Rimable Drop Through Longboard (41-Inch) Review

Are you interested in skating? Have you ever thought about where the great longboarders developed their skills to ride their Longboard at a very super speed? The answer is Rimable Drop through Longboard (41 Inch).

It teaches you not only how to longboard but also how to keep balance while riding and having fun. It is perfect for both novice and expert and for those who want the advantage of speed through a stricter turning radius. And it is a very safe and fast free riding drop through as it has enough safety and security standards to avoid and minimize fatal accidents.

Rimable Drop Through Longboard (41-Inch)

Main Characteristics of Rimable Drop through Longboard

  • It introduces 75x51mm PU wheels
  • The deck is 9ply full maple laminated
  • ABEC-9 with high-speed lubricant
  • Drop through 7inch 180 Aluminum Trucks
  • 5 Inch popular Size

The unique feature of Rimable Drop through Longboardis that its 70x51mm PU Wheels are very strong and rough terrain facilitating a comfortable ride. These wheels grasp very well on the ground and stay stable at the time of moving in the highest motion. Normally these wheels do not wear or tear except for an unexpected hard hit with strong materials.

Product Specifications

Product Dimension41.7 x 10.4 x 4.3
Shipping weight8 pounds
TypeDrop through
MaterialsWood, Aluminum
Wheel Diameter75 x 51 mm
Size41 x 9.5 Inch

Best Benefits

  • As this particular model is made of9-ply maple wood, so it is very strong and firm and smoothly supports the rider with heavy weight.
  • The 7-Inch 180 Aluminum trucks arevery simple to balance and control. They also accelerate the speed since the wheels are very smooth. There is no chance of wheels flying off while riding at high speed as the trucks are firm.
  • The ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant fit well with the wheels which and help to increase the speed to the highest level. Theirperformance is 20 times better than the regular bearingsand provides huge stability while riding.

Other Benefits

For an enjoyable and memorable ride, 41 inches is the best size, which allows taking fast and quick turns. This size is favorable with the most longboarders at any level as it is simpler to maneuver and hitting a curb is almost impossible.


  • It is wonderful for a comfortable riding
  • It is the best longboard for high speed.
  • Easy to handle as it is lighter.
  • Nice looking graphic.


  • Few customer complaints that the wheels get dirty very quickly.

Who and When Need it Most?

Its large polyurethane wheels and ABEC9 bearings provide super fast speed and stability. So it is suitable for stylish riders who like downhill and free-ride. You can ride downhill like a rocket with this longboard. And you can control it smoothly even at a fast speed.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers have expressed that it is an amazing Longboard that they have purchased and they have spent their money for the right product and they are thrilled. Few of them are saying that it is a lifetime experience for them to have a ride on Rimable Drop through Longboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How stiff is this Longboard on a rating of 1 to 10 being the stiffest?

Answer: I rate it at 3. When you adjust the trucks, they will glide and will be smoother.

What is the prime use of it?

Answer: I use this longboard for cruising around. But few of my told that it is perfect for downhill.

What is the most suitable age range to use this Longboard?

Answer: Regardless of the gender thirteen to forty years old, but ladies under twenty-eight.

Does it have a tool with it to tighten the trucks?

Answer: No, It does not come with a tool.


If you talk aboutlongboarding brand, there are so many brands that come and go, but finally, the Rimable Drop through Longboard is here to remain competitive for years and changing the longboarding industry in a unique way as it is devoted to delivering a smooth ride with stability, agility and speed. It is wondrous for anybody who would like to travel to anywhere or just to have a fun ride.

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