How To Nollie On A Skateboard?

The nose Ollie, in a brief, called Nollie is a famous skateboard trick which is a variation of another famous trick Ollie. It is a simple trick that is very easy to learn and suitable for beginners. So, no matter what you are pretty new to skateboarding, if you have gained a little riding skill you can try this trick. Let’s know what is nollie before learning how to nollie.

What is Nollie?

What is Nollie

Nollie is pretty the same as Ollie. The only difference is that you need to do an Ollie by pop the nose using your front foot instead of the tail. That is why this trick is known as Nollie (Nose ollie).

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Attentively read the tactics and follow the steps below to learn the basic Nollie appropriately.

Step 1: Gain some speed

Nollie is pretty hard without moving. To gain a comfortable speed before doing this trick. It will help you to get enough momentum for the pop-up. Moreover, you will get enough height and control on the board.

Step 2: Shift your front foot on the deck nose

Slide your front towards the nose of your deck and get a comfortable weight position on your foot. Keep steady while moving on. It is a little difficult to get comfortable weight on the ball of your foot. It may need a little practice to learn.

Step 3: Shift your back foot in the middle of your board

Slide your back foot forward and place it in the middle of the board. Remember, the more you put your front foot near to the front nose the higher you will able to do the Nollie perfectly. However, if you put your back foot closer to the front foot, it will lessen your stability. So, keep your back foot a little far from the front foot if you are a beginner.

Step 4: Crouch down and bend your knees

After completing the foot placement for Nollie crouch down by bending your knees. It is very helpful to get the momentum for the pop-up.

Step 5: Pop the nose

Push your front to pop the nose as hard as you can. Don’t push the nose straight, try to pop it at an angle.

Step 6: Drag your back foot

Now drag your back foot to the tail like anOllie. It will help to level the board.

Step 7: Get in mid-air with the board

After popping the board, you will able to get in the mid air with your board from the ground. Raise your arms upward. It will increase the jump height and help you to control your balance.

When you get your jump at the highest point, stop your back foot from dragging. Level your knees and the board parallelly at a horizontal position.

Step 8: Catch the board and land off

Catch the board with your both feet and keep it level to the ground. Now, land the board off. Try to land your both feet at the same time to land accurately. After landing bend your knees and crouch your body again to absorb and reduce the shock.

Tutorial Video:Watch a video of ‘How to nollie on a skateboard’.

Variations of Nollie

Except the basic Nollie trick, there are few other variations of Nollie to get more fun. Below, I’ve provided a list of few common variations:

√ Nollie 180.
√ Nollie heelflip.
√ Helipop.
√ Nollie 360 flip.
√ Nollie backside 360 flip.
√ Nollie backside 5-0.
√ Nollie backside big spin.
√ Nollie backside 50-50.
√ Nollie backside lipslide.
√ Nollie backside Suski.
√ Nollie backside tailslide.
√ Nollie frontside tailslide.
√ Nollie varial heelflip.
√ Nollie inward heelflip.
√ Nollie kickflip.
√ Nollie frontside Smith.
√ Nollie frontside nosegrind.
√ Nollie frontside pop shove-it.
√ Nollie frontside 50-50 and more.

Hope you know about variation tricks with a combination of multiple tricks. They need more skill and practice to do. So don’t try to learn any hard variation unless you’ve gained enough riding skills and master a few basic tricks. Moreover, I am suggesting you learn the basic Nollie trick first along with a few other basic tricks before trying the variations of Nollie.


Hope you will be able to learn the Nollie easily and quickly by practicing according to my given tactics. Next time I will come with more Nollie tactics to help you become an expert rider. Till then keep practicing the basic trick to enlarge your skill.

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