Sector 9 Drop Through Longboard Review

Are you looking for a drop deck longboard truck with a gull-wing winch? If your answer is in the affirmative, the sector 9 drop through longboard is the most suitable high-performance board for you. Your sliding, carving, rafting, downhill and free ride experience will be fabulous with this super fast longboard.

Are you looking for a drop through deck longboard with gullwing sidewinder trucks? If you are replying yes, then the sector 9 drop through longboard is the best high-performance board for you. Your sliding, carving, drifting, down hilling and free riding experience will be awesome with this super speedy longboard.

Sector 9 Drop Through Longboard

Outstanding features of the Sector 9 drop through longboard

  • It has gullwing sidewinder trucks.
  • This board comes with sector 9 ABEC5 bearings.
  • Sector 9 drop through longboard includes drop through the deck.
  • The length of the board is 36 inches.
  • Sector 9 longboard’s deck is made of 7-ply maple wood.

The most interesting feature of this longboard is that its gullwing sidewinder trucks are also suitable for generating high speed by its double-pivot system. Its gullwing sidewinder trucks are the premium quality which provides smooth small radius turns and slides.

Let us know the specifications

Dimension36ʺ × 9ʺ × 26.375ʺ
Wheels69mm/80A 9-balls
TrucksGullwing sidewinder
Deck7-ply maple wood
Deck styleConcave

Best Benefits:

  • Though this drop through longboard is constructed considering the need for intermediate and expert skaters, beginners can start their longboarding through this board.
  • Maple wood can resist temperature changes so that the plywood maple is used in premium quality skateboards. It is also water-based glue resistant. This board includes a 7-ply maple wood deck.
  • Are you looking for a great board for downhill riding? It will serve your purpose by keeping your feet securely on the board. Because it is 36ʺ long and 9ʺwide.
  • For those persons who are questing for a long deck that provides enough stability while cruising at high speed, the sector 9 aperture sidewinder longboard is perfect for them.
  • The hardness rating of its 69mm diameter wheels is 80A. This rating is the harder combination of the softness/hardness scale. As a result, it is well-suited for sliding and drifting. Because 80A durometer rating provides minimal friction between the ground and wheels to get a perfect grip on the ground.

Other Benefit

If you are looking for a board that gives fast acceleration, this sector 9 aperture sidewinder drop through the longboard ensures fast acceleration because of the size of the wheels.

Best BenefitsWho and when need it most?

For the expert and intermediate skaters, sector 9 drop through longboard is the best choice. But it can be a good board to learn longboarding.

It can be used for many riding styles such as drifting, down hilling, carving, sliding and freeride. You can use it for commuting to the city if you tighten up the trucks.

Customer reviews: Words of the real customer

Customer score

Many websites include customer ratings of this product. But the number of reviews is very few compared to Amazon. So Amazon is the best option to know the customer ratings. There are more than 80 customer reviews and above 80% of customers assigned this as the best skateboard.

Summary of Amazon customer reviews

Customers of the sector 9 drop through longboard find it perfect for sliding, carving and drifting. By tightening the trucks a little bit, you can use it for cruising around the town. They love its beautifulgraphic designof waves.


  • The graphic design of the wave of this drop through the longboard is spectacular.
  • To provide the skaters extra stability, it has drop through deck mount configuration.
  • It ensures better feet gripping as its deck is concaved.
  • The hard wheels are suitable for drifting, carving and sliding.
  • Its weight is light if you compare it with the other 36 inches board.


The rating of the bearings of the skateboard is ABEC 5 which is not top rated bearings. It is average or above average bearings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the benefit of sidewinder trucks?

Answer: The major benefit of the gullwing sidewinder trucks is that it helps you to produce a great deal of speed through its double-pivot system. It is also beneficial to get stability.

2. Which riding style is perfect for this longboard?

Answer: For carving, sliding, downhill riding, free ride and drifting, this longboard is perfect.

3. Why should I choose a longboard with drop-through the deck?

Answer: Because the drop-through deck mount configuration of a longboard develops the skater’s stability on the longboard.


The sector 9 drop through longboard is a 36 inches longboard that helps you to get a good speed. Its larger diameter wheels and gullwing sidewinder trucks allow you to steer the board at a high speed without compromising on stability. The blend of the elements of this board will provide you a stable, easy and highly responsive experience of skating. The nice cutouts of the board will prevent friction between the wheels and the ground.