Sector 9 Drop-through Bamboo Longboard Review

Have you ever been onSector-9 drop-throughbamboo Longboard? If the answer is no, you are absolutely missing an amazing, enjoyable, and safest skateboard journey.

The structure and construction of this board must avail you easy pushing around during boardwalk and also keep the board highly stable at any downhill skateboarding. Since it is larger than the average skateboard, it has increased its stability dramatically. The special features of the wheels also facilitate faster speeds required on the downhill slopes.

Sector 9 Drop-through Bamboo Longboard

Let us have a glimpse of its specifications

TypeDrop through Longboard
Deck5 Ply bamboo (Vertically laminated)
Dimension9.6x42x31.59 inches
Trucks9” Gullwing charges
Wheel size74mm, 78A Center Set Nineball
BearingsABEC 5 PDP
Weight8 pounds
Shipping weight8.9 pounds
ColorGreen Wave

Exclusive characteristics of theSector-9 drop-throughBamboo Longboard

  • The deck is made by CNC drop-through mounting
  • It includes ABEC 5 rated PDP bearings and 9″ Gullwing Charger trucks.
  • Sector-9 drop-throughBamboo Longboardis 42 inches long.
  • It has been made with 74mm 78A center set nine-ball wheels.
  • It is assembled with 1.5″ hardened steel bolts.
  • The deck is covered with a clear grip tape.

The most remarkable feature of theSector-9 drop-throughBamboo Longboard

Its 5-ply vertically laminated deck is made of 100 percent renewable bamboo. So, it is absolutely perfect for absorbing cracks, rocks, and bump. The durability and quality of the board are unparalleled which offers you memorable and enjoyable riding.

Bestbenefits:Why it is the best-seller on Amazon?

The causes of being the best-selling on the Amazon are below:

  • This Longboard has all round 9″ trucks which ensure the rider’s excellent tractability and constancy.
  • It is a very reliable board for all kinds of longboarders due to itsunique design. Surely the riders will enjoy the skating and riding far better than the other models.
  • It is a board that is suitable for all level users due to its solid design and less depreciation of the wheels makes the board long lasting. The lightweight bamboo made board ensures comfortable riding even on the roughest road.
  • The clear grip tape provides a strong grasp which will make you confident and comfortable at any rough time. The grip tape allows you to keep the feet in an exact position.

Other benefits

The deck is made of bamboo and is really flexible, whichabsorbs all shakesand bumps at the time of cruising and presentsnext levelsmooth ridingand suspension and feeling. Plus, this board has enough strength to carry a heavyweight person.


  • It comes with a wonderful graphic design.
  • It is long lasting and valuable for money.
  • Amazing for comfortable riding and carving.
  • Deliver and ensure proper safety.
  • Technically sound due to the concave deck and grip tape.
  • Screws are very tight and never get loose.


  • Few customers complain that they can’t take smooth turning in an even place with this longboard.

Who and when need it most?

Sector-9 drop-throughBamboo Lookout II Downhill Longboard is suitable for every riding type and every rider from beginner to expert. But it is more suitable for downhill riders because of its fast speed and perfect stability. You can take a strict turn even at the fastest speed because of its flexible deck and high-quality parts. Plus, cruisers and freestyle riders can get a lot more fun by doing quick tricks, turns, slides as it is a drop-through longboard.


Maximum customers are saying thatSector-9 drop-throughBamboo Lookout II Downhill Longboardis a perfect one to ride smoothly through the streets or hills and it is also highly durable and stable. They also loved its awesome design and external beauty. After all, customers are totally satisfied with this product.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ

1. Does it have bearing spacers on it?

Answer: Yes, It has and if you order new bearings, they also come with spacers.

2. Are the bearing spacers already on the board?

Answer: Yes, there are spacers and speed rings.

3. What kind of trucks comes with the board?

Answer: It comes with a 9’’ black Gullwing Charger Trucks


TheSector-9 Drop-throughBamboo Lookout II Downhill Longboard is a great Longboard that is perfect for numerous driving styles. The brilliant combination of all tools has made this board superior for a smooth cruising experience, highly stable and reactive. So, Hurry up!!! Check it out right now and enjoy your time.

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