all know as “inflatable”, know that for them the size talk is a bit different. In fact, they are objects with particular shapes, which often recall those of a castle, and therefore present themselves with a larger structure than the traditional trampolines.

Knowing the size of a trampoline is important to understand which model best fits your space availability.

Easy to assemble

Here we are to the painful notes. Unfortunately, the trampolines do not mount themselves and at the time of purchase, they are provided in the form of a beautiful box containing everything needed for assembly.

If you are not a skilled engineer, it is better to choose a model of a trampoline as easy to assemble as possible. Usually, once the components that form the frame are fixed, the rest is quite simple. Always follow carefully everything that is indicated in the assembly manual that is always supplied with the product, because if the carpet is mounted the wrong way it could become dangerous for your child.

I would not have scared you, but these are really important aspects to pay attention to so that all the protections that the carpet is equipped with don’t become ineffective. If you are not sure how to install the trampoline, ask for help from qualified personnel who can assist you.

The trampoline is dangerous for children?

A trampoline is a playing object, yes, but it is different from a slide or a swing.

In fact, it is a product that presents potential risks during use, especially if used improperly or with poor supervision by adults. The accidents that most often occur using trampolines are bruises and fractures caused by falling outside of the protective net, rebounds that have led to falls in unnatural positions, clashes with the springs or with other people who are bouncing at the same time on the carpet.

However, there are a whole series of solutions to avoid these risks. Always choosing a trampoline provided with a protective net greatly reduces the risk of falls, as well as using padding that covers the area of the springs.

At the base of everything, however, is the education of the child. Even if the children are young, they should be educated to a conscious use of an object of this kind, because it is only by avoiding potentially dangerous behaviors that the trampoline will become a game with zero risks of injury.

Remember to do so if you want to buy a trampoline for children.

Rules for security

As I have just mentioned, the trampoline is a playing object that is a bit ‘special’ and must be used following strict rules in terms of security.

Certainly, the main rule to avoid the risk of accidents is supervising the children while they are using it. This is the only way that makes it possible to stop them if they are behaving in a way that can become dangerous.

Even if the trampolines are equipped to the maximum to prevent the risks of accidents, it may happen that the children’s wrong behavior makes all these pieces of equipment useless. Bouncing unnaturally against the safety net, for example, can lead to situations where the child is at risk of getting hurt.

It is always better for the trampoline to be used by only one child at a time and always barefoot and never wet, which also increases the risk of falling.

For the little ones, a product of too big dimensions is not recommended. Teach your child to always look at the carpet in order to better manage the jump.

In conclusion, one can easily understand why at the base of the correct use of the trampoline there is always good supervision and control from the parents.

This is a rather simple variant of trampolines: the fact that it is intended for children is reflected both in its dimensions, which are not excessively bulky, but also in its scope. The trampolines aimed at children are all provided with a protective net and lateral padding to cover the springs and are usually characterized by a particular design, being more colorful and having more sophisticated shapes.

Children do not have excessive weight and for this reason, the weight range of these types of elastic carpets is around 40 kg. There are models specifically designed to be used by younger children, even ones that are 3 years old.

WARNING: Precisely because they are designed for children, they should not be used by adults.

Fitness trampoline

Fitness trampolines are the smallest and most economical type of trampolines on the market. Our site specializes in professional trampolines for use by children and adults. The characteristics described here are the same that must be evaluated when you want to buy a fitness trampoline.

Fitness trampoline is small, circular-shaped elastic mats that rest on a metal frame. They are quite low, because they have to be used in the gym, and it is often necessary to get off and get back on them during exercises. They are also the trampolines that are the most easily found on the market. Given the small size, the diameter does not usually exceed 100 cm and they can also be used at home, maybe to do some physiotherapy to give new elasticity to the joints.

An interesting thing about fitness trampolines is that when they are not in use it is possible to fold the paws towards the elastic surface so that they can be stored in any corner of the house.

Trampoline prices

Here we are at the most important part, am I right? Now that you have a clearer idea of ​​what a trampoline is and if you need an object of this type, you can consider the cost of these products. This varies a lot, in fact, it is influenced by both the size and the type of the mat and the various options that come with it.

In fact, costs vary from simple rugs without a protective net that is used for training in the gym which costs from around 35$ and can reach up to 70$. The ultra-accessorized models of very large dimensions, such as the garden ones, have a much higher cost. We are talking about figures that start at around 300$, but that can even reach 1000$+!


You now have all the elements you need to choose the best trampoline for you and your family. We showed you the most important features that the object must-have. Other sites focus on other aspects but they are not very significant and only make you waste time!

Choose what you need (a child or adult trampoline?) and then evaluate the most important features: size, weight supported, structure, springs, and safety. For those who want the best, we recommend an outdoor trampoline, but if you do not have enough space, do not despair because there are home versions that, even if not exactly the same, are equally valid. Prices vary, depending on size and type.

These kinds of products truly are within everyone’s reach. Their great versatility makes them a game, an exerciser, and a professional product at the same time.

We have also selected for you the best trampolines and the best offers on the market for those looking for a quality product. Have a look at them and let us know what you think, your opinion is important to us.